Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day!

It be a furry Happy Labor Day fur me coz my bizzy, bizzy summer be coming to an end.  I is a working dog, you know, and my B&B has been packed all summer long.  I has had guests here fur the past 77 days with no break!  There be 21 different guests, 6 of them coming back twice.  Plus, mom be away working in an office cofuring fur somebuddy who be having a bald human puppy so you can see how I has had my paws full with running the B&B and has not had time fur my bloggie.  I hope you has not furgotted me :(

So my only break be hiking and yes, I has still been hiking efurry single weekend!  Mom has been on this jag where we go to WMA's (that be wildlife management areas) where there be no marked trails and we has to find out way with the GeePeeEss.  Well, and my snooter, if'n you want to know the truth.
Here I is at the Paulinkskill WMA.  You see that Great Egret in the tree ofur my head? I was hoping he would not poop on me.
Here he be watching me.  He did not fly away until mom got under the tree where I was then he was like YIKES! and flied away.
I got to wet my furs on this hike, too.
Then we was at the Berkshire Valley WMA where we had to use the GPS my snooter to summit Mount Arlington. 
There be a red smiley face on a tree.  Kinda creepy.
Then we was at Weldon Brook WMA where mom snagged this shot of the moon.
There do be one blazed trail in this WMA and it be marked with beer bottle tops.  Somebuddy drinked a lot of beer making this trail.
Me, I just be having water, thank you.
Check it out!  Mom finally blinged out my Zoobaroo.
We went back to that same area but different trails the next weekend and watched the sun coming up ofur the lake.  Bootiful.
These hikes hasn't had lots of seeniks but here be a little bit of one in the powah cut.
So then this weekend we hiked at this place that Noo Joisey buyed from a bunch of priests a few years ago.  It was their retreat and they had made hiking trails.  So you start hiking from where you park on the road going in but there be a gate so cars cannot get in.  About 1/3 of a mile in, mom discofurred that she FURGOT THE MAPS in the car!?!?!?!?  OK, my snooter do not be that good.  So mom got this bright idea of tying me to her backpack at the top of the big hill where she could still see me and running back to the car so I would not has to hike the extra mileage.  I was like, DON'T LEAVE ME HERE!!!!  You know, at my age, old dogs get abandoned all the time just coz they be old.  Mom would not do this to me, would she?  Whew, she commed running back (hugging and puffing) with the maps.  I could have dragged her backpack and followed but she did tell me to STAY so against my better judgement, I lissened.
This place has a swanky deck on a lake!
I bagged anudder peak - Mount Paul!
And of course I had lots of chickun jerky breaks.
So that be it fur my summer.  Now I has to go running back to see what all of you did all summer.  I had better get started...


  1. I seriously doubt your Mom would ever leave you! ;)

    You do sound busy - I'm glad you were still hiking. We did wonder if you were all okay.

    Monty and Harlow

  2. Forget about you, Shawnee? Never!

    Wow, that is a busy summer. Looks like a great one though. That's a great picture of the egret. I'm glad you got your furs wet (better you than me!). Love the pic of the moon! The pic of the trees reflected in the water is so pretty.

    It's so great to see you and your hikes!

  3. SHAWNEE!! Yay!! So nice to see you back. It looks like you had a super funballs summer with hikin' and helping out with the B&B. We hope things slow down a little so you can share Autumn foliege hikes with us. As you may know, we're having a drought here, so any green see-nicks are much appreciated just like fall colors which we really haff to look for. See you soon!!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  4. SHAWNEE it is SO good to see and hear from you, dear furend.
    We are missing you, butt NEVER EVER furgetting you.
    We ADORE the BLING on your ZooBaRU. THAT is perfect... it looks EXACTLY like YOU and your Mom.

    We understand about being bizzy and want to say that we will be HERE when you are LESS Bizzy.

  5. Hi Shawnee - Mom and I be clickin' on yur bloggie all the time to see how you be doing and today we got a treat :-) We also follow yur B & B Blog but enjoy reading yur posts in yur werds!
    I"m happy to hear that you still be hiking. I been having more trubble with my wonky knees and Arthur-T-Itis. Mom bought me a baby (I mean doggie) sling to carry me on longer walkies. Nuthin' wrong with my snooter, tho; I read and leave lots of pee mail!
    Hope you be gettin' a little break frum the bizziness of yur summer. Yoo are looking good :-)
    Lexi da Shih Tzu

  6. I don't think your mom would ever leave you behind either cuz she loves you too much and would miss you. Another great hike. We always love your pictures and hearing about your adventures!

  7. Whew, finally the jerky appears - we kept waiting and waiting for it:) Wish we lived closer because we would love to stay at your B & B. And lastly that smiley face would really have spooked our Mom.

    Happy Labor Day!

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. 21 different guests for 77 days?! Holy cow! That B&B is the happening place. Congrats!

  9. Que bonito post, me he paseado por tu bloc y me ha encantado, te invito a ver el mío, esta semana las mascotas son las protagonistas, nos hacen compañía y sacan lo mejor de nosotros mismos. Deseo que te guste y si es así y no eres seguidora espero que te hagas, gracias por visitarme.

  10. Hi Shawnee, so glad to hear from you. I love that picture of the moon!! I love the pictures of you the best though.

    I know your mom would never, ever leave you!!

    Love, Cupcake

  11. I just knew you'd be back, Shawnee. You are lookin' good! I do hope the arthur-itis is not been too bad. I'm so glad you got to wet your furs. You know, that's the bestest part of our hikes.

  12. WMA's sound like fun, that was one huge bird.

  13. OMD...You done had a busy summer! You be pretty brave goin on all those unmarked trails. What if da sunspots caused da GeePeeS to go bonkers? You'd be losted 4-ever. Me's had to BOL seein you standin dere wit your back pack! :)

  14. What cool hiking you got to do! We didn't get to nearly as much as we wanted to this summer, but we did get to do more than we usually do because of the fair weather. However, Dad was in a grumpy mood this weekend, so we didn't even get to celebrate the end of summer with a hike. Boo!


  15. Pawsome to haz yoo bak my pal…glad to see yoo is bizee and doin hikin….

  16. Okay, I love the Zoobaru bling!!

    Also, if your mom wants to leave you, she can leave you down here with me, k? That way we can perfect our super shepherd diva skillz.

    Great trail hikes! We is getting ready to go back to North Carrylina and we was thinking about you! We is going to go to the pony trail in Furginia this year! You is invited! ;)

  17. Howdy Shawnee. Good to see ya gorgeous girl. Sorry you've been so busy but glad you still got to hike cause we love them so much. Phew, lucky that bird didn't poo on you cause it would have been huuuuge! We love the moon photo. Well, we love all the photos actually cause we pretend we're there with you. As if your mum would leave you cause you're old. It's the same here. We would not leave our mum just cause she's old. No way, hehehe. Take care everybuddy. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory
    P.S. Mum did use Vicks Vaporub on my boots and man oh man, I did not chew my feet. I haven't touched them for three months and my toes and nails are slowly, slowly starting to mend. xx

  18. Shawnee and mom, you are both so awesome with your hiking and being such friends and way would the mom ever leave you.good to see you and thanks fur stopping by to visit.
    Etnie and the furkids

  19. We could never forget you Shawnee and if your Mom ever did leave you (not that she would cos she luvs you too much) ) you've got loads of furends who would come and rescue you.
    Keep hikin' cos we luv reading about your adventures .