Saturday, April 9, 2011

Storm King State Park

So today we hiked 8.5 miles at Storm King State Park in Noo York. It woz a short hike fur us but mom sayed it "kicked her butt" coz we had to climb up and down 3 different mountains.  The furst mountain do be Butter Hill and it be named that coz it do supposed to look like buttah - you be the judge:
So anyways, this do be me going up Butter Hill:
We woz kinda bummed coz it do be furry foggy in the morning and we could not see the seeniks furry well but OMD, look at the pikshure mom snagged up high above the fogs!
OK, so then we headed on ofur to Storm King Mountain.
Uh oh, major prawblem. I did not want to go up these skeery steps so mom had to help me coz wanted to go unner the steps and I would has fallened down the steep cliff.
Ta da! I made it!
We did find some snow still hiding up there on Storm King Mountain:
The fog do be going away now so I got to see the Hudson River from Storm King Mountain:
So then we commed down off of Storm King Mountain and went through the clove, wot be the valley, and I got to kewl my paws off in the creeks.
Then we started up Crows Nest Mountain and from there I could see that Butter Hill wot I climbed earlier:
The Crows Nest Mountain do be bald coz in 1999 there do be a big forest fire wot burnted efurrything up and the trees has not growned back.  There woz big eggploshuns in the fire coz there woz ammunishuns laying around wot peeples did not know woz there.  It prolly had been there fur years from West Point Military Reservation wot is rite next door. But they say as long as you stay on the trails you be safe so we did and we did not get blowned up. 
Then we could see the Hudson River from the Crows Nest Mountain and the fog be all gone by the time we gotted there.
Then all of a sudden, OMD, I spied a Pirates of the Caribbean pirate ship in the Hudson River.  Fur real!
Here do be a memorial fur the man wot gifted the grounds where this park be coz he wanted it to be furefur pawtekted so they not build shopping malls and stuffs on it.
So then we had to go down in that clove thing again then part the way back up Butter Hill to our car.  Yup, mom and I woz dog tired.

I leave you with some Shawnee Cam shots:


  1. OMD OMD... you walked where there might be EXPLOSIONS???? You are sooooo brave.

    I can NOT believe that you hiked clear up above the CLOUDS. That is amazing, Shawnee. It was beautiful up there looking down on the clouds. SIGH
    Wonderful Walkie!!!

  2. that looks like the best walkie ever!!


  3. teenie weenie feet hurt jus tinking bout dat hike. At least dere wasn't too much snows.

  4. I know my mom would sleep well tonight after a pawesome hike like THAT!


  5. I'll bet you and mom were very tired cuz that was a tough hike. Good job on getting up the wooden steps pal. I probably would have gone under too.

  6. Next time you see Cap'n Jack's ship could you stop and get his pawtograph? He makes our Mom go "SQUEEEEE!!!"


  7. Wow, that looks like quite a hike. We had the fog here on Thursday. My mom works on the 18th floor and the fog covered her office window. Can you imagine!

    I love those pictures of you up on the rocks. you look like the king of the world!

    Your pal, Pip

  8. That is one exciting hike! I am very much relieved to know that you and your mom did not get blown up! The picture of the fog is pretty cool.

    I have my paws crossed that there will be hiking for us tomorrow!


  9. Not getting blowed up is important! Glad you made it through okay.

    Did you really see that pirate ship? And the devilishly handsome Captain Jack?

    You were very brave to go up those steps, too, and not try to fall off the cliff.

    I think this hike was full of excitement, suspense and danger! Shawnee the Adventurer!

  10. Storm King's a great park for a hike with a lot of climbing and Black Rock Forest, which is right across 9W, is similar but even bigger!

    Just be VERY careful at winter...

    Storm King's Stillman Trail becomes one GIANT ice slick that is very dangerous. You should see those stairs then...

  11. We always love being above the clouds like that. Terrific picture.

  12. Another great hike with Shawnee and Mom. That was an incredible pic your Mom got over the top of the fog.

    We don't blame you for not wanting to climb those scary steps. Mom said Dakota and Phantom were always scared of those open steps in our other house in Connecticut.

    And we don't get why they name those places you climbed "hills" - those sure look like mountains to us. We have a hard time getting the Momster up the little hills on our walks and they are itsy bitsy ones.

    Have a great week.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  13. HOLY DOG how high up were you guys??? Bet it was cold up there! OH & that hill looks NUTHING like buttah. I know it because I eat buttah a lot & that hill looks nuthing like the buttah I eat. Bet it tastes nuthing like buttah either.

  14. Mama and I are scratching our heads because we don't see any resemblance of Butter Hill to butter. We're pretty impressed with that picture you found of the butter though.

    Your mom took some great pictures! Even though at first you didn't see an actual view, the clouds are beautiful! I can't believe there is still some snow! That's a great day you had and it was very interesting about Crows Nest Mountain.

  15. That picture of the fog and mountains is spectacular! What a great hike, even if it "kicked your Mom's butt"! Have you hiked any of the Catskills around New Paltz? We were there many years ago to see the family homestead.

  16. Shawnee
    Those were some skurry stairs on that steep cliff. Woo were very brave. Hey if you eat the dirt on Butter hill does it taste like buttah? nom nom nom. That was a hard hike climbing butter and walking on explosive grounds and coming across pirates and see the Hudson River from up high. But woo kept a smile the entire time. Wowzer.
    PS- momma wants to know what backpack you use. She thinks I might get one but trouble is I like to run off and swim...

  17. I may only haz little legs but I sure do like climbin hills and mountains. I am very jellus of your hike this week.

  18. Pie-rates?? OMG mom is so jealous! She love captain Johnny Depp!

    That does look like a lot of uphill going...great way to work out your booty!

  19. That picture above the fog is amazing!

    And I think Butter Hill sort of resembles a squeaky toy. Don't you agree????

  20. That was a really exciting adventure! It had evrything! Hiking, fog, gorgeous scenery, skary stairs, cliffs, snow, rivers, huge rocks, dynermite AND pirates!!!!!! Don't think you can top this adventure, but I sure hope you try! :)

  21. Cool pics, Shawnee! That foggy pic is amazing! Those were some really big rocks. We think they look more like dinosaur poo but what do we know?! We can see how that would be a very tiring hike, but fun, too! We got a little scared seeing you looking over that cliff. Yikes! And we're glad you didn't get blowed up! Guess that's a good reason to stay on the trail, eh? Mom really liked that pirate ship - she thinks those are cool. She would like to have one in the yard for decoration :)

    The Road Dogs