Monday, February 14, 2011

White Clay Creek Preserve in Delaware and Pennsylvania

Yes furrends, I hiked in not one, but two states yesterday so I had to wate until today to bloggie about it coz I woz just so tired.  We ended up hiking 11.6 miles, not coz it be from one state to anudder but coz mom kinda got lost.  Not her fault rilly coz the trails was not marked well at all but we figgered it out and maded it back home.

So furst I has to point out, we drived all the way to Deliware in search of hiking with no snows.  From the car we could clearly see no snows and beleef you me, I woz watching out the winder.
So it just be our luck we end up at the ONLY park in Deliware wot has 6 inches of snow still!
Sigh.  It wozn't too bad coz most of it woz a sheet of frozened ice wot mom can walk just fine on with her microspikes and I has my micronails bilded into my paws.  There woz only some parts where the snow woz deep.  But it woz still a kewl hike and it woz the furry furst time I efur hiked in Deliware so I get to add anudder state to my map ofur there on the rite if'n I dussn't furget after I is finished with my bloggie.

So the hike was furry pritty and taked us on the Mason-Dixon Trail where there woz lots of p-mail. I left some p-mail too fur balentime greeting with it being Balentime's Day the next day and all. 
Then we hiked along the pritty White Clay Creek
Then we hiked into Pennsylvania...
...where there be the old London Tract Meeting House wot woz bilded in 1729 with an old cemetery.  The tombstones do be hard to read coz they be furry old.

Back along the creek there woz this measuring stick.  I think it be fur how deep the creek is, not fur how big I is.
Then back into Deliware:
We hiked through pritty pine forests wot smelled like Chrissmuss.  Mom think these be loblolly pines, duss anyone from the south know? They duss not grow in Noo Joisey but they do in Deliware.  These pine trees be giant humungus big.  Way bigger than that measuring stick by the creek.
Here be a scratch-and-sniff if'n that helps:
Then we commed to the Arc Monument wot is at anudder place where Deliware and Pencilvania comes togedder.  It do be hard to read the werds on the monument coz it woz maded in 1892 and it be old like the tombstones at the udder place.
All of a sudden, there be this annoyink bug flying around us.  Yes, in the SNOW!  He landed we we nabbed a shot of him.  Silly old bug - go back to hibernashuns!
Then I did find another old wrecked car in the woods.  Wassup with that?

So then on the way back to the car at the end of the hike it had gotted rilly warm out and the trail got rilly muddy.  You knows wot that means - all the mud be on my legs and belleh!  So I had to has a snow baf afore getting in the car.
See, all clean:
Just a little buff with the towel and I woz in the car!

Here be a few Shawnee Cam shots:


  1. Hai Shawnee happy balemtimes day! That Clay Creek iz pritty an I likes the pikchure of your chin furz best *smoooch*


    I think you are getting better and better with your Shawnee Cam every time!!! Fangtastic shots. Your mom did good too, by the way.

    That is a LONG way to go in the cold. Butt it was worth it to see the furst BUG of the year!!!

  3. OH yes, we so understand the muddy undercarriage and paws. We went for our walk today and even though the sidewalks were clear of snow, they were very wet and dirty. We needed some good toweling off too.

    Another great place to hike, Shawnee. Wonder if you will ever get to add Kansas to your map:)

    Happy Valentine's Day to you from all of us

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. What a great hike! It must be awesome to live close to such great hiking places! In Chicago, even nature is full of litter! :(

  5. What a beautiful place to go hiking! That's not too far from where I went to the beach last fall. I am not sure I'd like a snow bath, though!

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  6. My mum would have killed dat bug so fast it wouldn't haves made it back to hibernations...hers don't do bugs...hehehehe...hers purty wimpy.

    Dat is a most beeeeeatiful place to hike and specially cuz you gots to go to 2!

    I smelled your scrtach and sniff pikture but I stills don't know what it is...sigh...but it do smell like Christmas.


