Monday, February 21, 2011

Valley Forge, PA

So we spent all day Saturday in contemplashuns ofur where to hike on Sunday.  Monday wot be a howliday woz not going to be any good coz the wevver peeples do be forecasting rains.  (It do, howefur, be snowing on today, Monday, the howliday.)  So anyhoo, we finally sayed "DOH! It be the Presidents' Birfdays weekend, let's go to Valley Forge in Pencilvania fur President George's birfday celebrashuns!"  The way the hiking trails is layed out there, we could not come up with one 10 mile hike so we had to do one hike, drive to anudder place to do a second hike wot happens to be where I did my furstest efur hike when I woz a yungun.  But due to mom saying "Let's go see where this trail goes...", a cuppull of times we ended up hiking 12.5 miles.

It do be a furry dog furrendly place and we did see lots of dogs throughout the day.
The Friends of Valley Forge Park even put a water bowl fur dogs out.  I do bring my own but how nice fur the dog wot furgotted theirs!

So we started out at the old Valley Forge Train Station
Train Station a la Shawnee Cam
Around the corner from there do be Washington's Headquarters where President George stayed.  Be there anybody home?

Pritty kewl digs George had there.  The soldiers had to stay in cabins.  We had furry nice cabins when we stayed in Furginia.  I wonner if'n the soldiers had cabins like that.  Not bad from the outside...
My Cabin at Shenandoah River State Park in Furginia

Soldier Cabin at Valley Forge
Oh. My. Doggie.  As my furrend Yoda would say, these soldier cabins do not be fit fur public consumpshun.
A Soldier Cabin from the Shawnee Cam
Me and the  Birfday Boy!
OK, so on with our hike now.  We started on the Horse-Shoe Trail wot is a long distance trail that goes for a gabillion miles all the way ofur to the Appalachian Trail!
Shawnee Cam:  Info Board at Horse-Shoe Trail

The Horse-Shoe Trail taked us up Mount Misery (this do be the second Mount Misery I has been to this month) and we founded some old ruins:
Then all the way to the top of Mount Misery:
And down the udder side of Mount Misery to an old covered bridge wot woz builded in 1865:
Then through the valley along a creek:
Then we climbed up Mount Joy where we found a nice break spot with a view:
And there be some historical cannons and stuffs:
Shawnee Cam: Anudder Hiker on Mount Joy
So we headed back to the car and drived around to Pawling Farm on the udder side of the big Schulykill River where I had done my furry furst hike almost 10 years ago!  Mom taked me hiking with a group wot hiked with their dogs and we still has pikshures from one time in 2006 when Dixie went with us.  Here be some of them:
Now check out this last one - mom tried to take anudder pikshure in about the same place yesterday and I put that one rite below it.
Oh doggie did we has a blast on those hikes.  But the laydee wot organized them has not done it in years and we rilly miss that hiking group.

So anyways, we hiked along the Schuylkill River:
And just a little bit on the Schuylkill River Trail wot is a paved trail fur bicycles but dogs is allowed too, just no cars:
Then back along the river I did look across and see that train station from earlier in the hike.
So that be it.  We has funs doing the Presidents' birfday celebrashuns!

And this one be fur you, Norwood - SMOOCH!


  1. What a pawesome hike!

    When my mom was a pup, she spent lots of time there - I think George had just left -

    Did woo see any of the deers? They have lots and lots and lots and LOTS of 'em!

    Usually when Mom and I pass that part of the PA Turnpike they are just grazing along the sides of the road like a herd of khattle -

    Thanks fur sharing ALL these inkhredible pikhs!


  2. Pawsome pics!!!! I don't tink my teenie weenie legs would carrys me on a hike like dat. I can hardly hikes to my kitchen and back!

  3. This is a beautiful hike, Shawnee! Love that river! We would be right in there! Mom loves the covered bridge and Dad would dig those ruins :) You know, we didn't really realize how old you are 'cause you look like a pup! You must have some mighty fine breeding and good hips! Gracie and Aspen would like to have your hips! It's been a long time since they were able to hike that far :)

    The Road Dogs

  4. Wonders if dat train comes to my house.
    Hehehehe...from Mt Misery to Mt. Joy. But, it was a neato hike withs somany cool things.
    I din't thinks I would stay in dat cabin, it be worse than a dog house.


