Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hiking With My Grandma

I took my gramma hiking.  She will be 80 years old in June.  Right now I is the same as 83 peeple years.  Us senior girls can hike!
Gramma, wait up!  You is hiking too fast!
Try to keeps up with her, OMD!
See, gramma hiked so fast she hads to take her jacket off.
Now we is off again.  Oh, we is at Pere Marquette State Park in Illinois.
You knows me, I is the first at a seenik and I has to wait fur gramma now.
These was some pawsome seeniks of farms and the Illinois River.
After all that hiking to seeniks, we needed some reenergizations.
Oh look, gramma found me a seenik.
We hiked 7.9 miles up hills and down hills, up hills and down hills.
Tired 80ish-year-old (that be 14 in dog years) hikers.
Then, OMD, mom drived the hikemobile into the water!
How can we be moving when mom not be driving?
MOM!  What is you doing outside the car while the car be moving?  I has nefur in my life experienced such a thing but I lived to tells about it.
Back at gramma's house, the kitteh and I has an understanding (since I bribed her with my chickun dog foods).
I do not  look at her and we do not cross through doors at the same time and all be good.  Oh, did I tells you the kitteh be 19 years old?  She should has gone hiking with us.


  1. Shawnee, your gramma is amazing and so are you! Those are great pics of your beautiful hike!

    The kitteh is 19?! That's awesome!

  2. So clearly the hiking at all ages thing runs in the family! Look at your grandma go!

  3. Hello Shawnee and welcome to Blogville! You are going to love all of the fun and shenanigans we have here!

  4. OMD OMD SHAWNEE.... your GRANDMA is GRAND fur SURE... and so are YOU,,,of course..
    We Love this hike.... every single bit of it...
    You have a bit of EVERYTHINGY in it...
    We are glad that you and that Kitty have come to an UNDERSTANDING...
    BUTT we are SCARED about that bidness of your mom getting OUTTA the Hikemobile while it is MOVING... and making it go OVER the WATERS...
    NOW the Weather Blabbers are saying 30% chance of Rain and only 65°...
    BUTT that is a 70% chance of NO RAIN... RIGHT????

  5. Wow, Grandma is quite the impressive hiker! Did you share your chicken jerky with her?

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  6. We love this post. Your gramma is a fun person. So glad she is still on the go with you.

  7. I didn't know that we had any scenics here in Illinois! It's all flat where I live.

    I think it's pretty funny that the kitty is in that pot. I thought it was a kitty plant at first!

  8. Great pictures! You are such a good hiker, S. When we go hiking, Mom clutches onto my leash for dear life. Apparently I am unpredictable. You are predictable. And well-behaved.

    Love and licks,

  9. Wow! You and your grandma did a great hike! I can't wait to take a ferry. Mama says that Merlin loved the ferry in Door County. Only Mama goes as a walk on not a drive on.

  10. We are so impressed with you and your Grandma. We hopes we can keep our Mom in shape so she can hike with us when she is 80.

  11. You, your Mom and your Grandma are all incredible!!

    I think the kitty is warming up to you! Wow 19, that's fantastic!!

  12. Yoo all dun good hikin Shawnee my pal....iz good to kno my staffs is expected to keep up servin I into da 80s...

  13. Yoo all dun good hikin Shawnee my pal....iz good to kno my staffs is expected to keep up servin I into da 80s...