Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hiking Trail Search and Recovery

So we did not know wot we woz going to find after Irene commed through last weekend and wreaked havoc on efurrything in her path of destrukshuns.  All week long I kept my paw on the pulse of all things park related and it woz not sounding good.  So many parks closed but slowly they started to open back up.  I had mom plug 5 different parks into her GPS so we could hop from one to the udder if'n we had to.  We started out at Jenny Jump State Forest and it woz a good choice coz the park peeples had been hard at werk cleaning up.
So, you mite ask, why is this park called "Jenny Jump?"  Well it seems in the olden days a man and his daughter, Jenny, woz picking blooberries when they was ambushed by Indians.  To try to save his daughter, the father yelled "Jump Jenny, Jump!" and she jumped off a cliff and went SPLAT and died.  So in this park I will show you places like Ghost Lake Trail, Ghost Lake and Shades of Death Road.  Put the baby puppehs and kittehs down fur a nap coz this mite get skeery.
Evidences of park peeples fixing Irene destrukshuns.
We started out on the Summit Trail where there woz lots of seeniks:
You can see waters from Irene on the farm fields still.
That be the Delaware Water Gap ofur yonder where we has hiked many times afore.
Then we commed to the Ghost Lake Trail.  Nuttin skeery yet.
Irene had left lots of branches on the trail here so I had mom pick some of it up and throw it off to the side.
Mom, can you pick these up pawlese?
Ummm, mom, can you move THIS?
Well, here do be where the skeery begins.  This woz a humungoid tree wot Irene blowed down across the trail and I is skeered of going through blowdown trees.  Mom did find us anudder way around it but we had to go off-trailing (sort of like off-roading) and I dussn't like that either.  I like staying on the trails.  It woz skeery but a dog gots to do wot a dog gots to do.  We made it around the skeery blowdown and I had mom make a note of it to tell the park peeples.  Good thing we got around the blowdown coz we woz rilly close to Ghost Lake and it woz furry pritty.
At the udder side of the Ghost Lake...
 OK, let's get off of this skeery road and go find a nice little kittehpillar:
Then we found a nice meadow on the Orchard Trail away from the skeeriness.
There woz some blowdowns in the field but coz they had open spaces with no branches to poke you in the eyeballs, I practiced my blowdown jumping skills:
Good thing I practiced coz we founded anudder blowdown across the trail and I went rite through this one and mom followed and crawled through, too, coz she figgered if'n I can do it, she can do it.
So we went back to the park office and told the park peeples about the big blowdowns we founded and they put them on their "to do" list so they can go out there with the chainsaws and chop them up.  Then me and mom went on anudder trail wot is maintained by the hiking club volunteers, not the park peeples.  We found lots of blowdowns there and made note of all of them so we could let the hiking club know.  There woz a cuppull of blowdowns wot I felt mom could move so I made her fix them.  Nice job, mom!
Mom did not nom enuff Wheaties to move this one.
So the big blowdowns we just jumped ofur or crawled unner.  You should see how graceful mom is at doing that.  Ummm, no you dussn't want to see, it be way skeery.  So anyways, we commed to anudder nice seenik:
So we woz happy we hiked 9 miles without hasing to change parks and that we woz able to help out some cleaning up the trails.  Then on our way home mom stopped the car coz peeples had a table in their yard with tomaters on it (BLECH) and a sign saying they be fur sale so mom stopped to buy some.  Sydney would like to show them to you.


  1. Wow... what a great trip. It's nice the parks are already open again. And so good you let them know what you found. Thanks for my hike, pal.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. Shawnee, you are the best hiking guide and we liked the story about how Jenny Jump got its name...
    Sydney looks like he wants one of those tomaters. Great job of helping to clear the trails and to let others know!!!

  3. PeeEss: We really LIKE your DISKLAMER!!!

  4. Yum - those tomatos are to die for M says. We've been eating lots of dem. Great job hiking under lots of blowdowns pal. Thanks for cleaning up the trail as you went too, those following you will, hopefully, appreciate all your work.

