Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Found Fall!

Come follow along with me and I show you the fall I found in the Catskills!
Is we at the Catskills yet?
There they is way ofur yonder, those big mountains.  WOO HOO!
Yup it woz anudder bootious day out and me and mom got an early start and drived 2 1/2 gabillion hours up to the Catskill Mountains in Noo York.  We usually go there about 3 times efurry summer but we had only been there 1 time this summer coz that Irene put the bitey on the Catskills BIG TIME!  Did you know that the Catskills was CLOSED?  They sure woz.  Well they has opened back up and we woz able to get there one more time to see fall even with lots of road still closed and stuffs.  Sometimes we had to wate our turn in the roads coz they be only one lane.  The udder lane GONE, nommed up by Irene.  Grrrrr.  We even seened mountains with a whole sides missing wot Irene broked.  So once we gotted there, we hiked 10.5 miles so we could get in the mostest of it afore it started getting dark. Look, the park peeples has even builded noo bridges to replace the ones that Irene nommed up.
Nice sturdy bridge.  My paws like that. I gibs my approval to the bridge builder. Thank you!
We had to sign in at the trail register.  Mom put 1 hiker + 1 dog (that be me).
Here we go, up to Burnt Knob furst.
Common mom, you gots to climb up.
I do think we be coming up on a seenik furry soon.
I woz rite - a seenik of the Blackhead Range wot we has to hike anudder time.
Onward and upward to the next seenik...
WOWSER!  On the left, that do be Windham High Peak where we be headed next and to the right, the Hudson Valley wot I has to show you a better pikshure of.
This be the Hudson Valley
I see Maggie Mae and Corbin and way ofur yonder, be that you Norwood?
Anudder seenik.
I is 3500 feets high.
OMD! I snootered out some rilly old graffiti on that Windham High Peak!
Now we heads back to that and ofur to Acra Point.
More seeniks of the Hudson Valley from Acra Point.
Ahhh, finally some refreshments.  Mom brings plenty of water fur me in her water bottles but there be nuttin like a slurp out of a cool mountain stream.  Ahhhhh.
Heading back to our car.
Good night Catskills.  See you next summer.


  1. Oh Shawnee, it looks like you and your mom had a perfect day! Beautiful colors!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  2. SHAWNEE... YOU FUR SURE DID FIND FALL!! LOTS of it!! Sooooo beautiful.

    NOW... hold on to it really really REALLY tight.. OK?? Beclaws if you let it get away... THEN that Winter thingy comes.. and I do NOT want that, do you???

  3. Wow, that was BEAUTYFUL! What a great fall hike! Take that Irene! No matter how much you nommed, Shawnee and her mom was still able to see pretty seenicks!! So PFFFFT to you Irene!! :p

  4. Oh how pretty! I luvs how the fall leaves smell and runnin' through dem is a blast!

    woof- Tucker

  5. you did sweetie - you found fall in all it's glory. Great pictures again. Such a pretty time of the year and fun to take a walk and hear the leaves crunching under your paws.

  6. Harroooo shawnee! Thanks for the tour of the catskills! Woo are the best tour guide effer!!


  7. Thanks you for sharing thoze bewtiful seeniks Shawnee. i duz miss teh fall colors, we duzn't haz in Arizowna. Iz happy you did get to see all that pritty stuff in Cat - skillz. I duzn't see any cats tho but it looks like you had fun.

  8. Hi Shawnee, you go on the most amazing hikes with your mum. Those photos were fabulous. Mum was ooohing and aawwing over them all (and you too!). Thanks for sharing. No worries and love, Stella and Rory

  9. Did you see any cats in da CatSkulls? It sure be purrty. Too bad dat ole Irene was so hungry and had to nom lots of da CatSkulls!

  10. Thank you Shawnee for sharing the Catskills with us. I'm glad you finally found fall and the rain didn't ruin everyplace.

  11. We are so glad, Shawnee, that Mom got the day off so we could all enjoy the Catskills along with you and Mom. Beautiful day for all those gorgeous colors and scenics. All your photos are wonderful, but oh that last one - spectacular!!!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. Mama is insanely jealous but we're glad you had such a beautiful day and that you shared it with us. It really pops there with fall colors. You're pictures are so amazing. Love the sunset!

  13. Ooooooo! The Fall you found was so pretty! I am green with jellyness! I have my paws crossed that we can go for a hike before Mom has to go back to work next week and seeing your hike makes me want to get out even more. Morgan and I have to make the most of our hiking time before that puppy comes along and slows us down! ;)

  14. Beautiful! And that sunset is just stunningly gorgeous.

  15. Thank dog you found fall, Shawnee. cuz I'd never find it.. not when I am confined like this.. *sobs* Your fall is really really beautiful. I like the sunset pic. Thank Sydney for her slimy therapeutic smooches for me. I feel a lot better. ;)

  16. Very nice! That Irene sure didn't know how to play nice did she.

  17. Shawnee!!!

    You is gettin' closer and closer to me girlfuriend!! It sure looks like you had a great day in da Catskills. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  18. Wow, you is 3500 feet high. You dussnt look that big in yore pishures.I am only about 2 feet high. *sigh*

  19. Your posts always make me smile! They also usually cause a case of the "I wannas" as in I want to live where you do so we can hike in all of these amazing places! : )

  20. You look beautiful in those fall colors, Shawnee! Gorgeous scenics and AWESOME sunset. We did not know that Irene nommed up the Catskills. Glad they opened up again in time for you to catch the fall!

    The Road Dogs

  21. Hee hee Shawnee
    That was me that was meballs.
    Woo were 3500 feet in the air... the fall scenes were amazinG. A beautiful hike! Nice time let out a howl and I'll follow it to woo.

  22. Hi Shawnee - we are new followers of your blog and you are a cutie we look forward to becoming friends!

    Wow those pics are beautiful we dont get to see fall colors here in Texas :(

  23. Shawnee - you are such a pawesome tour guide! I feel like I was right there with you overlooking the Hudson Valley - WOW!

  24. There's nothing prettier than fall in the Catskills. Irene sure did a number on many of your hiking places though.

  25. BEAUTIFUL. I always wondered what fall in the Catskills would look like.

    I love your trails they look so perfect for hiking.

    Your colors are great and boy would I like to take a drink out of that cool clear water.

    Your so lucky

  26. Hey there Shawnee!

    Fanks for coming by my blog & fur the barkday wishes. :)
    My Mumma is real jelly-greeen of you & your Mom seeing all that bootiful autumness. Ofer in my part of Noo Zeealand we don't really hafe much of seasons - well, excepting rainy & not rainy and efen that is a bit wobbly nowadays.
    That Hurry-cane Irene sure was nasty noming up all those bridges & roads & hills in yur Catskills place. But you done gud at putting that mean ole Irene in her place by hafing a bootiful hike anyways.
    Mumma & I hope that woo get a few more good hikes befur that winter season sneeks up on you.
    Lots of luv to your & yur sissies furom Mumma & me, and happy tail wags from me too.
    (PeeSsss - I dusent sent any tail wags furom Mumma because she dusent haf a tail, but I bet she wud sent sum if she did haf a tail.)

  27. Wow wow wow!!! Another glorious hike and all the glorious shades of Autumn, how glorious! We so wish we lived over there so we could join you, it looks such pawsome fun! Dex and Lou xxx