Sunday, October 9, 2011

Going to Sam's

Well furrends, we finally made it to Sam's Point Preserve in Noo York. Mom had to wate until the boy (and his gurlfurrend, the gurl) could come along. Mom thought she would need help with ME - can't imagine why.  Well, sit tight and see if you can figger it out.
So furst we had to swing by and pick up the boy and the girl. Look wot we seened on the way:
It woz seben oclocks in the morning and as you can see by the sign on the door, they woz closed.  I woz majorly bummed until the boy, OMD, "axidentally" dropped some of his Dunkin Donuts bacon, egg and cheese bagel rite in front of me. Oh, my lucky day!

So of course I did not mind wating on the boy and the gurl to get started on our hike.
Almost rite away there woz seeniks:
Then we commed to Sam's Point.
The gurl, the boy and me at the Sam's Point seenik.
Then we descended into - the ICE CAVES!
Creepy - I has to keep a close eye on mom, the boy and the gurl.
See, the boy be furry skeered and I lead him through safely.
It be OK gurl and boy, just follow me..... shudder...
Ummm, mom, you go furst and I turn on my laser eyes, k?
OMD, we made it! I see sunbeams...
...and, um, wot is this?
You think ME is going up THAT?
I knows the suspenshun is just killing you so I put togedder this little thriller suspenshun moovie fur you.  I dussn't know why the hoomans thought this be a comedy.

So sorry I plowed you ofur, gurl.

So the when we woz done with the ice caves, a whole swarm of little two-leggers in yellow shirts wot looked like bumble bees woz heading to the ice caves.  The one little two-legger sayed "Are we going to the ice cream caves?" and we all BOL'd coz there be no ice CREAM in those caves.  There is not even any ICE right now.  How will those two-leggers efur make it through the skeery caves without ME?
So on we went to the waterfalls. The trail to the waterfalls woz seeniks all the way!

At the top of the waterfalls I met a noo furrend:
"Did you has to help your hoomans through those skeery ice caves, too?"
The Waterfalls
Then we went on anudder trail that was almost all seeniks the whole way.  I woz on seenik overload!
This trail taked us to High Point where we could see the Catskill Mountains.  Me and mom be going there on Monday coz she taked off werk so we could has a bonus hike in this bootiful streak of bootiful wevver we be hasing afore it be all gone. And afore the hunters come into the woods next weekend.
So after that the boy and the gurl went back to the car (coz they be tired so 9 miles woz all they could do - me and mom did 10.5 miles) and me and mom went to Indian Rock.
Here I be at Indian Rock.
Then there woz a lake where I could kewl my paws and furs off on the way back. It woz hawt coz all the trees is tiny there so I woz in the sunbeams most of the time with almost no shades.
Then rite afore the end of the hike woz these old berry picker shacks.
Peeples used to come live in them so they could pick blooberries (BLECH) to make green papers.
I think the berry pickers furgotted they shoos.
On the way home the boy complaned I did not gib him enuff space to sit. I think I woz quite generous with gibbing up part of MY seat, no?
After all, I hiked farther and needed more resting space.


  1. You always have the best adventures. The locations are always gorgeous, theres always seems to be some history involved, and the fact that you are outdoors all the time is just so very cool!

  2. Hello and happy Sunday Shawnee!

    Thanks for taking us with you on that exciting adventure. You are so brave to lead the way. You sure showed them how to get to the sun beams. The view is breathtaking!

    Til you next adventure, Shawnee!

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & Forgie (Tabby, too)

  3. What a gorgeous day you had! Mama and I loved your movie and seeing you in action, Shawnee. You're so brave to take all your humans through the ice caves safely. They're very lucky you were there to be their guide. I'm glad you got to take a swim.

    Love your banner photo!


  4. We hope you scored extra treats for navigating that scary ice cave and bringing the humans to safety. That was a most beautiful hike, Miss Shawnee!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  5. Wow! That was some hike. I'm glad there was a way up that didn't involve the ladder. Your Mommy is nutty saying that was "stairs" that was not stairs! Even I won't do ladders, although one of Mommy's dogs did.

