Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Aftermath of the Vacation

Post-Vacation Hangofur
But I hads to wake up to show yous the swag I got from Frankien and Ernie!
Do you beleef all this stuffs?  See what my snooter is snootering out?
They gifted me a deer antler to nom on!
And I gots a bandanner, poo bags, a chickun, noms, a measuring cup with pikture frame (I is going to put a picture of me, Frankie and Ernie togedder in it) and some Pedicure salve to keeps my paws soft as a puppy's belleh.  Well, mom taked her stuff away so I can't shows it to you.  Sumpin about I cannot has the squirrel nuts thingies.  Thank you so furry much, Frankie and Ernie, fur all this loot!


  1. I saw that deer antler and I just knew it came from Frankie and Ernie. What a lot of good stuff. Hope you and your mom can get some rest and be ready for the next adventure!

  2. We hope that you enjoy Gnawing on that antler... we think that they are GRRREAT...
    WE surely are LOVING our Bungee Lizards.... we had a BIG Play and TUG O STUFFIE fest last night... I (Frankie Like the Blue One Best)butt Ernie likes them BOTH equally.
    THANK YOU Shawnee...

  3. Antlers are the best! We really enjoy those,


  4. Wow, that was so nice of Frankie and Ernie to get all that great stuff for you!

  5. Shawnee!!!! Sounds like a great vacation with great furrends.

  6. Well, here we thought it was wonderful for you to be able to meet F & E, but now you got pressies too??? Pawesome. We think we have had those noms and you are going to LOVE them.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  7. Cool gifts, S. The paw cream was a brilliant idea! All that hiking can make paws a little crispy!

    Love and licks,

  8. Yoo haz made out like da bandit Shawnee my pal....