Friday, February 18, 2011

Hiking with Corbin

So over at Oh, Corbin there do be this contesty where you has to do a bloggie about something you has done with Corbin. Thanks to the magics of photochopping, anything be pawsibull!  So of course, I taked Corbin hiking with me today.  Mom taked a vakashun day from her werks coz today do be a beeootiful spring day with 65 degrees and mom sayed we woz not missing this day.  So off we wented to Hartshorne Woods Park wot be ofur by the oshun and inland waters not too rilly far from our house.  Rite by the pawking lot there do be a dog bowl fur waters. That woz a nice welcome fur Corbin!
So we hit the trail and hiked and hiked...

We commed to some seeniks where we had to be careful not to fall off the cliffs:

At the one seenik we seened this on a tree and it made mom's eyes all leaky:
After a while we needed a drink of water and some Powah Bones to restock our energies:
We sniffed some p-mail down by the Black Fish Cove pier:
I showed Corbin how noggty it do be to be a litter bug:
Common Corbin, we is almost finished:
So we hiked 9.5 miles today.  You still with us Corbin?

Here be some Shawnee Cam shots.  They is kinda blurry coz I woz moving fast today. (Note in the second pikshure mom has SHORT SLEEVES on in the snow - crazy!)

Thanks, Corbin!  I had funs out our pawtend adventure!


  1. WOW!

    What a great hike!

    I bet Corbin is furry worn out after THAT!


  2. Shawnee - you have a very smart Mom. Not only did she make the very wise decision to take the day off, but she managed to make your day with Corbin awesome!!! We so wish we could do photoshop work too. Your adventure with Corbin is by far the best one we have seen. We just know he had a fantastic time.

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Oh my gosh. I really believe Corbin was there with you! Your mom is talented! Love the treat picture, MOL!

    Isn't this weather amazing? That's a really pretty place you hiked!

  4. 9.5 miles! You and Corbin are my heroes! I am lucky if I make it 9 blocks!! Isn't this weather great!!!

    Your pal, PIp

  5. Corbin is living our dream of going hiking with you! I hope he had fun! You picked a good place to take him!


  6. Looks like Corbin had a blast out there! Hiking with Shawnee is a dream come true. I hope you win the contest.

    I loved what Wicket's owner did. That was beautiful. I bet Wicket had a lot of great hikes there too.

  7. Iznt it grate to haz da warms an go hiking? Corbin sure looks like him had fun times wiv you showing he all abowt da hikings an seeniks an stuff!

  8. Wow - lucky for Corbin - gets to go hiking with you. I bet he had a great time too.

  9. SHAWNEE... what a FANGtastic thingy fur your mom to do fur you and Corbin. I felt like I was RIGHT THERE WITH THE TWO OF YOU!!! LOVED the pic of him on the log bench.. hehehehe

  10. Hi! We are just coming for the first time and would love to be friends-we've been quiet so long and are trying to get back into the swing of things(long and boring story as to why) Cool hike. We would hike with Corbin but our mom doesn't have photoshop and honestly don't know if she could learn it if she had it (poor thing is not as smart as some of us here..just sayin)
    Hope you come visit us. We are a mixed bunch-from a 13 yr old chihuahua, 9 yr old standard poodle and 9 month old airedale....
    Hope to see you again soon!
    PS My mom says your mom must be "touched" for being in short sleeves?!?!? But my mom HATES cold lots! you should see her layer and bundle up)HA

  11. Great hike and great magical photoshopping! That memorial to Wicket made us do a double take--looked like OUR Wicket, who, obviously is ALSO named Wicket! O.o Crazy!

  12. That one made Mommy laugh. Especially the pictures where you are looking at Corbin on the cliff's edge and where your Mommy is giving Corbin noms. Your Mommy is very talented with the Photoshop.

  13. Looks like you guys had lots of funs.....but dos dropoffs looked a little high to me....I tink I stays on da flat ground.

  14. What a wonderful day! You really are an athlete to outlast that fit and trim Corbin!

  15. Shawnee
    I'm surprised Corbin made it the whole way. You and momma go for crazy long hikeballs. I bet he was glad momma brought snacks for you. That sign made me a bit leaky... my momma buried her first dog on his favorite trail. Hmm love your muzzle lipper shots. Oops just kissed it

    PS I'm glad to finally know someone who has to wear all that crazy gear stuff like me

  16. How cool! You got a hiking buddy, BOL!!! That sign got my Mum too :(

  17. Shawnee - That was a great hike to take Corbin on! Wow, he is getting lots of exercise this week! That was a really sweet sign and Mom got kinda sad about it, but it looks like Wicket was loved! So that's a happy thing :)

    The Road Dogs

  18. Wow, I fink you an Corbin done set the standard for a good days hikin fur two dawgs. I ope Corbin enjoyed it. We goin fur a long hike tomorrow and I try and make sure it is "long enuff for Shawnee" cos usually our hikes is too small for you.

  19. Corbin had difficulties keeping up eh?

    woof- Tucker

  20. Oh, wow. That was a great hike and it looks like Corbin had fun! (I don't know how anyone could beat this in Corbin's contest!)

  21. Oh this was a very beautiful day with the Corbins for sure. What a great hike you boys had. My momma got the sweaty eyeballs on account of that sweet sign. Aren't we lucky, all the love that remains for us, even after we is gone.

    Big slurps, HoneyBuzz

  22. We bet Corbin enjoyed that hike!

  23. What a wonderful idea and what beautifully executed documentation of your outing. Corbin will treasure those pictures and the memories for many years, we're sure. You are one buff lady!

    Jed & Abby

  24. Hiking is fun we can get along for sure. That is an amazing day out. I am sure you can be friends with my bunny because she love to go out of its rabbit hutch and play with you guys. She loves dogs.