Monday, July 30, 2012

Hiking in the Rain

The wevver this weekend was unpawdicable.  You just nefur knowed where the sunbeams would be and where the rain would be so off we went anyways.
Doing the pawliminary pee-mail check fur any impawtant trail happenings afore starting our hike.
More pee-mail along the way.
Yowser!  I almost stepped on this little guy with my big old paw.
"Thank you Shawnee for not skwishing me."
Here do be a little bit of falling waters.
Now I is on that Appalachian Trail.
No rains yet but it still be furry cloudy.  I did not has my Shawnee Cam on in case it started to rain.
OMD, could it be.... sunbeams?
Check out the punky looking cattypillar wot landed on my head.
So on the way to Phillips Canyon we seened these werds on a rawk.  I had to go investigate fur myself.
I has confirmed that there be no waters here.
So I had mom add the date in purple so those Appalachian Trail thru-hikers would see it and not make the trip down the steep hill fur nuttin.
Then we commed to the seenik but ummm, you see that rain coming out of that cloud ofur there?
I found a turtle and I got to SMOOCH him!
"Thank you fur that smooch, Shawnee.  It was very cool and refreshing on my shell."
Then I found a cool and refreshing spot to wet my furs.  But notice I do not get my head furs wet, only my leg and belleh furs.
Uh oh.  That rain be catching up to us.  Big raindrops be falling on my head and mom had to put the camera away so no more pictures until...
Wet Head Shawnee - BLECH!  I shake my ears but they still keep getting full of rain.
On the way home we seened purty clouds...
... and rainstorm clouds but my ears and head furs was dry in the hikemobile.


  1. I wish some of that rain would come here! Maybe it would cool off enough that we could go hiking. At first I thought that little orange guy was fake! What cool stuff you saw on your hike!

    You have a tub in your basement?! How do you sleep at night without nightmares? That's awful! And I smell even worse than flowers -- it's apples and pears! That's right -- I smell fruity! UGH!


  2. SHOCKING!!!!! I is shocked you could not predict da weathers and rains...where was your crystal ball?
    Girl, I is amazed at your restraint...I so would has kissed dat turtle right up into my mouf...and dat orange even looked kinda yummy but squishy. I knows, I is terribles.
    You had a bug on you....hehehehe.

    PS: hows did you like Roo's recipe? I thoughted bouts you when I seened da veggies.

  3. You made lots of new furiends on dat hike.....At least none of dem had toofies and dey was all smaller den you!

  4. Yep the rain yesterday was something else. We had hail too. Have a happy Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. You do the best walks Shawnee and that little red frog! That was just the most amazing thing! HUGS HUGS HUGS

  6. I am glad that you found a TINY falling water...
    Why was the Spring BONE DRY... when you keep getting Rains??? Do you think it is some sort of Squirrel Conspiracy?

  7. OMG...rains in your ears?!?! There is nothing worse for a shepherd...well, other than the thermometer at Dr. Vet, but it's pretty close!! Maybe those rains will help the Spring come back?

  8. WE have never seen such a pretty catterpillar. You are so lucky. and a turtle and rain and clouds and well just a most perfect hike.


  9. oh that turtle be pretty and not nearly as scary as the one that was in my backyard

    woof - Tucker

  10. That was a pawsome hike despite the rain! Your forest looked a bit like the one we hiked through last weekend.

  11. It was nice of the rain to hold off until you were almost done with your hike,. You saw some interesting stuff along the way too - a red lizard type guy, a fuzzy yellow cattypiller, and all the other interesting things you saw along the way.,

  12. RAIN?! We haven't had that in Illinois in a long, long time.

    I'm glad that the note was there about the bone dry falling waters. Even if it's "litter," it's better than people writing on the rock and making it a mess!

  13. Hi Shawnee! That adventure sure was interesting, I have never seen such colourful creatures before, that bright yellow punk caterpillar who tried to hitch a ride on your head, that bright red lizard that you almost squished was super cute and your lickable friend the turtle who you gave some lovings to was such a gorgeous colour! I can't believe that there were no falling waters, that's crazy! My Pawrents took me to a place with falling waters today and I thought of you, there was even a Shawnee look alike there too but I was disappointed to find it was not you! Im sorry that you got caught in the rain on the way back and got rain in your ears! I hate the rain! You look so cute in the hikemobile all wet, bless! At least you got to go on a hike and see wonderful scenery and things before the rain came! Love and Licks from Frank x x x x x x x

  14. What a colorful lizard that was! Or whatever it was - fluorescent shade.

    And that punky caterpillar - so fun.

    And a kissing turtle??? Quite the fun hike, Shawnee.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. That hike was like going to the ZOO!

    Bart and Ruby

  16. Getting rained on during morning walks, is nothing, but getting rained on on hikes is a major insult.

  17. That little red lizard is beautiful. Is he native to your area?? I've never seen a red lizard before.

    Your pal, Pip

  18. Wow Shawnee!!

    Even wif da rains you saw sume neat critters. I lubs da turtle pawticularly.
    Dat was fery kind ob wooo & mom to check up on da waters at that spring fur the hikers too.

    And here is where sume informations be about owr Izzy. : Her came to live at owr house just afore Christmas, but I haven't been writing in my blog much at da start ob da year. I is trying to do better now. ;)

    Tail wags
    Your Kiwi pal

  19. I fink Mr Turtle was lookin mitey cross if you ask me Shawnee. Are you sure you interprutted his turtle sayings correctly?

  20. Shawnee,

    Anudder hike wif no fallin' waters?? Dat is just not right!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  21. Wow, Shawnee - you sure did meet quite a few interesting creatures on your hike!

  22. It's been raining lots here too, but we never meet as much interesting critters as you do :)

    Happy Wednesday!

    Dante, Daisy Boo & Sampson

  23. How cool is that! A newt, a fluffy yellow caterpillar and a colorful friendly tortoise! What fun! Y'all sure do have a lot of terrific hiking places near you :) Do you have to drive more than an hour to some of them? Just curious :)

    Waggin at ya,