  6. What a great adventure! Good thing you were there to lead them through the cavern, bol! I'm gonna have to get after mom to take me on some hikes. Barooo buddy!

  7. Another wonderful Shawnee Sunday Hike!!! We think you were just about ready to go up that scary ladder, but you did well scooting around those rocks too. Beautiful scenics, and what a gorgeous day. We hope you have another good one tomorrow for the Catskills. Brings back lots of memories to the Momster.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Howdy Shawnee, wow what an absolutely wonderful hike. Those caves did look very scary but lucky you got your peeps through ok. You must be brave too cause you didn't have a lead on. We was worried you might fall but you must be the best ever and very careful. Thanks for sharing your photos. I think your boy did take a bit too much room. He could have squeezed over a bit more for your comfort. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  9. That looks like the coolest adventure ever!!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  10. You always go on the greatest hikes!


  11. Shawnee,

    You is gettin' closer and closer to me!! Maybe someday you will hike somewhere where mom and me can come and meet you in da furs! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  12. I fink your mum been teezin you Shawnee. I dunnt fink nodawg be expected to get up them...*ahem*...stairs. You dun the right fing going rownd the long way

  13. Spectacular hike. Thanks for showing it to us... You were very brave in that ice tunnel... wow...

    Hope you have a great hike today.

    pawhugs, Max

  14. What a great adventure and beautiful scenery!!

  15. Was your mom drunk thinking you was going up that ladder?!?! Maybe that's why she was so giggly? Good thing you showed them the better way of using no ladder! ;)

    The weather is wonderful right now, so go enjoy it. Oh, and we didn't make it to Furginia to see your ponies, but I had other adventures. Boo on mom and dad! :P

  16. Darn it all! We can't get the video to work on this stupid wifi! I'm sure it's awesome and hilarious, but we've waited over half an hour to get to see the pictures. Your hike looks totally awesome and if Dad doesn't take a day off this week to take us hiking, I might have to put the bitey on him myself!


  17. I do think this be my favorite hike of yours yet. Lots of scenic views... beautiful. Ice cream caves. I can't believe your momma wanted you to climb the ladder when you could go around. That silly girl should know to let you go first... heee hee.
    Tell that boy you'd move over if he got another breakfast bagel...

  18. Oooooh, what awesome scenics, Shawnee! And that waterfall! And the lake! Those ice caves seems a bit scary to us - we're kinda clos-clast- um, we don't like small spaces :) But it was a good think you snagged a bite of your boy's bagel before that trech - trac - um, scary steep climb. We really thought you were gonna climb that ladder! BOL! BTW, ice CREAM caves sound like a good idea to us!

    The Road Dogs

  19. That was quite a hike, Shawnee! I'm glad you showed everyone how NOT to climb that ladder. What was your Mom thinking? I sure wouldn't do it either. Too skeery.

  20. Hi Shawnee,

    That be an amazing hike wot you took your Mom & the boy & the gurl on. My Mumma finks those ink caves wud be faskinating - I fink I wud be brave enough to guide my mumma frough them. Well, just as well if it been me doing the guiding, bekause if it been my Angel Neve she wud fall off them skinny board walks. She always wuz too nosey about fings around to watch where she be going.
    But as fur that ladder fingie, Mumma & I wus BOL and sayin' OMDog. Of course being as woo is a fery intelligent dog you made a better way to git up. That being said, my pal Buddy what is a Jack Russell can climb up ladders all by his-self. He efen likes to do it just fur fun.
    well, it's gitting to be past sleeping time now, so me & Mumma is going to say nite nite now.

    Slobber from Ruger

  21. OMD! You plowed over the gurl! *snickers*

  22. The Shenanigans of Shawnee the Shepherd in the Shawanagunks! (sorry I just had to go there)