  7. Happy Valentines Day pal. Wow - 2 states. I is impressed, but den we are always impressed with your hikes. I think you should come to
    WI to visit some time - fall would be purrfect. Our Penninsula Start Park in the Penninsula of Lake Michigan has great hiking trails. (well, of course I've never been der, but M says they are great.)

  8. Wow two states huh? I has only hiked in Maine. Happy Valentines Day!

    woof - Tucker

  9. Happy Valentine's Day Shawnee and Mom! The White Clay Creek is so pretty. I love seeing the shots from the Shawnee Cam. Sorry you got a little lost, but I'm sure glad you found your way back home safe.

    Love, Cupcake

  10. Happy Valentines Day....I is so happy dat you didn't get lost too bad on dat trail. You might still bees out dere somewheres.

  11. What a great hike in honor of Valentine's Day. You are very brave to walk through all that snow. Thanks for bringing us those great pictures.

    pawhugs and Happy Heart Day, Max

  12. Hey Shawnee!

    This is a coincidence because Mama has been saying she wants to take a drive into Delaware because she hasn't been there yet. I love the pictures of you along White Clay Creek. That old house with the old tombstones is so cool!

    It was a lot warmer and very windy here today in PA. A lot of the snow went away just today.

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  13. Great hike! ! !

    Thanks fur sharing your fun!

    EvFURRY trip out fur me rekhwires a paw wipedown when I khome bakhk in - the yard is a snowiemarshieslushie mess!


  14. What a pawsome hike, it looks like a blast!

    Happy Valentines Day friend,

  15. Glad you could add a new state! You are quite the traveller. I loved the snow bath and the Shawnee Cam pic from just under your chin.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  16. I duno how you be hikin so far in da snow wivout no boots on my pal. Was not your feets frozen? I would be demandin some cozy footware to elp me wiv dat I fink....or probbly just snozin by the fire

  17. Shawnee
    We would make an pawsome team in our orange and pet cams. Furry interesting hike but I wonder who's leaving all these cars? Furry curious. I think your momma should buy you a patch for orange vest of every state you hiked it. That would be way cool.

    PS- momma wishes she could travel south to less snow...

  18. I don't understand all the old cars you guys find...very perplexing!

    That was a looong hike! I bet you and your mom were very sleepy afterwards! But it was quite pretty..except for the big scary bug! Wow!

  19. You take the best hikes. I love seeing the pictures you guys post. I was looking at your map and you've been to a lot of states for a doggy! I've only been in one state. But it's a very big state. MOL!

  20. Shawnee - LOVE this hike, especially that CREEK! That was a really long hike, too. If'n you don't want snow, you could come to Charleston, but it's pretty flat here. We do have a couple forests, though, that you might find interesting to sniff. Ha. That bug looks like the state bird of SC - the mosquito! We're from the South, but don't know what kind of pine that is. Mainly we know pine, oak, maple. That's pretty much it.

    PeeS - love the Shawnee cam pics of your chin - cute :)

    The Road Dogs

  21. That looked like an antique abandoned car wreck so maybe it was historical and they needed one of those hysterical markers (mom always laughs when she calls them that).

    I always love the Shawnee Cam pictures the best although your mom takes good ones too.

  22. That was a furry nice walk you & your Mom took. And a snow bath at the end--what a deal!! And it looks like a tummy rub comes along with it. You are so lucky, Shawnee!!

  23. Shawnee
    I came back to see your shawnee cam photos and kissed wore lips. hee hee. I get those shots too.

  24. Looks like a pretty neat trail system over in the White Clay Creek Preserve. But boy can those winter trails can be so tough to distinguish - especially after a good melt. Glad to know you guys made it back intact and I'm sure having you, Shawnee, there made your mom a lot less nervous about getting turned around! Love the cam shots with your snout in them! And by the way, the Shawnee cam may not be a seal cam like we posted over on our blog, but seals don't get to share their adventures across 11.6 miles of land with us!

  25. A snow bath HAS to be better than a tub bath!!!

    That was really sweet of you to leave Valentine's Pee-Mail!