  5. Oh Shawnee, you've got me itching to get out on the hiking trail again! I hear we're going tomorrow when it will be nice and cool. I can hardly contain my excitement!

    I think hiking on a haunted trail would be exciting! I have to put that on my list of things to do!


    P.S. I hope Sydney left a few of those tomatoes for your mom to eat! BOL! She looks hungry!

  6. That sounds like another great hike and I'm glad you could get over/under/through all those knocked down trees.

  7. The MOmster says the whole was so worth it just because of those tomatoes at the end:)

    Glad you were able to hike AND to help out as well. Good thing no one was hiking when those big ones came crashing down.

    Happy Sunday.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lighting

  8. Oh Orchard Trail meadow, I could stay there all day.

    What an adventure you and Mom had getting past all those trees that blew down.

    Love, Cupcake

    P.S. Poor Jenny

  9. Shawnee,

    What a wunderful thing you and your mom dids by helpin' to clean up da trails. My mom wuz gonna go and helps people today who gots destruction from mean Irene but her trip wuz postponed a few days.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  10. Shawnee, we think that you are furry brave to get through all of those blowdowns AND to hike on a haunted trail. WOWZERS!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  11. Nice job, Mom! I'm glad you didn't let mean old Irene mess up your fun day!


  12. What a beautiful park! You were very brave going through and over some of the blowdowns. And good on your mom for helping to clean some of them up.

  13. What a b-u-t-ful hike dat was. And maybe Mom can collect a paycheck for helping to clean up da park! BOL

  14. It's great you could get back out there already. And fabulous job by your mom helping clean up!

  15. Oh dear...poor Jenny.

    LOVE the picture of you next to Ghost Lake! Looks like your mom sure worked hard clearing those paths!

    Mama thinks your tomatoes look good, but I'm with you. BLECH!

  16. *tip of nose appears* it safe to come out from ahind the sofa yet?....haz the skeery stuff finished?.....

  17. What a good dog-citizen you are helping to clean up the storm damage.

    Your pal, Pip

  18. I always love reading your posts! They are filled with such voice and adventure. : )

  19. Silly Shawnee, a kittehpillar iz ware I layz mai head at nite! MOL heehee! that big smile iz so pritty, you must be so happy you gotted thru teh skardy tree branches. Thanks you for sharing your pritty seeniks! xxox

  20. What a beautiful and LONG hike you had. We are member of the NW Florida Trail association, but we haven't taken Lily with us as it is so hot and now......well, being a tripaw makes her a little slow.
    Those tomatoes look yummy!

  21. Shawnee - you are a PAWESOME tour guide! Love the tomatoes at the end :)

  22. Are you sure that it was Irene and not evil ghosties that made those trees go boom?!?! I mean, I've seen lots of Ghosthunters and sometimes things go flying and it's not from the winds, but from an ghostie, and I'd think if I was Jenny and went SPLAT over something like picking blueberries and not something good like noms or underpants I might be wanting to make some stuff fly too...skeery.

  23. wish we were there to help with trees. My humans can be useful with that kind of thing. Jenny Splat story was umm funny.. heh heh
    Thanks Sydney. *nosekiss*
    P.S. Did you see I went to the beach?

  24. We're so slack about our blog reading (still exhausted from all the Back to School Bash activities), we'll bet you're already on another hike!

    Looks like you and your Mom had your work cut out for you on this hike! More evidence of why you're Blogville's Most Awesome Secretary of Parks & Recreation! Wish this hike had been closer to where we live. Our Dad would've been more than happy to go out there with his chain saw and tidy things up :) Cooper would've just liked a nice walk. Beautiful flowers and scenics. Sydney looks like she would like to have a 'mater sammich!

    The Road Dogs

  25. You have most commendable agility skills, Shawnee. That sure was a lot of blowdowns though. I'd be tired just thinking about it....

  26. BOL! I know Sydney likes fruits...does she like to nom tomatoes, too?

    Great search and rescue work, helping out the park peoples!