Sunday, April 17, 2011

Allamuchy Mountain State Park

So mom said coz we has a hiking road trip coming up we woz going to take it easy today so we duss not use ourselves up afore the trip. So wot do we do? We go peakbagging.  For those of you wot duss not know wot peakbagging is, it be when you summit mountains and in Noo Joisey there do be the NJ1K Club coz our mountains only be ofur 1,000 feets.  And no we did not bag one peak, no we bagged TWO peaks wot means we climbed TWO mountains! And we hiked 11 miles!
One of the peaks wot we bagged.
So furst off I has to tell you, we had big crazee storms last nite.  Not tornaders and skeery stuffs like a lot of peeples had but gabillions of rain and thunders so lots of the trails woz flooded out. Hey, it werks fur me. Take note of my impawsonashun of my furrend Sage:

I tried to tell mom that baf she gibbed me last weekend woz a waste but did she lissen? No. Sumpin about my furs needs to be clean fur the cabin we be staying in coz the state parks in Furginia lets dogs stay in the cabins and mom say we need to put our bestest paw forward so they keep letting dogs stay there.

Oh mai, wot has we here? I do beleef a bear waked up from hims hibernashuns all hungry and wanting noms so he must has torned this rotted tree up go nom on the bugs in the tree.

We did not see any bears. Just a red fox but he runned away too fast fur us to snag his pikshure.

We wented on this trail called the Ice Cream trail. We did not find any ice cream but we did find a beer can so the litter bugs must has eaten all of the ice cream.
We put the beer can in my backpack so dear peeples of Furginia, if'n I smell like beer when I get there next week, this do be why.
Some more litter on the Ice Cream trail to add to my collekshun.
So here do be a benchmark at the udder peak we bagged:
You can see how high up we woz thru the trees wot is still nekkid:

Hey! Who duss this belong to?
It do say HONDA on it so it must be from a motorcycle and they do not be allowed on these trails. Grrrrrr.  It maded my backback too lopsided so mom had to put it in her backpack to haul out.

We commed to a seenik where we could see the Delaware Water Gap (where the mountains dip down) and the Kittatinny Mountains.  We has hiked efurrywhere on the horizon of this seenik:

There do be a bridge for mom to cross the waters ofur this creek but most of the trails woz creeks anyways.

Now you knows how I has showed you afore how to jump ofur a log? And fur those vertically challenged furrends, how to go unner? Well I has found a thurd opshun for those of you wot want to do neither. Here do be my demonstrashun:

Duh! You just build youself a ramp with rawks! But I did not bilded this - the mountain bikers did to ride their bikes ofur but it werks fur us, too.

Oh. My. Dog.  Duss you know wot this is?  Take a sniff...
It be a bag of DOG POO!  Peeples, let me tells you, putting it in a bag then leaving it on the trail duss not count as picking up after your dog! You mite think somebuddy putted it there earlier in the day and woz meaning to pick it up on their way back but no. The bag woz wet from the rains last nite so it had been dumped there.  Mom carried it out.  Ewwww. That rilly is no fair coz I duss not poo on hikes but mom has to carry poo anyways coz of lazy peeples.

So at the end of the hike we commed to Jefferson Lake and there woz a swan!
I will biggify him fur you:
So Mr. Swan started swimming closer to us and we be thinking wot a furrendly swan wot wants to come ofur and say hello to us. But then we seened this:
We think that be Mrs. Swan with a nestie of yunguns and Mr. Swan woz coming closer to tell us STAY AWAY to pawtekt his fambly.  So we sayed so sorry to introod, no worries about us, and we went on our merry way.

So I let Dixie and Sydney show you all the litters we picked up, eggsept fur the dog poo (we found a second bag too) and the Honda thing - this be the rest of it:
So while they be doing that, I be resting up in my hidey spot to save up energies fur my trip!


  1. I LOVED the swans. How beautiful! Now, about the dog poo, wow, your Mom is REALLY committed to cleaning up America. Good for her. I wish all hikers were as responsible as your Mom.

