Saturday, September 9, 2017

New Pup on the Block

Hello Blogville!  I am Rocky and I am new in town, hired on as Shawnee the Shepherd's successor.  I came from the same Newark, New Jersey animal shelter that Shawnee had come from.  I was actually in a run in the same section as she was but across the way.  Must be a lucky cell block.
My Mug Shot from the Big House in Newark, NJ
So on July 25, 2017 my peeps called the dog catcher to come get me because they did not want me any more.  I have no idea why.  But these are the rules when you live in Newark, NJ and that is the town I was living in.
So they hauled me off and took me to the Big House.  I was very, very sad.  Then on September 7, just just two days ago ...
Oh happy day, I am getting bailed out by my new mom!
I am told I was very luck to get out alive.  Not only am I black, but I am no young pup either.  The had me down as 7 years old.  I was doomed.

The first order of business after the *SHUDDER* shelter scum removing bath was meeting Al the Poodle, a regular B&B guest and that went very well.
So seriously I get to sleep in Shawnee's bed now as if it were my own?  It IS my own now?
Ahhhh, such a good night's sleep I had.  Like somebody said, nothing like a SAFE night of sleep.
This bed in the office is all mine, too?  OK, so I have to share with B&B guests.  Got it.
Then Al took me for a spin around my new hood.
We went three blocks to the end of the street where there is ...
... The Field 'O Sniffs.
We did this short walk morning, noon and evening because I was a little worried and mom wanted me to see that we always end up back at my new home.  Got it.
So I understand that Shawnee loved her frog stuffies more than anything and out of all of the toys in the toy box, she would always snooter out her frogs.  Well guess what?  I did not want to play with any toys other than THIS one!

So after practicing walkies yesterday around the hood (and I understand from mom that I did VERY well, just a little rough around the edges on my commands but she will help me polish those up) we went for a short hike today!  Did I love it?  Stay tuned and find out.  I will post about it soon.  Need a nap first.  Bye.


  1. Hi Rocky! It's very nice to meet you. I loved Shawnee. I'm sure we'll be pals too. The beauty of social media is a dog and cat can be friends easily. You hit the lottery with your new home! That's so neat that you love Shawnee's frog stuffie.

  2. Welcome to Blogville Rocky! Millie totally understands about the black dog syndrome. Even as a young pup people kept overlooking her for the other dogs in our rescue group. Their loss and our gain! We can't wait to hear about your adventures in your new home. Shawnee surely pointed you to her favorite frog toy to play with so her mom would know that she approves of you.

  3. Well, Rocky, a great big welcome to Blogville. We think black dogs are great dogs, and you sure are one handsome dude. OK, Mom got in trouble before because she first thought Shawnee was a boy. We hope we got it right this time. You have come to a wonderful home, and we think we see lots of wonderful hikes in your future.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  4. Hey, R. Welcome home! You have selected a WONDERFUL home filled with fun and adventure. Shawnee sent you to the perfect place. Well done, S. Mom and I are looking forward to seeing you at lots of parks, trails, preserves, and of course "sceniks." Have fun, buddy.

    Love and licks,

  5. So nice to meet you Rocky! I can't wait to hear about your hiking adventures.

  6. Oh Rocky, you are so handsome! I'm so happy for you! I'm so happy for your mom too! Rocky, you don't have to worry about anything for the rest of your whole life. You are going to have so much fun hiking and your mom is going to take such wonderful care of you. I'm so glad you like the froggie, that's a very good sign. I'm looking forward to hearing about all your hikes!!!

  7. What a pawesome name - fur WOO and Da Blog!

    Welkhome Handsome -

    Woo have some trails to khover!


  8. Welcome to Blogville Rocky!!!
    Arty & Jakey

  9. Oh, you have NO IDEA what a great place you landed in! -- Merlin at the Bridge and Zorro who took his spot in the house

  10. Welcome home Rocky! Thank you for all the wonderful posts about getting Rocky and your first hikes and such. I LOVE the froggy toy noise, I must get one for my pup! Cathy