Monday, September 19, 2011

Hiking By the Hudson Again

So we has hiked in this sekshun of this park two udder times alreddy this year so some of the seeniks mite look familiar.  But we had not hiked these pawticular trails.  We heared that the trails be in good shape after Irene so off we went!
I think there be a seenik up there...
Yuppers, there do be a seenik at the top.
Thank dogness Irene did not kill the gnarly dead tree wot be a famuss landmark on this mountain.
Some refreshments at the bottom of that mountain.
OMD! I do think I found the SUADPH (Skwerrels United Against Dogs Pawty Headquarters):
Take a closer look...
Then we climbed up anudder mountain:
There be more seeniks at the top.
We taked a break.
Down the mountain again fur more refreshments.
You can see in the pikshure above I woz lissening furry intently.  That do be coz I heard howling.  The howl had a coyote accent but we did not see any coyotes. They be furry shy.

Then up yet anudder mountain!
There be a fire towah at the top of this mountain...
... and seeniks of New York City far away.
Then we climbed yet anudder mountain (I woz gibbing mom a good werkout) where there woz a deck up some skeery stairs so you could see the seenik better.  Well, as you all know, I is skeered of skeery steps but there woz udder hikers there and they cheered me on:  "GO SHAWNEE GO! GO SHAWNEE GO!  YOU CAN DO IT SHAWNEE!!!!!"  I could not let my public down so I taked a deep bref and the next thing you know, I is at the top and efurryone cheered!
The seenik from the deck.  Those be the Catskill mountains way in the back and the Shawangunks in front of them.
See how skeery high this deck woz?
Now I is tired from werking mom out on all those mountains.


  1. Those iz bewtiful seeniks Shawnee, its a good thing yew iz such a brave gurl!

  2. What a bootiful day you had fur your hike!! The temp looks pawfect and the water coolin' your paws looks very refreshing. We are all furry, furry proud of you fur climbin' up those stairs to the observation deck!! And of course squirrel-headquarters would be in Noo Jersey -- just like Tony Soprano. We can't believe they even had their party-flag out!!

    Have a good week!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  3. found the secret squirrel lair of doom!! I'm glad you survived and were able to tell the tale and location of where it is!! I would be more sceered of that than the stairs!! You is like the CIA of dogdom!!

  4. Shawnee... I SOOOOOOOO agree with Anna the GSD.

    I know that I have said this like 87 times before, BUTT I want you to KNOW have very very much I love your posts!!!
    Both the Seeniks and.. your Wonderful REVIEWS.

  5. This is the best time of year in the east for hikes and scenics. The leaves are changing, it's not too hot, and the air is crispy and smells good. This is the time of year Mom misses NY the most. Thanks for sharing with us so we get to see this stuff even though we don't live there. *hugs*

  6. Fabulous pictures - just gorgeous! And you are a very pretty Shepherd, too! I am in MT for the summer - only about 12 days till I leave, sadly. I have awesome pawsome mountains in the Bitterroot Valley that I will sorely miss!

  7. You climbed FOUR mountains in one hike?! Holy cow! That's a lot of mountains. Very impressive, my former foster sis!

  8. Wow, these are some of best pictures of you ever. Love those first few up on the mountain with the beautiful view behind you.

    And about SUADH, maybe you should plant some kind of listening device (hidden in a nut) so we could hear what they are up to.

    Your pal, Pip

  9. Wow, there are a lot of great seeniks in this post!! Very enjoyable. I'm so with Anna and Frankie. I love your posts about your hikes and the accompanying pics too!

    That's so cool that you people cheering you on up those skeery steps!

    My pirate name is Captain Mary Kidd. I like that I'm a captain!


  10. OMD! the secret squirrel headquarters. You sniffed it out. I do hopes you watched out for invisible squirrels after that they cloak themselves pretty good. Yappy tail wags your way!

  11. Those are some of the best scenics ever. You should be the spokesdog for that park with all those great pictures. This was such a great adventure to read about. All the great pictures (wondering who took the one from the back of you and mom), the squirrel headquarters, and the stair climbing. That part made me think of The Little Engine that Could story.

  12. Be careful little pup, if them squirrels are putting together a gang no good will come of it...

  13. Harroooo!! The squirrel head quarters! Their evil dominion has come to an end BOL!!

  14. What a nice hike...Mom remembers da mountains and da Hudson and da NYC from when her went long time ago on hers high school trip.

    (Geez, Mom....dat was a LOOOONG time ago). :o)

  15. You found the secret squirrel headquarters?! Morgan is packing like a fiend and hoping to get there in time for the raid!

    We had a long drive on Sunday up to Wisconsin and we were hoping to hike while we were up there on the National Ice Age Trail, but it was raining like nobody's business, so all we go to do was take a restroom break in the parking lot. Dad has promised to take us back up there on a day when it's not raining. I kept thinking how cool it would be to tell you about it!

  16. I love the scenic of New York far away. Beautiful!

    Watch out for those squirrels, though... They're nuts!

  17. Wowo, you sure haz some bootiful wevver for your hike Shawnee. Can you send some to the UK please? I did walk 6 miles on Saturday which is a long way for me. No seeniks tho, jus woods...and a pub lunch at the end of it...woof

  18. You are right, Shawnee - those ARE very scary stairs, not sure any of us would climb up or down them. And we are amazed at how well you can scale those gigantic rocks. Lovely scenics - thanks for sharing.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  19. Happy Wednesday woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  20. Wow, we're getting dizzy just looking at pics from this hike! Those are lots of high verticals you had to climb. We have just one question - did you shut down the SUAPDH while you had it in your sights? BOL

    The Road Dogs

  21. You were sooo brave going up those scary steps. And hiking where there were coyotes.

  22. Wow! That was a lot of stairs to have to do when you are scared of stairs.

  23. You always go on the most beautiful hikes!

  24. Shawnee
    Wow wee woo made it to the top of two mountains and a set of stairs! The views are beautiful but you are the center focus for me. I do hope you destroyed the squirrel headquarters. They do be making me nutty.. momma says my brainballs is short circuiting when I hear their chatter.

    PS- yesterday I met a cattle dog /shepherd mix. Hee hee.. a bit of both of us