Monday, October 17, 2011

I Climbed Mount Everest!

Well, mebbe not eggzaktly Mount EvereSt, but it woz Mount EvereTt and that be as close I is will efur get, BOL!  You mite be wonnering wot has my attenshuns in that pikshure above.  Across the street woz a farm and a gabillion ducks was saying QUACK QUACK QUACK at me.
Peeples must has readed this sign coz I did not find any litters.
So the hike started up this rawk road wot cars can usually drive on but it woz gated closed so only hikers could go on it. I bet you cannot gess why...
It do be coz Hurry-Cane Irene woz here, too, with her havoc and destrukshuns.
Irene took a bitey out of the road.
You mite think in the picture below I be standing next to a beeber construkshun site like Anna founded on her pawsome vakayshun but no it is not...
That Irene made a big mess at the Guilder Pond.
Come and I show you the pretty pawt of Guilder Pond.
Then, OMD, I met a new furrend!
This be Oliver. Mom do be getting reddy to throw his tennis ball so he be way eggsited. Turns out Oliver's birfday be in March 2001 same as mine!
Then, on the way up Mount Everett, anudder noo furrend:
This be my noo furrend, Lacy.
There woz some seeniks on the way up Mount Everett...
Then, rite smack atop Mount Everett at the footing where an old fire towah used to be, anudder noo furrend but I did not catch a name:
Demonstrating proper noo furrend greeting tekneek at the summit of Mount Everett.
Going back down Mount Everett.
So on the way down Mount Everett we woz on the Appalachian Trail and it woz wet and slickery and well, you gessed it, mom slided and falled rite on her booty.  There be enuff padding there but not on her finger and it got an owie with blood and guts and stuff so we had to render furst ade:
There woz a big sign saying we woz on the Appalachian Trail so I knowed we woz not lost or nuttin:
I is on the Appalachian Trail hiking ofur to Jug End.
And then, OMD, yet anudder noo furrend and his name do be Everett!
Continuing on the Appalachian Trail.
Here I is at the seenik at Jug End.
Jug End seenik biggified.  Way back on the right side be Mount Greylock, the highest mountain in Massy-Chew-Sits where I woz ofur the summertime.
Enjoying some seenik from a break spot on a soft bed of pine needles.
Mom had made herself a snack wot woz soft coz she has been hasing a toof werked on and cannot nom anything hard rite now so she made some punkin bread, BLECH!  If'n it duss not has chickun jerky in it, I dussn't want it.  In fact, the punkin bread be VEGAN so it be all BLECH!
But mom think it be, and I quote "To die for delicious" so if'n your moms or dads be interested in how to make it, they can see here.  Mom sayed to tell you wot she did different woz she only used half the sugar and it be way sweet enuff. She leaved out the nuts and added 1/2 tsp cloves and used whole wheat flour.  BLECH BLECH BLECH!  Can I has my chickun jerky and Powah Bones now?

So anyways, heading back we had anudder medical emergency.  Mom catched her toe on a rawk and falled down and had blood and guts coming out of her shin.  I warn you, the pikshure be grafik (not of the owie, we had alreddy fixed that but there be residual blood and gut and stuffs...)
Pawlese note the constructive use of duck tape to keep more blood and guts and stuff from coming out.  It woz my suggestion in keeping with The Road Dogs and Frankie Furter's DUCK TAPE FESTIVAL wot be happening in November. (Yes, mom carries duck tape in her backpack - you just nefur know when it mite come in handy.  And that V-E-T rap werks pawsomely on hoomans.)

So after all that furst ade werk, I had some refreshments:
And then we headed back to the car and mom did not fall no mores, thank dogness.


  1. Sounds like your mom and her white legs found FALL this week! And what pretty fall colors you found! Are you sure that wasn't a Beeber dam? Maybe Justin Beeber...okay, I know that was cheesy but I couldn't help it.

  2. Poor mom. She sure had a clutzy day.

    Looks like it was a beautiful hike and it's pawsome you met so many new furriends along the way.

  3. Mom keeps a roll in her saddlebags - you can duct tape shoes back on the horses, repair tack, and in one case, make a new set of reins! She also has helped hikers she's passed with issues.

    Mom also says that a typical hike for her usually results in an injury or two. :D


  4. So so beautiful, even the bright red blood on your moms socks. We are glad she is ok, but it really did add a pretty color to your fall walk.

    I swear, your mom and My Vickie are both pretty goofy on their feet. It is a wonder My Vickie hasn't broken her neck yet.

    That is why I keep trying to tell her NOT TO GO HIKING without me.

    Thanks again for the beautiful fall hike.


  5. Umm Shawnee.
    Maybe your momma isn't eating enuff protein and that's why she do be falling... weak. Not like you---- powered by chicken. It sure was a pretty hike. Lots of friends out on thet trail.. I bet they love meeting woo. I bet they have chicken jerky on their humans.

  6. OMD OMD OMD... SHAWNEE... You held your mom's Blud and Guts in with DUCK TAPE!! NOW that one will fur sure be in the running fur a WINNER !!
    I can NOT believe how many new furends you made on this hike.. AND more imPAWtantly... there was NO LITTER!!!!! I think you are finally gettin the message across to the peeps! GOOOOOD Job girrrrrl.

