Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Annual Fall Catskill Hike - Hike #2

OK, sorry to keep you in suspenders.  Here be the second hike of my Catkill hiking extravaganza.
So we gets to hike #2 and OMD, it do be starting at a seenik!
Those do be the Catskill High Peaks ofur there.
It do be where we hiked last year but I had a little bit of a hard time with that Arthur Itis tagging along so this year we went to the western Catskills where the trails do not be so crazy hard.
Did any of yous lose you booty shop appointment card?
So we is off on this hike.  This all used to be an old timey farm so there is old fences and fields and stuffs.
Somebuddy builded this old timey fence out of rawks.
It do go on furefur and efur.
There be old wire fences too and sometimes the wire goes right through a tree becoz the tree growed with the wire inside the trunk!
Stopping for a break.
And a nap.
And a selfie - all matchy in our no-huntin-me oranges!
Then I layed here and watched coz I could see where we parked the hikemobile way ofur yonder ...
... and spied on other peeps up at that seenik.  I watched so they not be messing with my hikemobile.
Now I shows you some pritty fall colors.
So we is off again.
And that, furrends, be my fall foliage hikes in the Catskills.
I hads me a snack in the hikemobile, then...
Now, I is going to put you all in suspenders again coz I has a big road trip coming up, oh yes I do!  Me and mom, we be going to St. Louie, MeZooRi to visit my gramma and we be doing a haunted Howloween hike by Pittiesburg, hiking in MeZooRi and Illynoy with my gramma (yuppers, my gramma still be hiking) then I be hiking in IndyAnna and OhHiOh on the way home.  So lots of adventures in store.


  1. OH Shawnee.... those pictures just take our BREFFS away... SO BEAUTIFUL the Sky and the trees and bushes and the stone fence... OMD you will be hiking in O HI O ???
    Where in O HI O???

  2. OMD OMD OMD Just saw your Comment.... OMD you will be SOOOOO close to where we live...

    I just sent you an email on your ShepShawnee gmail addy...

    OMD SHAWNEE you will be SOOOOOO close to us we could Maybe do a MEET in the FURS... If we can work it out...

    WE got SO excited to send the email.. that we forgot to ask How you are going home from the Hocking Hills? If you are planning to go from THERE to Zanesville to get on I-70 we could pawhaps ESCOURT you... through the area.

  3. Shawnee.... it is US again.... GUESS WHAT ELSE.... the TOWN named after YOU... Shawnee, Ohio... is in OUR county... and right BETWEEN Hocking Hills area... and Our HOUSE ... YES it really is...

    A Whole TOWN Named JUST fur YOU.... Shawnee, Ohio...
    We could take you there fur PICTURES.

  4. OMD Shawnee, you always have the BEST things to show us! Your upcoming trips sounds like it's going to be crazy amounts of fun!

  5. You had such a beautiful hike! What a pretty day and so many fall colors. The peeps were out yesterday on a drive and even went into Jersey and they said there were lots of fall colors and falling leaves. We really enjoyed seeing all these pictures and can't wait to hear about your upcoming hikes, especially with your gramma.

  6. Mom has fond memories of drives through the Catskills in the fall with all those gorgeous colors.

    That must have been a lot of work to build those stone and rock fences - glad we didn't have to haul those big rocks around:)

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. We're really jealous of your colourful fall hikes. The leaves are blowing from the trees before they change colour in our woods. And since She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed lost. ..yes lost. ...our dogmobile we haven't been to any mountains. We're really looking forward to your Halloween hike and your road trip.
    Tail wags

  8. So absolutely beautiful! It's my dream to ride somewhere that has trees - real trees, not the trees we have here in the desert (although they are pretty too!).

    Monty and Harlow

  9. Sum informayshuns fur yoo Shawnee...I is comin from a pawt of da weld where we haz them old-timer rawk fences all offer the place...we call em dry stone walls ...they is lastin fur hnnerds of yeers...shure look purrty...and I is opin yoo see da messij from Frankie an Ernie cos seein yoo bore in da same place would be da bess blog effur

  10. That was so pretty! And good selfie!

    Have a fun and safe trip to Mizzery. Mom was born there, so they go back but I has never been. Watch out for crop circles and stuffs...that could be very spooky!

  11. Your fall foliage is gorgeous! Your selfie with your mom made me laugh because you're looking at her like "get out of my picture!"

    Your upcoming travels sound so exciting! I can't wait to see where you're turning up. I also have a bit of envy. I want to know where the cool hiking spots you'll go are. Is one of them near Alton?


  12. Such beautiful sceeniks, Shawnee! I've always loved the fall colors in that part of New York. I'm so glad you are back to hiking again!

  13. What a pretty hike, and a great window cling!