Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow, Snow, Go Away!

We is getting snowed under!  There be hardly any place left fur us to hike.  The only place we could has hiked this past weekend would has been where we hiked last weekend but mom did not want to drive 2 hours just to do the same hike ofur again.  They only gotted 1 inch of snow.  We gotted 19.6 inches with this last storm.
So we went to Cheesequake State Park wot is only 15 miles from our howse but where there do be deep snows.  Mom thought we hiked 5 miles but when she checked her pawdometer, it be only 2.5 miles.  It do be furry exhausting to hike in deep snows.  In some places the snow do be trampled down by udders but in some places not and mom would sink in snow up to her knees!

The snow be so heaby from this last storm that it broked some trees off and udders woz bowed ofur and we had to go unnerneath them.
Then I heared childruns screaming.  OMD!  Woz I going to has to go into search and rescue mode?  I lissened with my radar ears...
Then I zoomed in with my eyes...
Whew!  It woz just childruns hasing fun sliding down on the snows.  I duss not unnerstand why that be fun but to each hims own.

So it do be a furry short hike this weekend but it woz the bestest we could do unner the circus-stances.  We has hiked at least once per week only missing 1 time in the past 1 1/2 years since we started keeping track. 

Our town has gotted the mostest snow in Noo Joisey twice now and we has had a snow storm efurry week since Chrissmuss.  Anudder one be getting here tonite.  The wevver peeples tries to eggsplain why this be happening but I has my own theory:


  1. Mom and I wondered how long it had been since you missed a weekend hiking!

    Looks like the snow in your yard is at least three Shih Tzus high! Good thing I'm in Illinois now!

  2. Oh, dat's a lot of snows....I never saw snows before but it looks like it might be fun to play in. Of course, I'm so SHORT, I'd be lost til Spring!

  3. Aw Shawnee, it looks like you had fun times evan for a little hike. That nasty snowz always comes to us when it comes to you so we know wat you means. Teh icikles iz tryng to come inside da howse! Stay cozy an takes care of your mom *purrr*

  4. I KNEW it. I just KNEW it!!! Squirrels are TOTALLY to blame!!!

    I just want to take that Al Gore guy and dump him in a hooooooge snowpile!!! hehehe

    Be SURE to fill you snow locker to the very top... You will be glad to have that fur cooling your house this July and August. Mine is bursting at it's seams.I'm just sayin.

  5. I agree... all this snow is part of the squirrels plan!!! Stupid squirrels. We're expecting like, 24 inches tomorrow and Wednesday. Ugh, 24 inches on top of what we already have is going to be taller than ME!

  6. Thats a good theory! We see a lot of squirrels around here, too, so maybe thats why we have plenty of snow!

  7. OMD, I knews withs outs a doubt it was all da squirrels faults and peeps wanna blame global warming...pfffft! We is so smarter than them.

    Althoughs it would haves been cool to sees you go into Search and Rescue mode, I is glad da kiddos was okays.

    I am so glad dat you has longer legs than me or you'd NEVERS make it through da snows.


  8. I am finkin we needs to doz sumfin about dem snow sqwirrels. dey iz bad news. I iz beary sick of dis snows and we not getted half wot u gotted (and more be comin....dang sqwirrels).

    I looks like a beary nice hike and good to see dem kids habbin fun in it.I not knows dey still did dat. I thoughted it wuz all pooters and bideo games.

  9. Squirrel Snow Apocalypse!! Oh no!! Good thing I think our squirrels are too stupid to figure out chalk...I hope....

    I would love to send you some of our degrees...but they're leaving us too. 40s this week. Boo! Although that's still better than what you got! Be careful in the Icepocalypse, I hope your weathermen are as wrong as ours were and nothing happens!

  10. Your snow is CRAZAZY!!! We had a wonnerful day in da mountains of NC Saturday so we'll post pics tomorrow or asap! You can live through our adventuresthis week.


  11. I fink that squirrel may have written on Mango's, Norwood's, Tula's. and my roof as well.

    Belch - snow.

    woof - Tucker

  12. I feel your pain! We are about to get dumped on tomorrow. I knew those nasty squirrels were behind this ...grrrrr

    Your pal, Pip

  13. I'm sorry you had such a short hike, but at least you got to go! We had a great one Saturday. We are hoping to go again this weekend, but we're supposed to get fifteen inches of snow tomorrow! Darned squirrels! They've even moved Gertie the Groundhog to the news station for Wednesday morning's festivities!


  14. Aha! That squirrel explains it all and I can't say I'm the least bit surprised.

    You did great for having such a snowy hike. Those are some great pictures your mom got and you really do look like you're enjoying yourself.

    It was nice to see those kids having some fun in the fresh air.

  15. BAH!!! The Evil Squirrel - of course! I wish he'd send some to us...

    Your hike record is very impressive. But remember how many hikes you did when you went to that lovely cabin away? Those make up for that 1 missed ;)

  16. You make it look so fun! The Chicago Tribune is saying that we're going to have a 'life-threatening blizzard' starting tomorrow night, so we might get our own big snowdrifts here.

  17. We can't imagine how hard that must be for your Mom to trek through that deep snow. We are getting lots and lots of snow and wind now, we will try to keep it here so you don't get any more.

    Your theory makes sense, Shawnee - those squirrels are EVIL.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  18. Those squirrels be too smart! We didn't even know they could write! They must me on some kinda mission.
    Wags & woofs
    PeeEss: the snow pics are beautiful.

  19. Hey Shawnee
    That's so cool you have a pet cam too! My momma took me snowshoeing this weekend and thought we went a gazillon miles but no. Turned out to be 3 miles. Deep snow is hard work but it can't keep you from hiknig... go shawnee go

  20. Wow! Shawnee, that's a lot of snow! You're lucky your Mom still takes you out in that. Don't think our Mom would be going out in that very much. She's a wuss when it comes to cold weather :)

    The Road Dogs

  21. Yikes, I ope you dussnt get too fed up wiv not hikin much. I been inside for two weeks and I was pretty cheezed off I tells you. I ope your snow do be gone soon.

  22. We should have known an Evil Squirrel was behind all this crazy weather!!!

    ....And thanks fur da GroundHog pupdate! Who knew there was such an array of spring-predicting GroundHogs around da country! BOL

  23. That is a very smart answer to how you are getting so much snow! Those darn squirrels!! Looks like you (and those snow people) sure were having a lot of fun. We wish Phoenix would get some snow. We have had a few veryyyy cool days. Yippee!!
    BabyRD & Hootie

  24. I bet your right, it's those tree rats!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  25. awww Shawnee, you crack me up.