Saturday, March 5, 2011

Schiff Nature Preserve

This do be the fancy nature center at Schiff Nature Preserve where we hiked 8.5 miles today.  Do you efur has that feeling that eyeballs be watching you?

Around the udder side of the bilding, we has this shot:
See that box up there on the wall?  That do be a bat howse and they has the Batman thingie on it so the bats knows where they is supposed to go.  That do make it furry clear, no?
So mom starts humming this toon and it be sticking in my brane all day now:

So on that note, we woz off across the Great Meadow:

We did still find spots with lots of snow wot had not melted yet:

But we did find a sign of spring wot is skunk cabbage sprouting:
I is snickering in the pikshure below coz mom woz hasing to cross ofur the water on those blocks.  It so always be such a sight and it do take her furefur.
Fortoonately, she maded it both ways without falling in.  Me, I walk on through and it did wash some of the muds off but I just gotted new muds on my furs again.  This do be why I did not has the Shawnee Cam on today.  It do be spritzing in the morning and with all the muds sploshing up on me...
We did see historic stuffs, too.  We dussn't know eggsactly wot this is, it do just say "historic site" on the map but it do look to be the basement of an old howse wot is being eggskavated:
Then there woz this sign wot sayed George Washington do be here.  He be efurrywhere we go!
Here do be a biggifikashun of the sign if'n you wants to read it:
They do say they has founded arty facts rite there from back in the days of George Washington.  And this do be the Olde Colonial Road wot the soldiers marched on:
And here do be the lost and found in the park.  Anybuddy missing a hat or a glove?
We did get some pritty sunbeams fur a little while:
But they is gone now coz there do be big rain storms moving our way.  Hopefully mom won't be hogging the pooter like she has been all week long so I can catch up on reading bloggies.  This do be wot mom has been watching on the pooter:

Live TV by Ustream


  1. You could be BatPup!! Avenger of milkbones and steaks!

  2. Oooh Shawnee,you do have da most wonderfuls adventures! That George Washington sure did get around didn't he???

    Pees. I am most glad you were not there at night when da Bats were awake. You don't want Bats flying into your furs!

  3. Shawnee did they have a belfry fur the bats???

    Now about your Shawnee Cam... I'm thinkin that someone was Yankin your Walkin String... and Just did not want you to be PREPARED.. fur the creek crossing.. in case it got to be GOOOOOOOOOD and FUNNNNY.
    I'm just sayin.
    I say... insist on taking her BACK THERE.. On a "DRY" day... and be ready to make us HAPPY. hehehe

  4. Oh my gosh. I bet it took your mom a long time to cross that water. I'm not sure that my mama would chance it.

    It's funny to us that a lot of people are scared of bats. There's a co-worker of Mama's whose greatest fear is bats.

    George Washington has been all over where we live too. He really did get around.

    Those look like nice trails that you hiked. It was a lot warmer today but windy, at least here.

  5. That George guy is everywhere, isn't he? He seems to be on a lot of those green papers in Mom's purse thingie too.:)

    Sorry about sending you all that rain, hope you didn't get the thunder boomers too.

    That nature preserve house is pretty cool - somebody had fun with the paints. Wonder if there were any bats in their fancy place there.

    Those rocks across the water were awesome - we just know the Momster would have fallen in on the first or second step:) BOL

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Holy Snowman!

    Great hike!

    We'll admit the binokhulars was a bit odd - Mom won't admit what else she thought it looked like -

    How about we see woo here same time same Bat Channel!


  7. If we ever get a bat house, I am definitely having Mom and Dad paint the Bat Signal on it! That is genius! I am glad that you had nice weather to hike in. We didn't hike today as it was too cold and wet to stand to be outside. I think I'd like that place where you went a lot!

    What sort of bird is that on the webcam?


  8. Shawnee
    That George fella gets around. I wonder if woo will be president since he are following in his footsteps... How come no furry pics of momma crossing those stones int he water.. .hee hee. Momma was able to open my cam -she used eyeglass screwdriver. The wires detached from the battery so she's going to lowes tomorrow to get a solder gun and melt them back together. She hopes that works. BUT good news, she bought me that video cam. It came yesterday. It's super cool. I'm gonna try it tomorrow. oh momma wants to know if woo saw in the news the 12 eagles sitting in one tree in Iowa. It was super cool

    PS- thanks for finding my hat and gloves

  9. Oh no!! I should never have listened to the Batman song, now I can't get that out of MY brain all day.

    I'm not surprised your Mom got across those rocks with no problem. She knows how to do all that stuff.

    I LOVED watching the eagle. She is beautiful. She is taking such good care of her precious eggs.

  10. That was a furry amazing hike. Ol' George had a lot of travels, that's for sure. And your Mom was brave to go over those tree chunks in the river. I bet the water was C-O-L-D! But that doesn't bother us dogs, does it? It sure doesn't bother me!

  11. That's a weird looking cabbage. What an awesome hike you had. I am sooo jealous. Please stay safe during the big rain storms.

  12. Our mom woulda fallin' right in that stream!! You are such a lucky dawg to get to go so many bootiful places!! Thanksfur sharin'!!

  13. Peoples tell me I look like Batman's dog, but there's not way, I'd never fit in that little house!

    Glad you're getting some sun now...maybe it will get a little more sunny and warmer for you soon...Washington Stalker! BOL!

  14. Oh, wow, tons of interesting stuff on this hike. We love the art on the building. Oh, no, now we're humming that Private Eyes song about watching you! Hey, our Mom remembers the original Batman :) She was a huge bat fan. We cracked up when we read that sign about protecting GW's rear! BOL
    And, um, thanks - we think - for the eagle video. Hope Mom doesn't watch that all night and forget to feed us and let us out and give us some attention.

    The Road Dogs

  15. Uh oh. Now that Batman song is going through MY head now, too!

    Is your mom hogging the computer to watch a bird?

  16. Awesome hike AGAIN! Thanks for taking us along and showing us the bats home, the cold creek (hope Mom did ok & didn't get wet), The eagle!!
    You are so lucky to go so many interesting places.

  17. You had anudder nice outing. It still looks too cold for me :o(

  18. You sure have some great nature preserves near you! We liked the bat house. Were there any bats home?

  19. That looked like another great hike! You are lucky to have so many cool ones by you. Did you see the weird kitty on the wall by the scary big eyeballs? I'd have barked at that weird kitty.