Sunday, February 27, 2011

Double Trouble

That do be the name of the park we went to, fur real!
We akshually went to two parks today - Jake's Branch County Park and Double Trouble State Park.  They be naybors and we wanted to hike from one to the udder and back.  There did be some complikashuns with that plan but I tell you about that later, k? (And it do be thusly as I woz fulfilling my dooties as Secretary of Parks and Recreashuns fur Blogville, why I nefur made it to Bunny and Pip's Banquet.)

So we hiked...
...and checked pee-mail...
...and hiked from Jake's Branch Park into Double Trouble Park...
Then, rememmer how I is always finding old cars in the woods?  You will nefur beleef wot I found today.  A BOAT!
And not just one boat, oh, no, coz we do be at Double Trouble I founded TWO boats!
Ya think mebbe I could has founded one or both of these long lost boats?
We nefur gotted all the way to the beginning of Double Trouble park coz of this:
Yuppers, the water flooded rite ofur where we had to walk and we had to turn around but mebbe that be how the boats gotted here coz they do need waters, no?

We did find one trail in the woods where we could get ofur the waters.  See the waters at the bottom of the pikshure? I woz half way across when I snapped that shot.  I just walked thru, not a problem fur me, but mom woz able to get ofur on logs without getting her feets wet.  Wot a shame I did not catch a shot of that graceful akshun.
But then the trail ended and did not go anywheres so we had to go back.  We had parked rite by the nature center wot has an observashun deck 5 stories up.  
I most certainly did not want to go up there on skeery steps even if'n the steps woz inside, well that meaned I woz not allowed anyways, so mom let me wate in the car.

Mom taked a pikshure of me in the car from up on the observashun deck:
See me biggified in the car watching mom way up there?
And I wated...
and wated...
and wated.  (See where I got the corner of the observashun deck in my pikshure on the left side?  But I missed getting mom in it, dang!)
Mom sayed this is wot the Noo Joisey Pine Barrens do look like from up there and I be happy to take her werd fur it.
So then we drived ofur to the beginning of Double Trouble park where we had wanted to end up and hiked from there.  I would love to show you pikshures of that part of it but not only did the battery in my Shawnee Cam die, the battery in mom's camera died, too.  All we has is this one pikshure of the reservoir.
That will teach mom not to recharge her battery coz she thinks is has enuff juice and to furget the spare.  But we did hike 11 miles so we did get our mileage in fur the week.


  1. Well, maybees dats why da two boats was there. To get you across da flooded trail.

    You missed a great pawty but it looks like you's had lots of funs on your hike.

  2. Nice hike, except for the flooded area. Wonder how those boats got there, must have been one big flood there at some time. We love how you were taking pics at the same time as Mom. Wouldn't it have been great if you both had gotten a picture taking a picture of the other - oh, that doesn't sound right, but you know what we mean, right?

    You got in 11 more miles than we did because we had a crappy weather weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. What a great hike! Too bad you couldn't come in the observation tower!


  4. I love that picture of you in the boat! And I was really happy to see NO SNOW!

  5. too bad abowt da teknawlogy faylures but finding da boats in da middle of da woods iz funny!

  6. Shawnee I do be likin dat name of dat second park. Double Trouble...dat do be da place fur u n ur Mom.

    WOW I canno belive u did finded da USS Minnow in da woods! Who knowed Gilligan's Island wuz in NOO JERSEY!!! Watch out fur dem head hunters.

  7. Our weather was too wet for hiking this weekend, so we were hoping you got to go out. If I don't get to go next weekend, though, I'm going to be seriously miffed!

    I am very curious about how people even got those boats way out there like that! That is just odd! Did you see Gilligan or the Skipper?


  8. Love the name of that park. Double Trouble! That is too funny about finding two boats out there. Maybe you did find the Minnow, but I think Noah's Ark was a lot farther away. I love the shot of you in the boat. You look so cute in the car waiting for your mom.

