Sunday, October 23, 2011

Retraining Mom on Hiking

We hiked 10.2 miles at Stokes State Forest in Noo Jersey today.  We has hiked there many time afore but it be the furst time in this pawticular part of the park.
Back Seat Driver: STEP ON IT, MOM!
On the Appalachian Trail
Note the sign do say "Open to all Who Walk."  Well, we knows that mom has had embarrassing unfortunate axidents here lately with falling down and losing blood and guts and stuffs so we had to do some retraining furst.  Watch closely so you can see my training methods.

I is happy to repawt that with my retraining of the mom and my close snoopervishuns, mom did not fall down, not one single time today. Yay, mom.

Leading the way.
There be a fire towah ofur on that mountain. I hiked ofur there a few months ago in the summertime.
Most of the leaves has alreddy fallened down from the trees up here on the Appalachian Trail.
Lots of leaves fallened down.
A pritty seenik of Culvers Lake.
Turkey vultures woz flying ofur our heads.
We did sign the trail register to let the park peeples know we woz here.
This be a shelter where peeples sleeps in. I will go home to my hidey spot fur the dark night, thank you.
We did take a break at the shelter and I had my chickun jerkey. DROOL!
Checking unner the picky nick table in case any campers dropped noms.  SCORE! (Don't tell mom, k?)
On our way again.
We found this litter but it do be brand new. We think a camper mite has left it on axident. Nobuddy be coming all the way back to this trail fur it so we take it home and clean it up and we can use make use of it fur sure.
Back at the pawking lot...
Tired back seat driver.


  1. Wow thats a lot of leevez! It sure looks like a pritty day fur hiking an seeniks an you saw sum good stuff. You did good werk training your mom too Shawnee *high-paw!*

  2. 10.2 Miles!!!! Way to retrain your mum!


  3. You did a great job retraining your mom! I'm proud of you, Shawnee, because I know that it's not easy to train humans, much less RETRAIN them. I bow you you!

    Your hike was spectacular! Morgan and I finally got out to hike some this weekend, too, and it was perfect weather for it. I love all your scenics, and it's pretty cool that you found a new water bottle!


  4. Hai there Shawnee,

    The hu-Mum and I be fery glad that your mom did not hafe any falling ofer akcidents this week. It surely must be bekcause you did such good re-trainings wif her. It sure would be a pity ifn she did get her blood & guts & stuff on thsse pritty autumn leafes. ;)

    Mumma does exspecially like that pickture wif all the fallen down leafes.

    And that be a fery good fing that wooo only finded useful litters this week. I bet that camper be fery annoyed that they furgot their shiny new water bottle though.

    See ya next week!!!
    Tail wags

  5. Great hike again Shawnee. It's good you retrained mom - I hate to see her looking like a wounded duck again after this hike. That's such a bootiful trail. Thank you so much for taking us with you on the hike.

  6. Shawnee you are a very much grrrreat teacher to have trained your mom NOT to fall in just ONE Lesson.
    I liked your hike today... even though all the leaves have Left the Trees...
    I wish I could have had a bite of that jerky.
    I can certainly understand why you were so tired when you were back in the car.

  7. Shawnee - good re-training and snoopervising your Mom's walking!

  8. Your mom walked beautifully! You did a great job, Shawnee! I'm glad she was able to hold on to her guts and stuff this time.

    That is a lot of leaves! I'm glad you were able to bring home something good, not litter.

    Love your sweet face in the sun!

  9. Harrooo Shawnee!! That's a real fine job of retraining your mum- didn't have to hide our eyes from the blood & guts BOL!!

    RA, Isis & nuknuk

  10. Another great hike. Glad your mommy remembered how to walk on two legs again.

  11. Wow, what a great job keeping mom and her white legs from going BOOM! again! I'm sure the hiking gods said "good job" and left you that nom under the table as a reward for your heroics.

    Nice backseat driver piktures! BOL!

  12. Hi Shawnee, you always have the best walks you lucky dog! We have some questions for your Mum if she has time.

    1. What sort of back pack do you use and is it successful on your hikes.

    2. What is the trail register for? Is it in case people get lost after they have passed through that way or just kind of like a guest book.

    3. Did you get a certificate for training your mum?

    NO worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  13. haha We WISH that was us at that cool hiking place! Kudos to you for keeping your Mom from falling down on this hike - especially with all those slippery leaves on the ground! Beautiful day for hike, eh? We're loving that pic of your sweet sleepy face :)

    The Road Dogs

  14. All those leaves on the ground look like so much fun. That must have been a great hike!

  15. We might need to hire you to retrain the Momster so she won't fall as the winter approaches. She doesn't walk us as much because she is always saying she will fall down.

    Your photos are so sharp and clear and the scenics are just so very beautiful.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. Shawnee,

    You is da best fur keepin' your mom upright on dis hike! Even though all da leaves is fallin' da seeniks and trail fotos are still all beOOtiful! You look like one tired pup in da last one!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  17. Nice work retraining your mom! Maybe you might retrain mine while you are at it - she is always falling down!

    That turkey vulture looks kind of scary! Are they mean?

    Love that last picture!

    Your pal, Pip

  18. WOW! What fun! We have no where like that over here. Great hike! :)

  19. Shawnee
    Your momma is lucky she's trainable. I bet you didn't click and treat her with your chicken jerkey though. I hate when the leaves are gone...... until april. Oh I can see a boogar.
    just sayin

  20. Boy oh Boy Shawnee, My Vickie really loves your pictures, especially the ones with all the fall leaves on the ground. You are such good hikers too.

    10 plus miles. whew.....
    Seriously, that would kill My Vickie.

    WAtchin for more.


  21. LOVE that last picture, Shawnee!!

  22. I would be tired too, after that walk! ;)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  23. Well done for your trainin Shawnee. I do ope mum emembered to go back for her viddyoh camera tho.

    I haz had quite a bizee week. I has been in ospital and was almost deaded but I am OK now so you dussnt ave to worry. I will try an do a blog bout it this weeken wiv pictures. I juss say you now, careful wot you is eatin from the floors like that. Can be dangruss sumtimes..Marlee

  24. You all have to be in the best shape ever with all the miles you log each weekend! : ) Most of our nearby state parks do not let dogs on the land because they worry they will scare away the wildlife. : (