Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hiking Vacation Day 1 and Contest Winner!

Hey efurrybuddy!  I is baaaaaaack!  And I has lots of advenshures to share with you.  We had furry eggsiting times at mountains and lakes and rivers and waterfalls and historical places and a farm with goats and chickuns (but not fur nomming, fur egg laying) and I seened an alien mothership!  So without further to do, I shall get started and do this in chronic logic order.
So on the way to Furginia, we wanted to stop in Merryland and do an 8 mile hike at Catoctin Mountain Park to break up the drive.  We woz pressed fur time, howefur, coz they had forecasted rain after noon so it woz kinda dreary while we woz hiking and we woz hoping not to get stucked in the rain.

So furst off, Bunny had asked me if'n I had efur been to Gettysburg.  Well, Bunny, I had to pass rite by Gettysburg on my way to Catoctin Mountain Park. I sniffed out the window fur you.
So this woz the mountain we woz going to:
You can see the clouds is looking angry.  So I started hiking...
...and checking pee mail...
Then we commed to a seenik at Chimney Rock:
And then we climbed some rawks ofur at Wolf Rock where there be signs wot say DANGER but it woz not skeery.
Then at this seenik we seened the road we woz driving on when we taked the pikshure of the mountain we be standing on!
And then, it started SLEETING! Yup, there be ice falling on my furs.  So we quick continued on...

The sleet did stop when we commed to the waterfalls.  They did has a nice boardwalk made fur us to walkies on and the signs asked that you stay on the boardwalk but duss you think peeples lissen?  NO!
This man had a girl on the rawks by the waterfalls and not only did it mess up my pikshures, it teached the girl to be noggty and not lissen to signs.
See them up there in the corner of my piksure messing it up?  Here, I biggify it fur you:
So anyways, that be about the end of our hike and I unloaded my litter haul at the recycling bin back at the parking lot:
You won't be seeing my backpack on me fur the rest of my trip coz something sticky got in the pawket from the litter we picked up so I could not wear it until we could get back home to wash it or mom woz skeered I would get bugs on me or be bear bait or something.

So we wussn't in the car and back on the road 10 minits when it started POURING rain and it rained almost all the way to our cabin at... OK, here we go, the park we woz staying at:
And the winner do be Frankie Furter coz he did guess the rite park wot I be staying at in Furginia fur my Earth Day Contesty!  Yay Frankie Furter! Send my your addressy at shepshawnee at cs dot com pawlese so I can get your prize to your mail lady to gib to you!  Thank you efurrybuddy fur entering - you all had some furry good guesses!

So here be my cabin at the James River State Park:
The living room.
The kitchun fur nom preparashuns.
The bafroom but that shower be too little fur me to be getting a baf in it, hehehehe!
Me and mom's bedroom.
The second bedroom wot we not be needed so we closed the door.
My hidey spot away from home.
And a deck with rawking chairs fur chillin out.
So, that be day 1.  Much more to come but fur now I need naps, lots of naps...  Stay tooned!


  1. Mom works for the National Park Service, and she is very disappointed to see people not obeying the rules, but she is very happy to see you and your Mom helping to keep America's Parks beautiful!


  2. Shawnee, I'm so glad you are back. I really liked the cabin you stayed in.
    I can't wait to see more pictures of your trip.

  3. OH shoot! How could I have guessed it wrong. Anyway, congrats to Frankie! That looks like a beautiful place & that cabin is really nice!

  4. Looks like the start of a great vacation. Those people who ignore the signs don't realize how much danger they put themselves in as well as the rescuers who sometimes have to come after them.

  5. Yikes- you are such hardy hikers to be hiking in the sleet. Have a fun time.

  6. I WON??? I guessed RIGHT??? I think it is beclaws I know you sooooo well.. and beclaws you gave us that grrrreat hinty tool to look at all the pawsibilities.. before we made our guess.

    I LOVE that cabin and your special spot in the bedroom. I am really glad that the shower thingy was tooooo small fur you to have to .. well you know what I'm gettin at.

    I think that silly two legger guy should be thrown OUT.. before he lets the girrrl get hurt. OR they hurt some of the plants and stuffs in the park. Shame on him.
    I am soooo sorry that your litter hauler thingy got all sticky icky. Good that you didn't use it until it is un stucky.. can't have our wonderful SHAWNEE become Bear Bait.
    THANKS fur putting on the grrreat contest. I am sooooo thrilled to have WON!!! WHOOOOOOOIE!!!

  7. We are so glad you were able to get your first hike in before the rains hit. And stupid peeps not obeying the rules - they need to go to obedience school too.

    Congrats to Frankie - we just knew he would win - he is very smart and very lucky.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. What a cool cabin, Shawnee! You deck was the perfect place for a snooze. On to part II!

  9. What a cool beginning to your vacation! We are very sorry we missed you in Gettysburg. We just left there and are on our way home now. We were there for the weekend for a Greyhound convention. Morgan was a little outnumbered, but I think she still had a good time!


  10. What a nice vacation cabin.

    woof - Tucker

  11. Why does people not follow the rules??! Gah!! But love your cabin...much better than a tent. I think cabins are the way we'll stay for a while!!

  12. Shawnee - Okay, we're back to catch up on your hiking adventure and we're starting on Day 1 so we don't miss anything. haha
    That was a nice pre-hike hike. Glad you didn't get caught in the downpour!
    Ooooh, what a nice cabin! Do you think they would allow 5 dogs in there? :)
    We knew we were wrong about where you were staying - our guess wasn't even on the map!
    The Road Dogs

  13. Also catching up here...that 1st hike didn't bode well for the rest of the trip - I hope the posts to come are filled with sun and no rule-breakers!

    That cabin is lovely. I had no idea about those nice cabins until you showed us in your blog - we'll have to check those out...

  14. Nice hike! Cool cabin too. We got a Chimney Rock in Utah, too - you should come see it. :)