Saturday, May 2, 2015

Homeward Bound

On Fursday we be leaving Gramma's house and the kitteh do be gibbing me a big sendoff (Like "Don't let the doggie door hit you in the butt.")
We is on our way.
But furst mom made a stop at the cemetery to visit grampa's grave.  I never knowed him coz he be gone a long, long time.
Jefferson Barracks Cemetery
Then ofur the bridge to Illinois.
We stopped at lots of rest areas.
I do not knows why they be called rest areas coz I do my resting in the car.
At the rest area my snooter be in ofurdrive catching up on pee-mail gossip.
Now we is in Indiana, land of highway constructions.
But they has a nice pee-mail spot in their rest area with a furry welcoming sign.  So much nicer than the "NO DOGS ALLOWED" sign we see all the times by the picnic tables.  Newsflash peeples:  Birds and squirrels POOP on your picnic tables, BWAHAHAHAHA!
Wassup with this?  Blue sky, sunbeams, and RAIN?!?!?!
On to Oh-Hi-Oh, Land of Frankie and Ernie.
Is we there yet?
No, not yet.  Furst we has to sleep at Tom Bodett's place where he leaved the light on fur me again.
Then we hike in the morning and THEN we MEET UP with FRANKIE and ERNIE!  WOO HOO!
Furst some noms then sleeps.
More excitements to come.....


  1. Shawnee, your Gramma's house is so beautiful and that's a sweet picture of her and the kitteh (we never got her name!). The cemetery is beautiful too. I bet there was a lot of pee-mail to catch up on. I know how doggies love to pee, MOL. Hope you had a great hike!

  2. I love the picture of Grandma and the kitty. I'm sure Grandma was sad to see you and your Mom go.

    Shawnee, you are such a good traveler and I'm so glad you found the 'Pets Welcome' sign. We need to start a petition to get rid of the 'No Dogs Allowed' signs.

  3. Hi Shawnee, My name is Sasha and I am the Chef of Blogville. I saw you on Frankie and Ernie's blog and I was hoping that we could be pals too. I love your page and please come and visit when you can.

    Loveys Sasha

  4. WE are SOOOOOOOO glad that we had the SUPERIOR and SUPERB Meet and Sniff Up with you and Miss Daniela... Our mom and dad have NOT stopped talking about it... We all had a great time...

  5. We KNOW Grandma is going to miss you , and we are going to bet that kitty realizes he misses you too. Safe travels home, Shawnee and Mom.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  6. No way! F & E in da furs??


  7. You are a fearless adventurer, S. I am afraid of strange places, and I'm pretty sure Mom would be dragging me or carrying me everywhere. You're my idol!

    Love and licks,

  8. Did you see me waving when you were in Illinois? --Zorro

  9. I dussnt fink I be doin any sleeps iffen I wuz on my way to meet Frankie an Ernie way siree Shawnee my pal