Monday, September 24, 2012

Hiking at the Reservoir

We has hiked a few times at this reservoir this year but always in different places so if'n the pictures of the water looks familiar to you, well, it is!  We had to stay close to home this past weekend coz of hasing guests at our B&B and this reservoir do be one of the closer places.
We gots here as the sun was rising to we gots some nice pictures.
This be the reservoir at the dam.  But we come back to it later coz we has to go in the woods furst.
In the woods.
I is in my happy place.
So tell me which of these pictures you like better - this one with the litter...
Or this one of the eggzakt same place without the litter?
I hads to cross ofur this water.
Akshun shot.
Watch wot happens when I come out of this pawt...  (You watching, Sage?)
Ta da!
I dunno why mom woz all EWWWWW ofur that coz there woz plenty of oppawtoonities to clean up.
Oh, these falling waters is fur Frankie Furter.  And they is coming out of a rawk.  Hai Frankie.
OK, one last time in the creek afore we climb up the mountain fur...
... a powah nap ...
... at the seenik.
Can you beleef mom furgot to reload my chicken jerky supply in her backpack?  Unfurgivabull!
Fun times!  (Mom woz not pleased.  Chicken jerky - 'nuff said.)
But I cleaned up in the reservoir.
I just hads to get lots of water in today coz it do be getting colder here and soon it be too cold to get my furs wet.

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  1. You want to join my 'Black Paw' gang, Shawnee?