Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fugitives, Bears and Bees

OK, so you all knows they has not founded that skeery dude yet what is holed up in the forest where I want to hike in Pencilvania.  Then you heard about the bear attack last Sunday here in Noo Joisey.  Do you know the boy was hiking there at that same place with a furrend?  They got lost on their way so they was late getting there (thank dogness) and a mile in on the trail the pawlice stopped them asking if they seened the missing hiker not knowing what the most tragic outcome of that was until the next day when they seened it in the news.  So where to hike?  Hows about the safety of Noo York?  I mean there is that murderer what was holed up in the one park from deading his daughter-in-law but they nefur founded him and he be long gone so I say, let's go hiking in Noo York.
Whoa!  Hold your leashes!  Say what?!?!?!?  OK, so mom decided that since it be 7:30 in the morning and 51 degrees outside, that it be too cold fur the bees to be swarming and that they be sound asleep still so we could tiptoe through but not go that way coming back when it be warm out and the bees be awake.  It bees a plan!
The bees, they drank all the falling waters, boo!
OK, so we made it off the bee trail safely and did not wake up the bees so now I bees climbing up and up and up.
I climbed above the clouds!  See ofur there, the valley be full of clouds.
And we gots some pritty colors up here, no?
There is those Catskill mountains far, far away.  We be going their fur our annual fall foliage hike pritty soonly.
There be one of those valley clouds peeking up behind me.
Time fur a drink coz it be getting warm out and I had no fur wetting waters in the creeks.
I likes taking me a break where I can see those Catskill mountains.
Come and join me, mom.
OK, we gots to head back now.
You sees that lump up high in the middle on the horizon?  That be High Point monument in Noo Joisey.  I can sees it all the way from Noo York.
So I has to walkie back to the car on the road since those bees bees awake now.  Boring.
I was hawt so mom had to soak my pawsies in my water bowl.  Ahhhhhhh.


  1. I never get a pawdacure after a hike!!


  2. So many dangers nowadays! Yes, we're having the best weather. None of us here is ready for winter. Your hike is so pretty. I'm glad you didn't wake the bees. Looks like that road was hot. How nice your mom soaked your feet.

  3. Your poor paws! Sorry the bees made you walk on that boring road. The fall colors are really super pretty, though!

  4. So glad you missed those bees a buzzing, but bummer on the road. We have that new gravel-y road now and poor Phantom can't walk on it. For some reason it really hurts his feet and he keeps tripping. So Mom has to hurry him across to get to the sidewalk - tough getting old.

    You did find some very pretty colors, Shawnee. Ours are very slow in arriving.

    Have a great week.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Yoo is always bee-in on top of da plannin an wotnot Shawnee my pal....da forrists be lookin furry pretty too

  6. Oh yikes! We thought swarming bees just happened here in AZ! Stay safe!

    Monty and Harlow

  7. Hi Shawnee - I am so eggsited to start seeing all the leaf pritties! Can't wait to see the pikshurs of yur Fall Fol-ee-edge trip to the Catskills!
    We haf ground cover plants wif pritty red flowers here and the bees be buzzin' all ofer them. I stepped on a bee a while back - owie! I had to go to the Dogtor fur a shot becoz it stung me fur a long time and I am little. Good fur you and Mom outsmarting those bees!
    Lexi da Shih Tzu

  8. It seems like every trail near you is fraught with peril! Be careful out there, Shawnee. I love your fall colors and a pedicure after a hike sounds divine!


  9. Oh my, Shawnee. Bees, criminals and NO water to soak your furs in. I'm glad you have such a good Mom that takes care of you.

  10. Stay safe Shawnee but don't let all those dangers spoil your hikes . We love reading about your adventures.

  11. Oh wow! How nice to have a note warning you about bees! Guys in yellowjackets, they don't leave nice signs. They is buttholes who put the bitey on you. My bloggy talks about our run in, we had to verbally warn peoples on the trail not to go that way.

    The pic of you and your mom taking a break is great!!