Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pre-Howloween Hiking

Furst off, furrends, I has to tell you that I hads to put the super sekrit squiggly werd sekurity thingie back on my comments.  I is getting rilly tired of being on guard fur spammers all the time and some breached sekurity and got on my bloggie.  When I went to put the bitey on them, I accidentally deleted ALL of the comments from my last two posts.  BOOOOOOOO!  I is soooo sad and soooo sorry I accidentally put the bitey on my furrends' comments.  I did not mean to.

So on this last weekend's hike, I went to scout out a reservoir to see if'n it be appawpriate fur my annual Howloween Hike coz it do be called "The Bermuda Triangle of New Jersey" coz 6 peeps has gone missing in the reservoir, nefur to be seened again.  But I tell you more about that on Howloween.
As I was leading the way along the ball field, I looked to my left and seened...
... a bootiful sunrise and a...
hawt air balloon!
We went through old farm fields...
... heading to that mountain ofur there coz the "Bermuda Triangle of New Jersey" do be on the udder side of that mountain.
OK, I is at the mountain now and we be climbing up...
... and up...
... and up.  I think I can see it now.
Ta da!  But that be too far away.  I has to get closer.  You know to wet my furs and stuff.
Common mom, let's go find a way down there.
I found it!  This way!
See, I knew there be a way!

OK, enuff exploring of the Bermuda Triangle.  Back up the mountain we go!
We found this old road to a nice spot fur our break where we could watch the Bermuda Triangle from the safety of the mountain.
Yup, this be a good spot.
See, not so skeery from up here.
OMD, mom rememmered my chicken jerky this time, yay!
Now I can has my powah nap.
So stay tooned fur Howloween - I hopes the weather behaves so we can come back and gibs you the full tour.  Be there and be skeered!


  1. Hawooo Shawnee! We've had a couple of the spammers get through too, furry upsetting so fur now the secretary can squint at the squiggly lines BOL!!

    That looks like a good place to hike- can't wait to read your scarrry haloween post, play bows,


  2. You guys always go to the prettiest places for hikes!


  3. I am soooooo sorry that you had to put the NO ROBOT thingy back up. SHAME on those BAD Peeps that TRESPASSED where they were not wanted. They should be ashamed. I would PEE on them IF I knew were they live. Grrrrrr

    OK... I fur SURE will be here fur the BE SKEERED Bermuda Triangle thingy... BUTT Please remind us to PEE before we open it..
    Now about the hike and the lake and stuffs... THAT was grrreat.. esp. since your mom REMEMBERED not to STARVE you this time. ROCKS... I saw LOTS of HOOOOGE rocks ... some with TREES growing out of them!!!

  4. hai Shawnee! That duz look like a good hike but Iz glad you din't go to teh skardy pawrt yet. Iz holding mai brefs til Howloween! Be safe!

  5. Hey, we got some spammers in Arabic. Did they think we would approve spams in a language we don't read? Dumb humans. I can't wait for the scary Halloween hike!

  6. HOwdy Shawnee, blimey we are scared already and that's just from the scary music you played on the video (shiver, shake). We loved the hot air balloon and the rocks and especially that your mum remembered some chicken jerky for ya! See you soon. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory
    P.S. Sorry about the stoopid spammers!

  7. What a great post sweetie. Loved your pictures too - very pretty. How dare those spammers target you. They are so nasty.

  8. Oh, awesome sauce! I can't wait to see the trail on Halloween. You find the best places to hike and have adventures! You obviously chose more wisely than Mom and I did this weekend. BOL!


  9. Oh Shawnee, we were so worried the whole time you were in that water. With all that scary music we thought for sure you would go missing too.

    Yay for Mom, remembering the jerky.

    We have been seeing a number of spammers visiting us too. So we understand.

    Have a good week.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. What a cool hot air balloon you spied Shawnee! They are so colorful and look like so much fun to ride in! Mom wants to go to New Mexico and see the balloon show one year. I hope we get to go sometime and maybe catch a ride! :D

    Very very happy you didn't disappear in the Bermuda Triangle of New Jersey! :O

    Waggin at ya,

  11. Hi Shawnee! I love Halloween, its my favorite time of year, I love to tell scary stories and to hear them so I'm very excited to hear all about that "The Bermuda Triangle of New Jersey" and have a tour from you!
    I love all your adventures, I cant believe that people would be nasty like that, you put the bitey on them Shawnee! Grrr!
    I love your adventure today, its very beautiful with all the fall colours and the lovely lake, the balloons and the sky with such pretty colour and most of all beautiful you!
    Cant wait for your next adventure!
    Love, Licks and Hugs from Frank xxxxx

  12. I wonders if you's gonna see ... ghosts there fur Howl-o weenie!!

  13. BOL! Are you power napping with your head in your water bowl?!

  14. We sometimes get a TON of spammers, but fortunately none have gotten through!

    I do have to say, you have a very good nose for water, Shawnee. We must be related :)

  15. Shawnee! Shawnee? Oh er...I ope you did survive the bermoody triangle of noo jersey....

  16. I do likes da powah nappin u did in dis post. MOL

  17. We're so impressed that you can just snooze out there on the trail. We'd be wwaaaayyy too distracted!!

    Bart and Ruby

  18. Okay, bee careful, cause the Bermuda Triangle may be Aliens and mom is terrified of aliens, so we may not be able to read your Howloween blog if it's THAT SKERY!