Sunday, June 24, 2012

Three Hikes for the Price of One

Yes, furrends, I got THREE, count them on one paw, THREE hikes in one day.  A big normal (fur us) 10 mile hike and two mini hikes coz we was close to them and hey, why not?
The normal (fur us) hike starts here in Delaware State Forest wot is not in Delaware but in Pencilvania.  Hope I has cleared up that confuzzlement fur you.  Me, I dunno yet, I think I is still confuzzled.
All I know is I has TWO lakes to see.  Common mom, hurry up and sign us in and let's go!
Coming up on Egypt Meadow Lake pritty soon but to get there...
... I has to make my way thru a wild jungle of ofurgrown trail.
This be wot it looked like to me from my Shawnee Cam III.
Finally I see Egypt Meadow Lake.  But I did not feel like swimming so I did not go in.
Here be the dam we crossed by the lake.
This do not be the whole lake coz you cannot get it all in one picture.
On the way to the next lake I seened this big old tree.  You can see it be way bigger and way older than the udder trees.
The pee-mail do say I be going the right way to Bruce Lake.
Here be Bruce Lake.  It be a glacial lake atop a mountain.
I taked a nap in a nice shady spot by Bruce Lake...
...while mom pulled ticks (UGH) off of me and put them in my water bowl so they could not eggscape.  Mom throwed them in the lake so they would not suck blood from udder wildlifes. 
Good luck getting out of there, you blood sucking ticks (UGH!).
So here I is after the big hike hasing a drink of ice cold water from the cooler in the hikemobile afore moving on to the next hike.  (as seen by the Shawnee Cam III)
I is crossing a bridge to the island at Promised Land State Park wot is rite next door to the lakes I just hiked at.

The island trail from the Shawnee Cam III
I do beleef I has found some litter.  It woz heavy so mom opened it up...
Earth worms!  Sumbuddy left earth worm fish bait locked up in the litter container!  So wot do you think my mom be doing with them?
My mom turned them loose and sayed "RUN FREE" at them.  How embarrassing.
I decided to get my furs wet on the island but had mom take my Shawnee Cam off furst.
Mom got this shot of a flying skwerrel (not the same as those annoyink skwerrels in our yards) while I stood furry quietly so he would not run away.  I must say, he be furry kinda cute.  Mom woz all SQUEEEE ofur him.  So embarrassing.

Back at the parking lot to go to hike 3 (from the Shawnee Cam)
Fur our last hike of the day, I is going to find some falling waters, coz, well, I seened enuff lakes fur today.
Ta da!  Falling waters!


  1. I LOVE your Shawnee Cam III pics. VERY good work. Glad you didn't take it fur a swim though... goooood thinkin.

    I like it that the fish worm got letted run free..

    AND you did SAVE the bestest Pawt fur LAST. Ahhhhhhh my furend you showed some falling waters fur me.

  2. Thoze clowds swimming in teh waters iz pritty an that lake iz named teh same az mai hooman brofur so maybe its mai lake too!

  3. OOOOOOOPs I furgot to say... I did NOT know about TICKS and WATER... We always burn them up... I gotta TRY the Water thingy. Good that your mom sent them to a Waterery... Place.

  4. You are so lucky, Shawnee - it is way too hot for us to walk right now. Mom had to rescue her sister's pup - they took a walk at 6 and the temperatures were already at 100 and humid. Mom's sister called and asked for help and when Mom get there her pup was in distress. Thankfully, she is okay, but it was scary!


  5. Thanks for sharing another fun hike. It's a good thing your mom had you to lead the way down that overgrown trail. I don't know how you could tell where the trail is.


  6. Oh Shawnee just beautiful....way beautiful hikes and lakes. I am so glad we don't have those nasty ticks here. Sometimes we can get a tick but not very often.

    I love love the last picture with the falling waters.

  7. what a great adventure you have Shawnee I'm sure that you really enjoy that day with you Dad.

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  8. Ewwwww - that's our Mom looking at those worms:)

    Bruce Lake sure did look very beautiful. But we don't like seeing those nasty ticks. We hope they all drowned real good.

    Thanks for sharing your triple hike although we still don't understand why Delaware let Pennsylvania have their state park. BOL

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. Three hikes in one day??? Shawnee, I hope you're sleeping in today after all that! Love the last pic!

  10. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, you hiked all the way to Egypt?!? You're paws must be worn clear out. That Bruce guy sure has a pretty lake too. Beautiful pix, but I'd still have to try to bash that squirrel. Your Shawnee cam is pawesome!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  11. OMD, if only you could has seen da look on my mum's face when we seened da ticks...hehehehe!
    I think I should gets me a Puddles Cam even though you's only see dirt and grass...get it, cuz I is short.

    I hopes you has been practising furs da diggin' event!


  12. Wow, that's one cool Shawnee cam! I love the pics from it! The lakes were really pretty, too. Not the ticks, though. Those are icky...

  13. I never did know what to with ticks! You know, my papa was bit by one of those creepy crawly things a few years ago.

    Those water shots sure do look cool and refreshing!

  14. WOW!

    If woo hiked all the way to Falling Waters woo did lots and lots and lots and lots of miles!

    Thanks fur sharing your great PAWSylvania miles (and smiles)!


  15. Hi ya Shawnee!! Dat be a good day owt fur wooo.
    My Mum did go 'How cuuuuute' abowt dat sqwirrelly critter too. Hooomans is sooooo imbarassing sumetimes.
    We likes your Shawnee Cam picktures. :) And we is glad dat your mom let dem worms owt too. Dat is a fery strange piece ob litter to find.

    Tail wags

  16. Flying Squirrels, OMD!!! It's like herding birds and squirrels all at once, I want!!!! What a fun day you had my friend! Just stopping by to say hi! Woofs, Johann

  17. You must be the luckiest doggie there is. You get to go so many beautiful places!

  18. Hi Shawnee, you always find the best hikes. It is so beautiful where you walk. We are happy the little worms were set free. We wonder if there are any worm blogs hehe. Nasty old ticks trying to suck your blood too. See ya soon sweetie. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  19. Three hikes in one day? That's the BEST...especially since there was sooooo much water involved. I just know those worms were glad your Mom came along!

  20. Girl, Of course you furiend can enters da diggin' event...any furiend of yours is a furiend of mine.


  21. Hooray for the new Shawnee Cam!! (Oh and tell your mom worms can't run because they don't have legs. Silly humans.)

  22. I am feelin tired just readin about all that hikin Shawnee. You must be pooped out now. I dunno if I was squee for the squirrel tho...more grrrrr

  23. Oh Shawnee this trip was full of wonderful wildlife! I love that your Mom let the worms wriggle away FREE! The photos are so gorgeouse of all the nautre and beautiful scenery! I didnt like them nasty biting ticks though, My Mum didnt know about ticks and water either! Do you get many ticks in your furs when you hike then??? My fur is very short and luckily in all of my two years and 6 months on this planet I have never had one! Mum said she felt all itchy just seeing it! Ewwww! You get to go to some really beautiful places! I love going on adventures with you! This blog is my favorite to visit! Love and Hugs from your Furiend Frank xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx