Sunday, April 26, 2015

To Grandma's House We Go Part 1

I is off on my road trip to St. Louis!
Mountains in Pencilvania!
Skeery spooky tunnels in Pencilvania.
In the tunnel of doom.
See that green blob on the Global Pawsitioning thingie?  That be Shawnee State Park in PA!
The road ofur the PA Turnpike to MY park!  We was thinking about hiking there but the park be smack on the turnpike and we does not like hiking in traffic noise.  I needs to gets me a different park.
On towards Pittiesburg.
Anudder tunnel of doom.
Here we is at our hike south of Pittiesburg.  Furry remote and no turnpike noises.
There be a memorial at the park but I did not know what fur.
I hads mom Google it later at gramma's house and it be 3 childruns who died in a sleigh accident.
We climbed up the mountain and found snow!
More snow!  We heard is snowed the night before.
There is supposed to be seeniks here but it be all ofurgrown.
But with no leaves on the trees I seened some seeniks.
Then we went down to Roaring Run and hads to cross ofur.  But it be ROARING and DEEP and COLD and mom was all like oh no we cannots cross here.
She finds us a better way.
But then we hads to cross again.
And again.
And again.  Yes furends, we hads to cross 32 times!  Mom did not count but she Googled it and in an article it did say 28-32 creek crossings.
Mom had long given up trying to keeps her feets dry and just waded on through.
Finally done crossing creeks.
Back at the hikemobile and mom bees so happy nobuddy else bees there because she hads to do the hiker striptease to change out of her wet clothes.
Me, I just hunkered down with some chickun jerkey.  Yum.
We headed on to Columbus Oh-Hi-Oh...
... where that Tom Bodett leaves a light on fur me.
Not only do that Tom Bodett say dogs be welcome at his place always, but he gibs me a potty patch right outside my door.
It might not be the nicest place but it werks for me and that Tom Bodett does not charge extra green papers for me staying here.


  1. That sure was a lot of creek crossings, Shawnee but you and Mom are real troopers to make it across so many times. We hope you had fun at Grandma's house. Too bad about those three children - so sad.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. OMD OMD OMD SHAWNEE.... you have a STATE PARK in Pencil Vane E Ah ... Named fur YOU and a ROAD too???
    We are Not surprised though since you are so FAMOUS fur your Hikes and stuffs..
    OMD it won't be long NOW until WE get to MEET YOU IN THE FURS...
    We think it is only 5 sleeps away..
    AND then we will take you to a TOWN named fur YOU also..
    OMD we can't WAIT..

  3. I'm so excited that you're sharing your journey with us. You didn't give me a bark-out, though, when you came thru PA (we're much closer to NJ than Pittiesburg)!

    Great hike and can't wait to hear more. BTW, Lucy stayed in a few motels. I've done it once and hated it. The lady never found a place except La Quinta where they didn't charge her a non-refundable fee.

  4. It's great seeing you hiking and having so much fun.

  5. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, you were soooo close to me! I'm about 2 hrs north of Pittiesburgh. What a pretty park and I like the creek. Mom says Columbus is oh, so familiar to her!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  6. I love this post, S. What a fun adventure. I especially like that potty patch outside your room. When I stayed at a hotel with Mom, we had to go in the elevator down 4 floors to go out. It was tricky for me and nerve wracking for Mom. Your hike looked like fun, in spite of all the wetness!

    Love and licks,

  7. Wow! That was a lot of creek crossings and a great hike. I'm glad your tilt cleared up enough for you to go this time. I've never been in a tunnel or a motel. Mama says someday I will probably do both, but I have to be a better boy first, whatever that means.

  8. Howdy Shawnee. Nice to see ya girlie. Looks like the start of a fabo hiking holiday and you are going to meet Mr Frankie and his family too? How good is that. Have a wonderful time and we hope your mum's feet are warmer now. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  9. Dat look like a furry good start to yore oliday Shawnee my pal....iz good to see yore fame in da hikin ave been propply recognise too...

  10. OMD Shawnee you're off on your way to Granma's at last. How good is that. And you had a great hike as well with SNOW, ok not a lot of snow but it was still snow.
    We have a skeery tunnel of doom in Wales as well, we have to go through it when we go to Monmouth.