Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hot Weather Hiking

Where better to hike on a hawt, hawt day than.... WATERloo!
Show me the WATER!
And to get you into the mood fur this hike (and coz if'n this song be stuck in my brain it should be stuck in yours, too...)

So on that note ♫, off we go...
Come with me and I show you the old-timey village of Waterloo.
This be an old-timey farmhouse from 1825...
... with an old-timey scary crow in the garden.
This be new pee-mail, not old-timey pee-mail.
More pee-mail.
The bridge be furry old-timey coz it be all brokened.
Old-timey falling waters fur Frankie Furter.
We is now heading away from Waterloo Village along the canal to get to the hiking trails.  The early morning sun woz just coming up coz we had gotted there to start hiking at 5:45 AM while it was still cooler out.
Here I be hiking atween a river on the left and the old canal wot is now dry on the right.  I woz not allowed to go in the river coz mom say it be too close to roads and highways so it be icky pawlooted.  Bummer.
But after hiking a long, long, long, long time, wowser, a POND!  Mom sayed I could go in when we found the right spot fur me to get in the waters.  Can't wait!
OMD, Mom!  You was so bizzy looking at the pritty pond that you KICKED my turtle furrend.  Well, not hard but your shoe touched his shell and made him pee hisself.
You OK buddy?  Mom feels rilly, rilly bad that she scared you and almost squished you.  Sorry about the slobber I left on your shell when I smooched you to make you all better.
At long last, a path into the pond just fur me!
Ahhh, so nice and refreshing!
Now I can lay in the shade and enjoy the pritty pond...
... and take a nap in the nice breeze.
Fur your entertainment while I was napping, here be some shots mom took on our break.
I got this one with my Shawnee Cam while napping.
 OK, I is awake now and we is heading back to Waterloo Village.
Here I is back at the river I is not allowed to go into.  But that be OK, we is almost back at our car and mom will turn the cold air blower on while I is hasing a drink of ice cold water from the cooler.
Back at Waterloo Village there was a shindig going on and peeples was floating in the canal.
A got a shot with my Shawnee Cam the same time mom did, BOL!
A quick stop by the old-timey store...
... and the old-timey graveyard and we was back at our car.


  1. Mommy said she had the song stuck in head before we even watched the vid. We like your and your mommy's duel shot of the canal!

  2. wat iz it with that song an they hoomanz? Now its stuck in Herz head too MOL! Thanks you fur sharing they pikchures, wat a bewtifuls hike an old timee villij.

  3. What a fantastically cool hike! And Morgan and I are green with jellyness because it's so hot here you can't even go outside without turning to a crisp. I love the old village and I'm hoping the turtle will make a full recovery!


  4. Yep stuck in mom's head too now. I liked that the ladies had a cat and dog shirt on. I'm afraid I scared a turtle in our yard the other day that looked just like that one.

  5. Stuffs like the Old Timey Village and the Canal trip my mom's trigger.. ME? I'll take that super Old Timey Falling WATERS any day. Thanks AGAIN fur thinkin of me. I LOVE the Falling Waters.. and Rocks too.

  6. Thanks. Now that song is stuck in my head too! MOL

    That old-timey place is furry cool. We have an old-timey park here. Maybe mom should take me in my stroller. That is, if we ever stop having the super hots. It's hovering around 100F here so no walks for me. *pout*

  7. You got that song going here too, Shawnee:)

    Did that turtle's peemail give you any good news?

    We don't know how you and Mom can hike in this heat - you do so very well. We enjoyed walking along with you from our air-conditioned home:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Takes care in the hawt wevver my pal. We do not haz that problem at the moment. Is all rainin an stuff here. Bummers. I am opin it stop soon as i just haz my furs trimmed for summer.

  9. Awwwww... Shawnee... another great hike. I'm glad you got to go in the water. It looked very refreshing.

    pawhugs, Max

  10. Pawsome hike, Shawnee! Is that Waterloo place in New Jersey?
    Love the canal and the dragonflies!
    p.s. My mom loves the Abba flashback! Me? Well - that was WAY before I was born ;)

  11. Another wonderful hike. Wish we could have gone with you but the pics were the next best thing. Thanks for always showing us such special places. BTW we were just wondering about the Shawnee cam. Hadn't seen it a lot and wondered if you still used it.
    ernie and the pack

  12. Great hike! What a beautiful pond you found and got to cool off in! :) Very nice of you to lick the turtle all better after you Mom used it as a football ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  13. Ha! I was singing Waterloo before I even got to your video! I wonder if raised beds were used in 1825? :)

    Shawnee...I'm so glad you were able to get your furs wet. It's so important for our well being, at least that's what I say.


  14. The 'old-timey' village of Waterloo looks so pretty, I love the way the sun is glowing orange on the village making it look even more pretty! OH NO poor Mr. Turtle I hope he was ok, it looks like you kissed him better! Bless!
    I love the scary crow in the garden, The 'brokened' bridge, The Canal and the Old smiths store! It all looks like a place my Mum would love to visit, she likes places like that, she loved to visit places like that when she visited America before I came along! It looks like you had a lovely walk with beautiful photos, the dragonfly is my fave ... but the photo of you and the view when you are relaxing is the BEST! Love, Licks and Hugs from your furiend Frank xxxxxxxxxxxxx