  7. Um, Shawnee, this is just between us, my mom falls a lot too and I'm wondering if our moms are getting old.

    You met a lot of friends. I wonder if any of them are continuing on the Appalacian like the dog in that book. (By the way, Simba and Annie do a lot of butt sniffing, so apparently that's not just a dog thing. I want no part of that and they both know it.)

    Mama bookmarked the pumpkin bread recipe. I agree on the yuck. Where's the meat? Anyway, she does the same thing as your mom and always cuts the sugar in half for quick breads.

    Great hike as always! Sorry about your mom's guts! Oh, we're super impressed that there was no litter!


  8. What a fun hike

    Stop on by for a visit!

  9. Woo get to go on all the khoooooooolest hikes!

    Thanks fur letting us meet your furiends too!

    PeeEssWoo: No ScooooobyDoo booboo strips fur your mom?

  10. That very last picture of you is just awesome!

    Your hike looks spectacular! I'm putting my paw down and insisting on a hike this weekend. Even if I have to hound Mom to take us on her own.

    What would our humans do without us? First I had to crack out MY first aid kit to get my mom home on our last hike and now you had to bandage your mom up three times in one hike! I don't know how they'd survive without us dogs.


  11. That's for sure why the Momster can't go hiking, she would have to be completely covered in duct tape by the time she finished the hike. Hope all Mom's boo boos are better today.

    It must have been a great day on Mount Everett with all those pups you made friends with.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. Your Momma better start dressin' like da Michelin Man when you goes hiking. Lots and lots of padding!

    Da colors be so purrty dere now. No color changes here. BLAH!

  13. Hi Shawnee, what an exciting walk you had. Lots of new friends, your mum falling twice and with blood and guts. Yowza. Lucky you were there to help. We love your photos. You and your mum must be very fit. My mum and dad would love love love walks like that. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  14. Those iz bewtiful seeniks Shawnee even if Irene did do teh destrukshunz. You did meet a lots of noo furrendz an Iz sorry they duz haz a rood greeting tekneek. Of corse its not rood if I duz it but thats neether heer nor there. Iz sorry your mom did get the hurty so I sends *softpaw* an hopes her duz heel up fast.

  15. Gosh, what a beautiful walk and look at all the new friends you made! Your poor mom sounds an awful lot like my mom. My mom is always tripping over something, falling, etc. Sometimes she tries to blame her clumsiness on me, but don't believe her!

    Your pal, Pip

  16. I don't understand why humans insist on walking on two legs. Don't they realize four are much more stable? Were you a good nurse and help lick the owies?

  17. Hiya Shawnee,
    That be a fery extra interesting story this week. My Mumma does luv all them pretty picktures of the colourful leafes & all. And we does fink it is fun that you hafed so many new pals to greet on this hike.
    Yep - that road what the hu-dad did want us to drive on in the weekend did look like your road what got nommed by that mean ole Irene. Sum of them we could still drive on, but not the main one what we wanted to go on. We can't blame that Irene tho. We just git so much rain all the times that the forest roads be like that alot.
    It is not fun that your mom got two owies though. :( We is hoping that she feels better now? We will show this post to the hu-Dad bekcause he will be fery interested to see how your mom used the vet wrap & the duct tape. Wif the hu-mans Red Cross werks, they be always looking for new ideas for helping wif owies in emergencies.
    I am sending some tail wags fur woo & Dixie & Sydney too, and the hu-Mum sends some pats.

    Slobbers, Ruger

    PeeSss - Mumma says to let your mom know that the pickture what is under the pickture of Lucy is not werking right. It just be white wif that tiny little broken fing in the middle.

  18. OMD! What a pawsome use of duct tape! Glad you had the first aids with you. Um, it doesn't seem like your Mom is quite as sure-footed as you Shawnee :) How about some hockey pads, for safety's sake?

    This was a beautiful hike and fabulous scenics! Sorry Irene destructed some of the trails, but kinda cool that there were no cars, huh? Bet you were happy there were no litters either! Way cool that you met so many new furiends. We have to say we think it's probably more fun to climb Mt. Everett than Mt. Everest! And easier :)

    The Road Dogs

  19. PeeS - We think that pumpkin bread looks pretty darned yummy!

  20. Dropping by with some woofs & hugs! <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  21. Shawnee,

    You always have fun and excitments on your seenik hikes. Makin' new furiends is a bonus!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  22. Welcome to Massachusetts, Shawnee! Hope you've enjoyed your visit with us. It's really pretty here this time of year, isn't it?

    Also apparently a bit dangerous. ;) Your mom and I are a lot alike in the klutz department. Glad she knows the duct tape trick - always a good thing to have in your pack - especially if you're a klutz. :)

    And thanks for the pumpkin bread tip. I was looking for something yummy to make this weekend and now I have it.

  23. Hey Shawnee, Awesome hike as usual! Too bad ur Mom had accidents on it B
    UT u did a good job of taking care of her!! It is too bad our M was so close and didn't get to meet you both. She might have even wanted to tag along on a hike. Thanks for watching out for us about the other dogs she walked with. You are special!!

  24. Really? Another great hike. Geeminies...I really need to move. : )