Saturday, May 23, 2015

Norwood Tribute Hike

Those of yous who know my furrend Norwood prolly knows he left fur the bridge a few months ago.  Even tho we nefur met in the furs, we had lots in common.  We both is hiking dogs, we both love ponds and furst and furmostly, we ♥♥♥ LOVE♥♥♥ FROGS!!!!  So Norwood's mom made some Norstars fur his furrends to hang on their fave hiking trail.  I gots mine in the mail a couple of weeks ago.
It be mail.  Fur me!
That be Norwood, RIP.  He be partly like my sis Sydney, RIP, both with cow dog spots.
Here be what I should do with my Norstar but not any old place will do.  Mom put it in her backpack and it would be with us fur when we founded the pawfect place.
I even put the bitey on it to be sure it be authentic.  It do be.
So today when we was hiking, the Norstar do be tucked away in mom's backpack safe and sound in the pawket where she do keep my chickun jerky.
So we gets to a seenik and I is hasing me a drink of cold water when....
Hey!  How did the Norstar get out of mom's backpack pawket?!?!?  Seriously furrends, fur real, we had not opened that zipper pawket yet and somehow the Norstar got OUT and was hanging there and the zipper still be closed, fur real!  It be a sign.  This be the hike.
Mom secured the Norstar so it would not fall out while we was hiking but we left it hanging because the Norstar wanted to see the seeniks with me.
Taking a break with the Norstar.
Picture with mom and the Norstar still ofur there on mom's backpack.
Then we commed to a bootiful pond and I knowed this be the pawfect place to hang the Norstar.  You know why?
Coz there be a frog right there in the pond!  He waited fur us to hang the Norstar.
The frog be where that arrow be pointing.
Yes, this be it, the pawfect place to hang the Norstar.  I think Norwood would approve.  RIP pal, hope you can see the Norstar from way up there.


  1. I love this idea that Norwood's Mom came up with. That is such a beautiful thing to do for him. You found the most perfect spot.

  2. Yep....You founded da pawfect place. And all the signs pointed right to it!


  3. It is just so sweet, Shawnee, the care you put in to finding the perfect place to hang the Norstar for your friend Norwood.

    That was a beautiful hike!

  4. What a super sweet idea for Norwood's mom to think of. You guys did a GREAT job choosing just the right place for the star. Well done. RIP, Norwood.

    Love and licks,

  5. Oh, you found the purrfect spot overlooking the pond full of froggies.

  6. What a great place to hang the Norstar and pay tribute to your pal Norwood.

  7. What a lovely idea,you found the pawfect place Shawnee.

  8. Dat be totallee pawsum tribyoot my pal....