Monday, June 4, 2012

Hiking in Thunderstorms

Make note of the pritty blue skies yesterday morning on our hike.
Pritty blue skies...
Common up here mom, seeniks with pritty blue skies!
See how pritty!
We could even see New York City from the mountain we was on.
Ahhh, a refreshing pool fur cooling my furs.
Shaking in the sunbeams after my dip in the pool.
Falling waters fur Frankie Furter.  (Woof that fast 10 times, BOL)
My new furrend Gus and skritches from his dad.  Check it out, we both has rippling muscle thighs of steel! 
Oh noes!  I snootered around fur them but did not find them.
Bear pawfiti.
Snek #1 - a black rat snek.
Snek #2 - a garter snek.
Hmmmmm.  Where did those dark clouds come from ofur the swamp?
All of a sudden.....
Yes, furrends, my head furs and ears was getting wet, NOOOOOOOOO!  Mom put her camera in a Ziploc baggie then in her backpack with a rain cover ofur her backpack.  Wot about me?  Mom sayed "Oh, you will be fine."  The camera gets covered and not ME?  Then we had lightning bolts and thunner boomers, YOWZER!
A long, long, long while later.... Wet Shawnee.  Unhappy wet Shawnee...
.... until, I so crashed this pawtay at the pond, BOL.  My new furrend Levi - I think I see some fambly resemblances.
This little pibble puppeh was doing kissy face with me...
... and bitey face.  Fun times!
More furrends ofur by the campfire!  Fun, fun, fun!
Then we had to head back to our car.  Looks like that storm be pulling out.
The storm left some rainbows behind.
Back home I be in my hidey spot napping after getting hosed down (Why when I got rained on? Did mom think I was not wet enuff?) and hasing SEBENTEEN tickies pulled off of me!  And that be with tick pawventative stuff on me.  So my sis Dixie be doing the honors of showing the litter we picked up.  She be shaking her paw at those nasty litterbugs.  I hope my pawty furrends did not leave any litter behind.


  1. Wow Shawnee! That was a fast-moving storm. Glad you at least got to meet some new furiends! 17 tickies!! Yuck!

    -Bart and Ruby

  2. What a great day dat was...well cept fur da lost pups and da dunderstorm. And guess you's can add da tickies to da list. Nasty wittle buggers! Hope Mom got em all! You don't want pet tickies at your house. You's sure made lots of new furiends on dat hikey!

  3. Wow...I know about those rains! Hope it didn't get in your ears! Blah!

    But you did make a lot of new friends! That's a major dog partee!!

  4. Shawnee, I thinks we must talks bouts your little obsession withs water. WHY??????
    Nows why was I not invited to crash da pawty? You knows I likes to join a good pawty...even though theres be no chaneliers at dat one and I not be ables to reach da tree limbs.

    What a beautiful day to to hike except furs da rain...blech!


  5. Awwwwwww Shawnee.. THANK YOU fur the super pictue of the FALLING WATERS.. I don't know why I am so obsessed with em... butt I am.

    SNAKES and 17 TICKIES??? WHOOOOIE.. that was kinda Nasty.. butt you got to meet some super new furends to take the curse off, RIGHT???

    THANKS AGAIN fur the Falling Waters Pic..

  6. Looks like a fun hike despite the rain and thunder.


  7. Omaigoodness! Snakes an rainbows an doggies an rainstorms! Wat a huj avenchure you had, but Iz sorry your furz did get wet *shudders*

  8. Love the rainbows, Shawnee!

  9. Seventeen ticks?! OMD! That is giving me a serious case of the heebie jeebies! I feel like I need to go check all my parts after our hike this weekend.

    I'm glad you got to see so many beautiful scenics and friendly dogs, though. What a great hike!


  10. 17 tickies???? So glad you have such a conscientious mom to find them all.

    Aside from all the bad weather and the ticks, we thought it was a wonderful hike. Great scenics and some nice new pals you met.

    Nice to see Dixie too:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. Next time your mom says you'll be fine in the rain remind her that you are so sweet you could melt.

  12. Hai ya Shawnee

    Looks like wooo meeted sume cool paw pals on your walkies!! But them sneks not be cool ..... well, they does look cool ..... but we would be scared of dem!!!!
    And them SEBENTEEN ticks fur sure not be cool!!!

    You know da most cool fing tho???
    That pickture of woooo all in da mud!!!! BOL!!!

    Happy summer to wooo
    Your soufern pal,

  13. Hi Shawnee, oh yes you met a doggie that looks just like me, that Gus is one handsome fella! Ha,Ha! You must have had so much fun, meeting all of those new furiends and seeing the snakes too! Such wonderful scenery! I can't believe that the weather changed so fast from beautiful blue skies to nasty wet thunder storms! You do not look like a happy puppy at all! I feel sad for those missing dogs! Hope they are found soon! Also Oh my dog! 17 ticks ouchie! Nasty biting bugs on your furs! I don't like litter BUGS either, I'm glad you help keep nature clean! I'm proud of you! Another great adventure Shawnee! Love, Licks and Hugs from your furiend Frank x x x x x

  14. eeeeew snakes

    Stop on by for a visit

  15. EWWWWW. I've heard about ticks (nasty little blood-suckers) but 17? Yowzie. And what do you mean 'OOPS'? That looked like good mud to me!