Monday, October 3, 2011

Back to the Pyramid

Rain, rain, rain and more rain! As you all knows, here in the northeast we duss not has any room fur any more rain.  Go to Texas, pawlese!  Anyways, where to hike with all this rain?  Saturday nite mom had gone to buy noo waterproof hiking shoes. I think she should has buyed herself flippers and a snorkel.  So anyway, we decided to recycle a cuppull of hikes wot we had done a cuppull of years ago in the snow - this one and this one togedder coz they be rite next to each udder.  It gibbed us a hike of 11 miles.
Furst we commed to the Taylortown Reservoir wot woz kinda creepy with the steams and stuff coming up off the waters.  (It went from hawt to cold here in one day, that be why efurrything be steamy.)

Then I seened two white spots on the water.  Upon closer inspekshuns, I seened they be swans doing their morning grooming.
There be some rawk climbing up to the top of Pyramid Mountain... (Mom did fall down on the slickery rawk and scraped her knee but she be OK.  Durned rain!)
At the top there be a seenik:
Here be the seenik biggified - it do be that Noo York City skyline again.
Then we commed to Lucy's Overlook:
All of a sudden mom sayed "STAY!"  So I frozed and gess wot, the chipmunkey wot woz running away from us frozed, too!  He lissened to mom, BOL!  Mom got his pikshure and that do be furry hard coz they be so fast but he stayed there a long time till mom woz finished and told him he could go.
Here I be at the famuss Tripod Rock - this big rawks sits atop 3 little rawks. If'n it falled down, I would has been skwished.
And here be Whale Head Rock:
But I think it look more like a sea turtle head, no?
If'n Cokie Cola grows on trees, can chickun jerkey grow on trees, too?
So here be where things get interesting.  The trail be flooded.
This whole field above was unner water and we had to go rite through it to follow the trail.  Mom thought she woz stepping on ground but it woz water and she went in with her noo waterproof hiking shoes wot holds water in furry well when they FILL UP with water, BOL!  So after we got out of that mom had to sit down, drain her shoos out and change sawks.  My paws just drip dried.
Coming up on Kakeout Reservoir
Here be Kakeout Reservoir
OMD, this tree do be nomming the sign!
And I leave you with a little bit of fall wot we founded. There woz not much coz the leaves what had done the magic color change woz all knocked down by all the rain.


  1. Wow, Shawnee - what breathtaking scenery you get to see! Love it!
    That rock is something special, too!

  2. Wow thoze is bewtiful seeniks but Iz duzn't tink it wuz your moms favrit hike. I hopes her neez izn't hurty too bad an her toez iz dried off now.u

  3. Pawsome hike and pictures Shawnee and Mom. Hope Mom's knee is OK.
    Love the drip dry paws- you are so lucky... We think SeaTurtle fits the rock better and that Tripod rock - could be scary. Glad you didn't get too comfy under it...
    M says she will wave at you when she flys into NY. Not sure how well that will work since you be in NJ. the thought counts,,,

  4. ABSOLUTLEY perfect example of why we bring extra socks in our pack. I hope everyone reads your blog. I think I'll go add a link to todays blog to yours to make sure folks read it.

    Beautiful fall pictures too.

    what a great life you have. and I love the background shot of NY.


  5. Very nice postee for da Safety Week. Lessons on what and what not to do! BOL Glad Mom's boots was water-proof on da inside! And you let Mr. Chipmunk go on his way...Don't tell Frankie or Sarge!

  6. Well, Blogger ate our comment... We are sorry your mom had to wade in her water-containing boots, butt furry glad she had more socks!! We are furry impressed, too, that she speaks chipmunk!! WOWZERS!!

    Rest up so we can see you next week!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  7. I is so impressed with you Shawnee - you and mom are true hikers. Nothibg stops you from a good hike - you are more reliable den the mailman! Love how the chippie froze when your mom said FREEZE! he he - - well trained chippie.

  8. You and your mom had an amazing hike! We also think the rock looks more like a turtle head. Mom said the photo of the NY skyline left her breathless:)

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  9. OMD OMD... SHAWNEE GIRRRRRRL.. I had NO IDEA that a Tree could nom up a SIGN... THAT is kinda Scary...

    Your mom's Sox story is becoming FAMOUS all over Blogville Posts today. Have you seen BERT's Safety Post?? He barks all about it!!!
    I am totally agreed with you about that Whale/TURTLE Rok. Turtle fur SURE.

  10. Oh, it's so pretty there! Ugh. Sorry about your mom's knee.

    Yes, that rock definitely looks more like a turtle head! Your mom has serious powers to make a chipmunk obey. I wish I could do that!

    Your mom's pictures are great. We especially love that second shot! Mama was impressed that your mom had a second pair of socks with her, but I'm more impressed with your drip-dry paws.

    Oh my gosh, a nomming tree!


    p.s. You are so right about the orange brigade. I'm keeping my eye on them. I've never trusted an orange cat, but I've begun to tolerate Simba now that it's been 10 years since he's moved here.

  11. We have a tree near here that's eating a sign, too, but in a different way! I'll have to have Mom go take a picture of it so we can show you. Your hike looks absolutely awesome! Well, except for your mom's waterholding shoes! BOL!

    I've been watching and watching the weather, and it says it should be pretty nice while we're there. I have my paws crossed!


  12. I can't believe you guys went on the flooded trail. Mom would have looked at all that water and turned around. You and your mom are much better explorers!

    I'm sorry all the leaves fell before you could see them.

  13. There you go again, making us jealous of your wonderful hiking adventure. But we did have fun tagging along virtually. We loved seeing the NYC skyline bigified. Beautiful scenics too. But we sure hope you didn't pass under that tripod rock, don't want to see if fall down on you.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. harroooo Shawnee! Woo go on the beat walks!! But I'm pretty sure I would have steered wide around that tripawd rock- looks pretty scarry. Have a beautiful week Shawnee! Play bows,


  15. Yep, definitely think that rock is more sea turtle than whale. Love that shot of the NYC skyline - almost doesn't look real.

    Your pal, Pip

  16. Another fun looking hike! Mommy and I both said, "Whale head? That's a turtle not a whale." Humans can be very stupid when it comes to animals.

  17. I really am envious of all of your hiking spots! Such gorgeous views. I agree, the rock looks more like a turtle and that tripod rock looked a bit unstable! : )

  18. I seen some fings on your blog before Shawnee but I never did see a sign-eatin tree. Mebbe is a Merikan fing cos we dussnt got em in the UK. Oh well. I ope mum be OK now wiv her pawly knee and her wet feets.

  19. This might be one of our favorite Shawnee hikes! The swans, the balancing rock (are you sure you didn't Photoshop that? BOL!), the sign-eating tree, the beautiful scenics. We love hiking on a day like this 'cause it usually means we have the trails to ourselves!

    And that NY skyline pic is a view/composition we haven't really seen before. You should submit that to a photo contest!

    Thanks for sharing!

    The Road Dogs

  20. Hi there Shawnee,

    The hu-mans & me hafe been away fur a bit because Mumma hafed a relative wot was fery ill. So we hafed to catch up on your bloggies. :)
    Mumma & I hope that your mom hafe recovered from hurting her knee.
    The spooky picktures of the mist on the lake look fery pretty. And the picktures of the autumn leafes look fery bootiful too.
    That be a fery obedent chipmunk critter!!!!!
    Mumma LOL about woo hafing drip-dry paws.

    Happy tail wags to you & your sisters from me.

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