Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Mount Misery Trail

Rilly, that do be wot the trail be called wot we hiked today at Brendan Byrne State Forest fur 9.5 miles.
I did not find it miserable at all but there woz times mom did when I heared her muttering "I am so [BLEEP!] sick of this [BLEEP!] snow..."  I had to bleep out some noggty werds wot is not fit fur putting in my bloggie.  We woz trying to head to south Noo Joisey again where there woz supposed to be no snows like it sayed on this snow depftf map (green = no snow):
But, well, I think we did not go far enuff south.  Sometimes there be not much snow but udder times there woz deep snow to go thru.  Howefur, mom sayed the lastest time she hiked in this park woz about 12 years ago in the summertime and she had Elliot, the Dobieman Pinscher with her.  The flies woz biting so bad that they put holes in Elliot's head and maded him bleed!  All mom did woz swat flies off of her and Elliot.  So she did has to admit, snow be better than the biting flies.

And the good thing about snow is we can see animal tracks.  Mom takes pikshures of them then we come home and look them up in our nifty animal tracks book wot we gotted fur free from  This is wot mom taked pikshures of:
And I got some animal tracks with the Shawnee Cam, too!  They do be deer tracks there in my shadow.
Now, you all need to tell your peeples if'n they be drinking that Red Bull stuff fur energies, that they be wasting green papers wot could be buying you more noms coz it duss not werk.  Case in point - the pawson wot dranked this Red Bull did not has enuff energies to take the empty can with him and dropped it rite there so I had to carry it out in my pawket.
Now this litter be a little too big to fit in my pawket.
Then we walked through some furry kewl cranberry bogs:
You do has to kinda use your imaginashuns in the winter time but picture in your brane how it would look in the summertimes:
Can you see it now?

Here be some more Shawnee Cam pikshures.  It do be hawt out today (40 whole degrees) so the Shawnee Cam did not malfunkshun.
Mom saying noggty werds to the snow.
Trees and snow.
More trees and more snow.
More trees and more snow.
Pee Ess:  We did sign up saying we woz pawticipating in the Subaru Game Day Dog Walk Event and we think that meaned you could just go walkies anywhere so this hike be our pawticipashuns.


  1. Shawnee that was a grrrreat walk/hike. I love the paw prints in the snow. did you see the Oceanspray Cranberry guys?? My mom LOVES those guys.
    I saw the hair on your chinny chin chin in that one pic. You are really gettin good with the Shawnee Cam!!! I love it.

  2. That was a most excellent hike, Shawnee! We love the animal tracks tutorial. We mostly only know deer tracks. And we think you should get some sort of good citizenship award for picking up other people's litter!

    The Road Dogs

  3. Oh, yeah, we had to laugh when you said cranberry bog, 'cause that's exactly what we pictured before you showed it - those funny cranberry guys!

    The Road Dogs

  4. I'm not so sure about the Misery Trail. Your Mom wasn't even dancing this time. I did like seeing the tracks in the snow. I laughed when I saw your paw print in with the raccoon tracks. You are so cute!

  5. Oh maybe the owners of that car named it the misery trail. That car i wrecked.

    woof - TUcker

  6. I tink I would freeze my teenie weenie behind on a hike like dat....I am NOT a hiker.

  7. I could picture those cranberries in their little ninja outfits!

    Love the Shawnee cam pics! Glad it was so hot out today and the camera worked again.

  8. That was quite a large dose of trash there, Shawnee. How rude of some peep to dump it there! The Shawnee cam is doing quite well there, great capture of the deer tracks. We love that you can tell us the owners of all those tracks you found - that is fun! We wouldn't mind if you want to send that snow to us, ours is slowly melting.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. Gotta give your M credit for even going in the snow. Next time maybe try dat hike in early November. Before snows come and after flies gone.

  10. Your pictures are really good from the Shawnee Cam!

    We have a horrible image of those flies biting poor Elliot's head. Ick!!

    Either Red Bull doesn't work or it makes people stupid, at least this particular litterer.

    Love the Cranberry guys!

  11. So glad you didn't try to put that car in your pocket. I know you are a super dog, but that would have just too much.

    Those tracks are sure cool! Red Fox, WOW!

    Your pal, Pip

  12. Whew! We feel your pain on the snow hiking today. Dad found a place that he thought would be good for us to hike at, but there was a lot of deep snow! I heard Mom say her share of words not fit for the blog, too.

    We were signed up for that Subaru Challenge, too! We just did a short walk in the neighborhood, though, since we did two hours of walking yesterday.

    I like all the footprints you found! I am also glad you didn't try to carry that car in your pocket!


  13. shawnee.
    woos wore you cam too! I get lots of fotos of my muzzle. hee hee. I think the cam should have audio so it catches all those bossy commands and naughty words by our mommas. I think my bloggie friends would have another opinion. Hee hee. I love your pawprint tracking.. funballs. How long does it take you to hike that far?

  14. Looks like fun! Mom thought of you all today, the weatherman down here said the people up where you are should have warmer weather! You know what that means! MUD!

    I hope so...although they cant' predict the weather here, so I don't know why they predict the weather up there?? Hmmm...

  15. Cool hike! We're tired of getting all the snow too... Hopefully soon it'll all be GONE!

  16. I has nevers had any Red Bull and I don't think anybuddy wants to see me have any...hehehe! But, yea...I don't thinks you can get da other litter in your backpack.

    I kinda likes da name of da trail cuz I would be so miserable on it.


  17. That looked like a fun hike. You sure are lucky to have so many interesting places to hike at.

  18. What a pawesome hike!

    As fur the khranberry bogs, we enjoyed seeing them when we went through THAT part of Wisconsin during my Trek to The Tundra!


  19. Cool cranberry bogs!! We've never seen those before except on TV. Cool tracks too!