  2. I LOVE that video of you in the stream! Did I ever tell you I am a master swimmer! Well, I am - I like to swim in the Wisconsin River when we go up to visit my papa's parents.

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Wow concats on your bagging - teh peaks nawt teh poo.

  4. I doz not fink any of dat wuz restin up fur da big trip!

    I lubs dat u cleans up affer all da stoopid litterin peeples afore u. U a good doggy.

    So how comed der no ice cream on ice cream trail???? No fairs!

  5. We have never seen swans when we've been out hiking! That is a very lucky sighting! I'm glad you didn't see a bear like the Thundering Herd did, though. That's a little too wild and crazy if you ask me. We had a lot of fun out hiking in the creek last weekend, but this weekend was too cold for that sort of stuff. We're going on a big adventure the end of the month and Mom and Dad say we have to stay close to home until then if we're going to make it. I don't suppose you ever go to Gettysburg, do you?

    Your mom is a better woman than mine!


  6. We had to laugh when you said you and mom would take it easy today. he he - 11 miles doesn't sound easy to us. WOW. I would be so tired M would have to carry me. he he Glad you had fun. Too bad people have to be such litter bugs.

  7. That was a powerful impression of me, Shawnee!! I couldn't have done it better.

    You had a really exciting hike this time (except for all that litter). I sure hope the beer smell goes away soon. Mom says I smell like a swamp rat, whatever that means.

  8. Um...11 miles and 2 peaks??? *whispers* I don't think that's conserving your energies... *snickers*

    The swan pics are cool, though, and I love the video of you in the flooded trail!

  9. We did ave a big marafon race in London yesterday and I fink them peeple haz saved more energy than you did climbin up two mountains and hikin 11 miles. I fink mum do haz a funny idea of restin. anyway, the hike look pawsome. We do sumtimes hided our poo bags on our walks but we always pickin up on the way back and never leavin em for other peeple to pick up - we do it so we dussnt be walkin wiv the smell....but you haz to be good citicen and pick it up for sure

  10. Oh, da swans be so purrty. And thank you for da log demo. I tink I can handles dat. Butt....still easier for us short leggies to goes under. BWHahahahah

  11. Fun Stuff Shawnee! Careful of dem swans!!


  12. What an awesome hike! You do so many cool things... I'm jealous!

  13. Wow, glad you took it easy! ;)

    Now, why would you take the time to scoop up the poos in a baggie just to leave it?? That makes no sense at ALL! I mean, I can hold my poos, but Duncan always poos on trail, but we baggie it up and put it in my backpack. As EWWW as this is, it's just what you do!

    And I'd sue for false advertising for the lack of ICE CREAM on the trail! Boo!

  14. OOOH what a great hike! You looked so happy bouncing in that very big puddle. Those are some beautiful swans! We gots to see swans this weekend too. We saw a pair of black swans & a pair of white swans. It was so furry cool!

    Now this may sound irresponsible but my hoomies would probably not pick up our poo poo in a place like that. The forest is a very BIG place & it isn't an area where huge crowds go to. The poo poo could help fertilize the soil. HEE HEE

    WOW you guys are so wonderful to pick up all those rubbish.

  15. Shawnee - Wow! Your Mom calls an 11-mile hike and two mountaintops "takin' it easy"? Oh, no, now we've got that Eagles song in our heads! Make it stop! Hmmmmmmmm, okay...
    Those swans were beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us :) Very cool hike. Sorry there was no ice cream on the trail for you, but looks like there was plenty of other stuff for you to carry out. You deserve an award for being such good stewards of the trails! We're looking forward to your trip to VA. Where are going? We used to live there for a couple of years. It's very pretty! Hope you have FUN!

    The Road Dogs

  16. I can't wait to see all about your hiking trip! But I am shocked about the dog poo thing:
    First, that you never poo while hiking -WHAT!!?? The girls love to poo on long walks!
    Second - I've never understood finding a bagged up bag of poo. It's like they bagged it up and then got tired....**eye roll**