  5. Holy cat feathers! My mom has been to that place, but it was a long time before I was born or before she was even married to Dad. She stopped there when she went with a group of college friends to visit Gallaudet University, and that was another of the places they went. I do not think I'd like sleeping in that cabin, though. I like a few more amenities, if you know what I mean. I've actually been barking to Mom and Dad about going to hike at New Salem where President Lincoln grew up, but it's rainy here today, too, so no second hike for us!

    Mt. Misery and Mt. Joy? They sure weren't subtle with their messages, were they? If we found a dog group to hike with, we would be in bliss!


  6. You sure saw a lot of stuff on your hike. My papa loves Valley Forge but more for picture taking than hiking. He loves ruins and historical sites and the such. That's way cool that they like dogs.

    Washington's Headquarters is a beautiful building but you're right about the solders' cabins. Your cabin was a lot better.

    It was fun seeing you and Dixie from a few years ago. We saw a cat show on Animal Planet where a kitty has a camera similar to the Shawnee Cam. He got a gallery showing and sells his pictures for over $200 each! I was thinking maybe you could contribute to your mom's green papers because you're pictures are good!

    Yes, my sun puddle was from yesterday. I'm glad you had some nice sunshine in PA. Also, yes, Simba has taken to squatting on my sun puddles lately. I don't always let him but I've been feeling nice lately.

  7. Shawnee, you sure have some amazing hikes to go on! Mom read a story recently about the winter camps during the Revolutionary War. Those poor soldiers didn't have it very good, that's for sure. I bet those cabins were furry cold.

  8. We feel dat we haz been educationalized today.

    Thank you for dat informative report!


  9. When I saw the picture of you in front of Washington's Headquarters, I had an idea!!


    What do think? Will you run? You would be the best President ever!!

    Love, Cupcake

  10. What a nice hike!

    woof - Tucker

  11. What a perfect spot to hike for this holiday weekend! We don't think we would have liked those cabins at all - where were all the sofas? :-)

    BTW, we do know the snoot fling thing, but Princess Ciara just loves to play the cute card with Dad - gets him every time. Now TD likes to do the shove the laptop out of the way to get the Momster's attention. And Phantom is definitely a snoot flinger.

    Have a great week, Shawnee - breat Shawnee cam shots too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  12. What a great hike. M says she visited dat park a few years ago when M & D took a road trip. (way before me time). But they didn't do any hiking. It was a lovely park M says and so full of history.

  13. Another great hike! I love that covered bridge - don't see many of those around anymore. The picture of you and "the birfday boy" is the absolute BEST!

    Your pal, Pip

  14. You had me laughing at the pics of your cabin and the soldiers' cabin - a big difference there!
    Great hike - maybe mom could organize some of the hikers in the spring?

  15. George had a VERY cool house! Maybe he should have let the soldiers stay with him, though, since their cabins were so bad.

    Loved the pics of your hiking group!

  16. Hey! You been on my mountain: Mount Joy. That be my surnames. Marley Joy is my full names.

  17. Your look of disapproval of the soldier's cabin is spot do peoples expect to sleep in that?? Looks like a place for bugs, not peoples and puppies! Your cabin was MUCH nicer!!

    I hope you get some nice warmer, drier weather to get rid of all the muds!

  18. Shawnee
    What a pawsome way to celebrate presidents day?!! I love the old photos of woo but moreso the pics woo took of the trail head, the cabins and your sweet muzzle.

  19. Shawnee
    One of my tweetpals just showed me he uses a cam too. His takes videos though. See his tweet- they puts a camra on me for wen i run has a looks

    the 1 i got it takes a micro sd card xx

    Mom is googling it and thinking about me getting one.

  20. What a beautiful hike. 12.5 miles, and you're barely panting! You are in shape, girlfuriend!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

    PeeS: We're your newest followers :-)

  21. Thank you very much for touring me around the Valley Forge Historical Park. I don't go out much of my rabbit hutch so it is so nice to read about your tour.

  22. Another great hike. I love going on hikes with you Sahwnee... Great pictures.

    pawhugs, Max

  23. What a super-fantastic adventure! Pawsome pix & great commentary - as always! Thanks Shawnee, you always have such fun adventures :) xoxox

  24. shawnee, you just gotsta tell us next time you come near our howse in pencilvania. we live just upstream on that schuylkill river from where you were. it would only take us just a little while to float or drive down to where you were at george washington's howse. glad you had so much fun there.