Thursday, October 30, 2014


Hi efurrybuddy!  I is slowly coming back. I has felt your healing vibes and they is werking!  Thank you all fur your nice comments and well wishes - you all is so pawsome!
I was getting up on my own last night but as you can sees, my head still be spinning.  Yes, that be Sydney cheering me on in the background.
I could stand still fur a minit and not fall ofur without mom holding my harness handle.
I nommed foods from mom's hand instead of her squirting it in my mouf with the syringe.
I wedged my behind between mom's legs to hold me up fur my fave butt skritches.  Sydney helped hold me up.
Hey, what is you doing in MY bed?
Here I is this morning right after I was up drinking water out of my bowl while mom was still in bed.  She woke up to the sound me me drinking my water out of my bowl and was so happy.
Then I nommed breakfast all by myself right out of the bowl.
The V-E-T called last night and I heard mom telling on me how I peed and stuffs.  Seriously? Do that be all it takes to make the peeps happy?  But I is still holding out on the poop.  I has been known to hold it fur 5 days when conditions was not just right, BOL.

So we was supposed to be leaving on our big trip tomorrow.  I can still ride in the car but I cannot hike so that means I can still go visit gramma.  The V-E-T sayed that would be good coz I would be unner constant snoopervision and safely confined in the car where I would not be wobbling around and stuffs.  But right now it still be hard fur mom to get me in and out of the car so we will prolly wait a few days.  So fur now I is going to go back to napping and getting better. 

(P.S. - Susan (Lexi da Shih Tzu) - Thank you for that link!  Very comforting to read a firsthand account versus the tons of medical stuff I have been reading!  Daniela)


  1. WooHoo..Way ta go, girrrrl! I's glad you's feelin' better. BUTT you needs to milk it fur all its worth!


  2. I am soooo glad to see you doing better and love Sydney for being such a sweet sis. I'm glad you can still can go on your trip.

    Keep getting better, Shawnee!

  3. OMD SHAWNEE this do be EGGS Sal Ent NEWS fur SURE.... WHEW We were scared butt now are totally CONFIDENT that ALL BE RIGHT WITH OUR FUREND...


  4. Nomming? Drinking? Standing?? You GO, girl!! We'll keep up with the POTP!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  5. Wooo go-go-go-go Shawnee! All our continued prayers and healing huskerboo woooos!!

    Nuk & Isis

  6. OMD Shawnee this is great news. You put Arthur Itis in his place, you told the Big C what you think of it you, can beat this and get those hiking paws working again. We's all routin' for you even Smudge sends puasycat purrs your way. Licks and tail wags

  7. We are soooooo happy to hear you are starting to get better. I'm still going to purr for you sweetie - until you are all better. Keep up the good work.

  8. We are glad to hear you are doing better. We will keep you in our prayers.

    Monty and Harlow

  9. Oh Shawnee! I did just see this! Don't worry, you wills be fine!! Duncan is fine and he is a gabillion years older than you...and fat...and not in shape. You got this girlfriend! Tell you mama to email my mama if she has any questions!

  10. Howdy Shawnee, great news gorgeous girl. At least Sydney didn't try to steal your noms hehe. Keep on getting better. Sending you all hugs. No worries (especially for you Shawnee) and love, Stella and Rory

  11. Shawnee, I was SO happy to see the video of you eating. I just know you will keep on getting better! Does your Mom have any folding pet steps or a ramp to help get you in the car? I know it must be hard with your head spinning. Take care and know we are here thinking of you!

    Love, Cupcake

  12. We know you are one tough girl, Shawnee, and you can fight this thing. We hope each day sees you getting stronger and feeling better.

    Hugs and Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  13. Hi Shawnee! I wuz so happy to see more good updates on you! Nomming, drinking by yurselfs and asking fur skritches mean you are rilly on the road to recovery.
    I also wunder why our Pawrents are so interested in keepin' track of our pees and poops. You might want to take care of that tho, cuz you don't want any eks-plo-shuns on yur trip BOL!
    My Mom sez she's glad yur Mom liked the linky she sent.
    Keep up the good werk healin'!
    Lexi da Shih Tzu

  14. Rottrover put it well. Shawnee and mom we are very sorry to hear you Shawnee are feeling sickly and we know how scared mom must be.BUt we ate so glad you are improving. Take it easy and we will keep good thoughts for you.
    Ernie and the furkids and mom

  15. I'm so glad you'll still get to go on your trip and I hope you start feeling better soon. We've just been catching up on what you've been up to, and our paws are crossed for you, even though we're a little late. If you come by us while you're on your visit, let us know. Some of our Greyhound friends have bounced back after an attack of vestibular disease and been just fine within a few days.


  16. Dat be better noos Shawnee my pal...i iz grate bleever in da heelin power of noms....keep up da good werk my deer old pal...