  9. I can certainly see why Frankie appointed you Secretary of Parks and Recreation. You look like a real pro out there. I am curious about those boats - they might make a good X-Paws episode.

    Your pal, Pip

  10. I just had to come back after reading your comment. What a coincidence! Before our hike, we first went to Black Bass Hotel, which is right on the Delaware River and is in Lumberville, PA. It's also right next to the bridge. It's a beautiful hotel. We had lunch looking out on the river. I just looked them up and their web page says they have pet friendly lodging. I bet it's expensive though. Anyway, there is what looks like a very long trail on that side of the bridge, right along the river for walking as well. Like I said, we crossed the bridge and walked on the island. I had forgotten the name of the island, so thanks for reminding me that it was Bull's Island. It would have been great fun to see you and Shawnee!

  11. Hi Miss Shawnee
    I can't believe your momma didn't use one of dem boats to cross the flooded trail. Woo find so many strange things on the trail. I was hoping you ran into Gilligan he's funny.

    Woo sure had to wait a loooooong time while momma looked at trees No wonder you battery died.
    Ps i think i broke may cam today. It's making a rattling noise and won't charge :(

  12. BOL! I thought for sure "Double Trouble" was something you and one of your sisters were up to!

    *scratches head* Boats in the woods?!?! What's next??? A plane?

  13. OMD, you found Gillaigan's boat...I am impressed! I always wondered what happened to them.


  14. We is glad you did ave sum luvvly wevver for your hikins my pal. It looks very nice there and we was amazed to see them boats. We dussnt get nuffing like dat on our mini-hikes. Probbly cos we lives miles form the sea.

  15. So all you have left to find is a plane, then you'll have the hiking trifecta of planes, boats and automobiles!

    Great waiting got a kick out of those!

  16. Ha I challenge you to find a carousel in the woods on your future hikes. (since you already found cars, trucks, and boats - I had to think of something stranger).

    woof - Tucker

  17. Another awesome hike. Now how did those boats get der? Dang oomans cluttering up the woods again.

  18. Awesome hike! No snow :) Those steps do look scary. We sometimes don't mind going up - it's coming down that scares us! haha those boats are funny. That happens here around Charleston a lot.

    The Road Dogs

  19. I want to know why your mommy didn't take her shoes and socks off and wade across the flooded part with you. That is what my Mommy does, then she hops around and says things like "Cold! Cold! Cold!" for awhile.

    Mommy wants to know if you have ever seen the Jersey Devil in the Pine Barrens.

    Hey! My random word verification word is "pound". That is not a nice word for the computer to pick for a dog to have to type in to prove he isn't a robot. GRRRRRRR.

  20. This hike may have been better to do at Halloween-time! I've heard about all the spooky things that go on in those pine barrens. I was reading your post to my family and when we came to the dead battery part, we looked at each other with raised eyebrows...Maybe it was haunted there!!!

  21. What a pawsome adventure! I love all the pics.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  22. What a beautiful park! Looked like you had a GREAT time hiking.

  23. Ooo, the pine barrens! We heard bout them in that movie with Tom Cruise, war of the worlds, that's where some folks hid, too cool!

    Great boats, wonder if next time you find ya a semi, or plane, or, or, BOL!

  24. Shawnee, the problem with our blog this morning was our fault, not yours! Mom didn't set it to publish right. See if it works better for you in the morning!


  25. Double trouble park? You were brave to go in there! It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen! How do you think boats and cars get into the woods? Our Mama says in northern Wisconsin where she used to go a lot when she was little, there were lots of cars on the bottom of the lake. She says it was because the lake would freeze, and people would drive across it to get to places like the store or wherever, then the ice would break and they would sink! We wonder if that means there were SKELETONS at the bottom of the lake too! Do you think Double Trouble Park used to be a lake??????

  26. Thanks for sharing your beautiful hike with us!!