Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hiking to Frankie and Ernie

So on Furiday morning at the crack of dawn we was off to Hocking Hills State Park in Oh-Hi-Oh.
I is going to super biggify these pictures so you can see the super seeniks!
We hads to use the flash in Old Man Cave coz it be dark and skeery in there.
I hads to go through tunnels on skeery steps.
It was worth it coz of the pawsome seeniks.
It be wild and wonnerful in this gorge.
Of course my snooter was hard at work.
I could even get my paws wet INSIDE the seeniks!
Well fine, I'll get ALL my furs wet in the seenik.
Waiting patiently fur mom to climb down the tree roots.  She be so slow sometimes.
I found a hawk fevver.
That be falling waters we has to go behind.
'Cept fur I went the wrong way, BOL.
Now I is on the right track.
Here we is at about the half way point at Cedar Falls.
Heading onward on the Buckeye Trail.  It be kinda like that Appalachian Trail but in Oh-Hi-Oh.
You see those peeps ofur there on the right?  They was furry naughty.  Fur one, they is on the DANGER side at the top of the falling waters at Ash Cave.  They climbed ofur the barrier where no man or dog should go.  They left their little childrens down below INSIDE Ash Cave.  Then they throwed a FIRECRACKER down INTO Ash Cave!  The pawlice should pawcuff them and put them in jail!
Anyways, here I is going down skeery steps into Ash Cave.
Ash Cave
So here I is walking to our meeting place and what do I see????
There they is, IN THE FURS, Frankie and Ernie!
Stay tooned fur even MORE exciting times with Frankie and Ernie!


  1. Dear Shawnee

    We saw you on our pals Frankie and Ernie's blog and were sad we hadn't met before so popped on over to say hi.

    Looks like you had a great hike!

    Looking forward to getting to know you more.

    Hailey, the mutt, and Zaphod, the Shepherd mix

  2. WOW Shawnee YOU got some FANGtastical Pictures of OLD Man's and Ash Caves...
    87,000 Pictures of Our favorite thingys
    We were so happy that the waters were actually Flowing and Falling... They don't do it much in the DRY seasons... It is truly one of Ohio's MOSTEST Seenick of all places.
    AND we are THRILLED to have Met you and your mom IN THE FURS.

  3. What a beautiful hike and so nice to meet good furiends in da furs!!

    -Ruby and Otto

  4. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, you had a most amazing hikie! That's a beautiful place fur sure and I love that you went swimmie in the water there. OMD I can bark that FnE had a wonderful time with you.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  5. Wow, that place is so beautiful!! The lady would love to go there! Thanks for posting all these pictures!

    How fun to meet your friends, Frankie and Ernie!

  6. Shawnee, what beautiful scenery you got to see! I love a good hike when the weather is right! Sometimes here in Florida it is too hot to hike. are so lucky to get to me Frankie and Ernie in the furs. I sure hope you had a fabulous time!

  7. We came back to say that we are Sorry about those Stupid Peeps with the Fire Cracker. Sometimes we are sort of embarrassed to say we live in Ohio.
    AND while we were watching fur your arrival... we heard that the SAME BUNCH were throwing ROCKS down on some of the Hikers and they Scared One Dog so badly that he and his peeps turned around and came Back...

  8. How much fun! Glad you didn't make Frankie and Ernie hike 87 miles with you ...cause you know their legs are kind of short.

    Now, about that hike. It looks kind of scary with all those stairs and some of the tree roots like goblins. Hope you didn't see any ghosts.

  9. You really had an exciting day. First, such beautiful scenery! Looks like a great place to explore. And then you met Frankie and Ernie in the fur. Wow!

  10. That was such a beautiful hike! I loved seeing those pictures.

    Frankie and Ernie look fantastic! That's so great that you get to meet them!

  11. What a great hikey! Well, cept fur da STUPIDS wit the hot crackers! Frankie and Ernie are super pals to hang out with!!!


  12. What an adventuresome hike that was, S. Looks like you got pretty muddy besides wet. Fun! Frankie and Ernie look pretty shocked to see you.

    Love and licks,

  13. What a great hike, looked a bit scary in those caves but you were so brave Shawnee. Thanks for taking us along with you, well virtually anyhoos.

  14. What a great hike and to get to meet Frankie and Ernie too! Lucky dog. --Zorro

  15. what an amazing place to hike and Frankie and Ernie at the end simply spectacular.

  16. A furry bootiful hike Shawnee my pal but I iz sorree to reed abowt the norty people§ a tryin to spoil fings....good job Franke be dere ro skare em away

  17. I just found this site randomly when looking for campgrounds and hiking trails that are pet friendly. Great site, giving me tons of ideas and places to check out with my dog! You have some great adventures Shawnee!! My dog has a page too on Facebook, if you want to check it out

    I think I will make the drive to Ohio to check this place out, looks like tons of fun!