Monday, May 4, 2015

Fun Times with Frankie and Ernie

Here we is, in the furs, me, Frankie and Ernie!
OMD, that Frankie and Ernie had a whole picnic table reddy fur us!
They served up my fave string cheese!
We relaxed and nommed and visited.
Then we loaded up in Frankie and Ernie's Jessie Jeep to hitch a ride back to the hikemobile.
Frankie and Ernie rided in the front so I could keep an eye on mom in the back.  Jessie Jeep is brand spanking new so I did not want mom puking or anything.
Then I got in my hikemobile and followed Frankie and Ernie to MY town.  Yes, MY town named Shawnee!  Frankie and Ernie showed me the way there. My town is INSIDE the Wayne National Forest. No wonner hiking be my destiny!  It be in my bloods.
My water tower.  Of course my town would has one coz us dogs drink lots of water.
Standing in MY town.  Efurrybuddy in this town waved at ME and treated me like ROYALTY!  It was way pawsome.
I has my furry own historic sign.
And a restaurant fur noms and swimming pool fur fur wetting
I met a resident of MY town.
I pooped in my town.  (I only poop in my own yard, nefur on hikes, so this means I has officially claimed MY town as mine!)
Then we followed Jessie Jeep again to our lunch spot.
What's fur lunch?
Oh. My. Dog.  Fresh off the McDonald's grill CHEESEBURGERS!
So furry nomilicious.  We was all drooling.
Do this be service or what?
We was lovin' it fur sure.
Stuffed full of cheeseburgers.
We then hads to say good-bye and bees on our way so we would not gets home too late.
Mom furgot to turn her hiking Gee Pee Ess off so it recorded our efurry movement with Frankie and Ernie and we now has a map of our adventures to keep furefur to rememmer this most wonnerful day by.
Frankie and Ernie:  It was the most pawsomest thing efur to meet you two IN THE FURS, to has after hiking snacks with you, visit my town with you then has lunch with you.  You guys know how to show a girl a good time with your Oh-Hi-Oh hospawtality.  Thank you so furry much and I is so happy I gots to meeted you all.  Wags, Shawnee


  1. CRASH, BANG, BOOM ...did someone say cheeseburgers??? Just dropping in to say hello and remind you to invite your favorite angel pal the next time you have cheeseburgers.

    Looks like you had a great time with the guys! And imagine having a WHOLE TOWN named after you!

  2. that was some pawsome meetup - getting to meet Frankie and Ernie and finding your own town and eating cheeseburgers - wow

  3. Shawnee, I love your town!! That is so cool to have your very own town. How wonderful to meet Frankie and Ernie. Looks like everyone had a great time.

  4. It WAS a GRAND and GLORIOUS Meet and Sniff in the Furs. We will TREASURE every second of the Memories...
    It was an HONOR to meet YOU and your mom...
    We were STUNNED that all the Peeps and Pups of SHAWNEE,OHIO actually Recognized YOU as the MAYOR of the town... and that they WAVED and made you feel SO WELCOME and IMPAWTANT...

  5. Shawnee, what an awesome day you had with Frankie and Ernie!!! You got to see YOUR town and it is fabulous. Plus, great snacks including McDs?!? I am so jealous! Happy Monday

  6. What a PAWSOME visit you guys had! You gots to let us nose if you ever goes hiking in Flora-Duh! BUTT don't hikey in da Everglades! Dey got big PYTHONS down dere!

  7. What a pawsome meet-up!! Hope you made it home safe!

    -Ruby and Otto

  8. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, what super pix of your FnE meeting! Love your whole town. Gee, I see Mamaw's leggies and Papaw Pantslegs pantslegs. BOL I can bark that they had an excellent time with you and your Mom. :)
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  9. Looks like you and Frankie and Ernie had a pawsome visit. And you have your own town! That's amazing. I wonder how I get town?

  10. Wow! Two great dogs, your own town and a wonderful lunch! I've heard of those cheeseburger things but have not officially had one (Mama thinks I may have lived off them when I was a stray, but I'm not telling her if she is right or wrong). --Zorro

  11. What a great meetup!!! And you got cheeseburgers???? You must have all been so excited. Thanks for sharing your fun time with Frankie and Ernie.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  12. It was great to see your town, Shawnee! What a fun day you had with your friends. I'm happy for you.

    I would LOVE to try one of those cheeseburgers!

  13. Oh, WOW, S. What an adventure! I LOVE your water tower and sign. That's amazing! I have never had a cheeseburger, but it looked very nommy.

    Love and licks,

  14. OMD what a great day!!! I love that you got to visit your town. How very cool to have a town named after you. You must be very famous. I have dreamed of meeting Frankie and Ernie in the furs. It looks like you had fun and great eats also. What a day!!!

    Loveys Sasha

  15. Dis do bee da bestest blog i haz ever red my makin us leeky eyed seein yoo all dere in da furs....pawsome....i haz to be vizzitin yore town wun day Shawnee...dey shure preesheayte a dogs needs