Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Rainy Day That Wasn't

Those wevver peeples did say it woz supposed to rain all day today.  At furst they sayed that about yesterday then they changed their minds and made Sunday the worser rain day after mom alreddy make udder plans fur Saturday.  So not wanting to waste a good hike with seeniks on a rainy day, we just stayed close to home and went to the South Mountain Reservation.  OMD, 20 minutes and we be THERE! Not two gabillion hours like the seenik hikes.  And this park be big enuff with enuff trails so that we woz able to hike 12 miles.
So we climbed up this mountain where that George Washington had climbed up (well, prolly on his horse) so he could spy on the British that he woz putting the bitey on.
This tells you about wot happened here in the olden days.
Then there woz a seenik with no seenik coz of all the leaves on the trees.
Well, a little bit of a seenik. Those mountain ofur yonder do be Watchung Reservation where I has hiked afore.
So then we got in the woods where some of the leaves do be doing their fall thing.
I stopped to smell the flowahs - oh, wrong side.
Yup, that rain do be coming any minit now...
This do be pillars from an old picnic shelter from 1908.  That woz after George Washington woz here so he did not has a picnic here.
This do be called Hemlock Falls.
There be an old bridge fur me to cross ofur so I did not get squished by a car.
Why is there sunbeams shining on me when it do be going to rain?
Going through a pawsome tunnel maded by the trees.
Run fur cover, that rain do be coming any minit now.
If'n the wevver peeples lied and the rain do not be coming, I must take matters into my own paws.
Turned out to be a pritty descent hike after all.


  1. Wevver people are usless. That's my motto.

    That seenik looks very seenik-like even with the leaves. I like the flag. Mama is going to get so jealous of you all. She misses fall the most from the East Coast.

    I'm glad the rain never came. Looks like a great day. The kind of day Mama and Papa loved when they were there. Loved seeing you in the water. Better you than I is my thought. Oh, that tree tunnel is super cool.

    Big purrs,

  2. That looks fantastically scenic to me! I had no idea you lived next to all that famousness. You're practically living in the history books. Morgan says she'd like to help you make rain, too!

    I am green with the jellyness! We went with Dad to help him with his SAR team booth for a while, and planned to go hike, but it took all day and we never did get a hike in. Now that Mom's off work for three weeks, I hope she'll take me to do a lot of extra hikes to make up for it. I'm betting we can even get Dad to play a little hookey with us!


  3. Those weather people sure are wrong a lot. If mom was wrong that often on her job, she wouldn't have one. MOL. Glad you had sunshines for your whole hike.

  4. You have the best hiking spots ever. Love all the trails and history combined. : )

  5. News just in: we haz your rain.....grrrr

  6. Well, isn't dat picnic for on da wrong seenik cause nik wasn't dere cause of da rains after it supposed to! BUTT dat was still a very nice hike and so close to home too. What could be better?????


  7. Some days you just want to yell at the wevver talkers and say..
    Liar Liar Furs On Fire.. RIGHT?

    You know something Shawnee, I think that some of your bestest seeniks are the ones that are close up.. like the water and the flowers and the leaves and the trees and that super tree tunnel and stuffs like that. I really enjoyed this hike.

  8. Weather peeps are pretty useless most times. Usually when they're all "HORRIBLE RAINS WE ALL GONNA DIE!" nothing happens. Then when they're all "beautyful sunny day, go outside and not die!" storms come. Hmmph.

    At least you got a good swim in! And the leaves are starting to turn here too! I guess going from 100 to 80 is like fall to the trees. :)

    pe ess...glad they built a no squishy bridge. Yikes!

  9. Shawnee,

    Our wevver peeples said da same thing 'bouts Sunday, rain, rain, rain! Did we gets it? Nope! Your wevver peeples must have gone to da same wevver school as mine did.

    Even a little bit of one of your seeniks is beootiful.
    I gave you an award so come by and gets it!

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  10. Very pretty views on your hike!

  11. Wow! We wish there was a cool hike like that 20 minutes from our house! Niiiiice! And, um, what good are weather people? We've decide the best weather people are - US! We just get up and stick our noses outside and that's what the weather is. You can't trust those sneaky weather people. Besides, here in SC - the weather changes every 5 minutes and every 5 miles!

    The Road Dogs

  12. A great hike and a not so bad "rainy" day:) We just love that tree tunnel shot as well as you enjoying a swim in that water.

    We can't wait to see some of your hikes once fall is at its best. Mom misses the beauty of fall foliage on the East Coast, nothing like it here.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning