Sunday, September 16, 2012

Early Fall Hiking

Today we drived up to northeastern Pencilvania and did a little bit of early leaf peeping and LOTS of seenik peeping!
There was seeniks right at the beginning of the hike already!
And lots more seeniks coz we was hiking in the heath barrens which be fancy werds fur mini trees and stuffs
Hey!  Where did this black cloud ofur my head come from?
I hiked through a tree.
Scenic overload!
I got a picture of mom taking a picture of the seenik, BOL!
Here be a little chickadee with some fall colors.
We is going into the woods now where there be no seeniks fur a bit.
But the woods be pritty seenikal too, you think?
It would be so wrong if'n I did not find some old clunker on my hikes.
Back to the seeniks!
I gots a picture of mom putting down our break blankie at the seenik.

I decided not to take my break nap on the break blankie coz I seened this big rawk...
... and wanted to nap there in the blueberry bushes.  Comfort level: FAIL!
Then through some more mini trees...
... to the pond fur cooling of the furs!

I always do ACK ACK when I is in the water coz I almost drownded myself when I was a youngin so I ACK ACK, just in case.  I say better safe than sorry.
Thanks, pond, that woz fun times!
We went on this trail called the Bruised Ego Trail but I is telling you that sign need to be changed to the Bruised Paw Trail coz mom stepped right on my paw on that trail and made me yelp, oh yes she did.  I sat all pawthetic with my paw in the air making mom feel all guilty and stuff.  I got lots of luvins, BOL.  I woz fine then.  I say when the peeps hurt you, milk it fur all it be worth.  Note to self: Hold out fur chickun jerky the next time.
This was the seenik all the way back to the car on this road.  You know why there be roads up there?  Coz back in 2001, rite when I was borned, they was going to build a business park on this mountain and they alreddy put the roads in before the land was saved and made into a nature preserve.  Thank dogness this was not made into a business park so we can hike there and enjoy the seeniks!


  1. WOW! What an enjoyable time to looking through to this post thanks for sharing and just keep up the good work.

  2. OMC u did find an old clunker iz rite! I knows u n Mom usually pick up trash when u finds it. How come u not picked dat up? I fink I seed u leavin it der! Go back n clean up!

  3. Moosic Mountain? Hmmm sounds like I did names it. MOL