Monday, April 4, 2011

The Conestoga Trail

So yesterday we hiked on the Conestoga Trail in Pencilvania. It do be a long distance trail kinda like the Appalachian trail but a lot shorter and only in Pencilvania.
So this hike do be in Lancaster County in Pencilvania and wot duss that make you think of?  The rolling hills of Pencilvania (wot the V-E-T calls my sis Dixie's belly coz of all the old fogie fatty tumors she has - you getting the mental image now?) and the Amish in they horse and buggies like this:
I is telling you, mom woz dodging them horses and buggies left and rite on the way there. It woz furry interesting to watch from my perspective in the back seat.  So we gotted to the hike wot started out a place called Kelly's Run - it do be a furry wild and rugged place.  No rolling hills and farms here.  Just see fur yourselves:
So, as you can see, there woz LOTS of water so mom would not let me wear my Shawnee Cam fur this hike.

We then comed up high where we could see the Susquehanna River wot do be a rilly big river.
Then we commed to the Pinnacle Overlook where I founded seeniks.

The sad thing is any old body can drive their car up to this overlook and when that happens, you get lots of litter.  There be no trash cans because you is eggspected to take your trash back home with you.  So wot duss the lazy peeples do?  They drive up, park their car, admire the seenik while hasing a drink, then leave their garbage fur somebuddy else to pick up, get back in their car and drive home.  Grrrrrr.
Did not mean to ruin the seenik fur you like it did fur us, but we duss not pick up litters at places where peeples can drive up coz there just be too much of it. We only pick up litters out on the trails like this:
Unfortunately that litter woz too big for my backpack and mom's backpack so mom had to carry it in her hand for about the last 5 miles.  She so woz not a happy camper about that. I did carry some smaller stuff wot we picked up.
So anyway, back to our hike.  A little farther up the Conestoga Trail there do be a rawk outcrop with seeniks wot the peeples wot drive to the udder seenik duss not go to.  No litter bugs here.
We like this better anyways coz it do be more wild and rustic.  And from here I gibs a howlout to Khyra wot lives ofur on the udder side of this river.   WOOOOOOOOOOO!

I wonner if'n I found the Skwerrel Federashun hideout?
There be nobuddy home.

Then the Conestoga Trail taked us to Tucquan Glen Nature Preserve where there woz more wild and seenik waters.
We has a video where I shows you how crazee loud the waterfalls is.

A nice laydee taked a pikshure of me and mom at the Tucquan Creek but I looked the udder way.

Is you coming ofur the bridge, mom?

We did find an island wot belongs to Anna the GSD's brudder, Duncan.  Rilly.
No worries, Anna, someday I find your island.

It sure do be spring coz we seened lots of wildflowahs popping up:

Towards the end of the day I woz hasing to wate on mom a lot like this:
So it woz a furry wild and rugged 13 mile hike in Lancaster County! I thought mom woz going to be crawling back on hers hands and knees at the end and rilly, how embarrassing would that has been?


  1. What a great hike Shawnee! I am really startin' to feel the urge to do some hikin's!


  2. Another fantastic hike, Shawnee! I look forward to your posts because you always make me laugh. Like when you're on the bridge waiting for mom. by the way, mom - great hike. I wouldn't have lasted a few steps there - it looked rugged!!

  3. woooos Shawnee! That looks like the most fabulous hike ever!! We really enjoyed your pictures:)

    RA & Isis

  4. What a beautiful hike you took! Mom went to Lancaster once a zillion years ago, but just to the town, not anyplace so pretty. Duncan's lucky to have his own island!!

    Our vari-word is tracke!!

  5. Shawnee and Mom, thanks for cleaning up everywhere you go. Those stoopie litterbugs! Maybe they will make a bug spray for them bad bugs one day.

    Love, Cupcake

  6. Shawnee every time I think you have found the ONE mostest beautiful place fur a hike... you go and find ANOTHER one!!!
    I can't believe how gorgeous this hike was. I especially liked Duncan's Island and the pretty yellow wild flowers of springy time.
    THANK you my furend fur taking us along.
    Sorry about the littering two leggers. Shame on them.
    I am so glad that you got to have a super duper HAPPY TIME Picture of you and your mom. That was nice of the lady to do fur you.
    And... guess what my super secret squiggle word fur this comment is... DEERS.. yep Shawnee.. it says deers. I tooked a picture of it. I really really did.

  7. Those piks iz speshlly pritty Shawnee, wat a grate hike. You looks furry wets in sum of that waters too, you iz always so brave!

  8. Mom and I were furry sorry we khouldn't get there to meet woo two -

    As we pawed, it was just tooooooo far and in the wrong direkhtion given the Xterra had to be pointed towards Merryland -

    We are glad woo had fun AND a beaWOOtiful day -

    Sunday is a big day fur the buggies to be out and about - with horse treats being left along the road - Mom gets see a bunch of 'em when she's heading South on I81 through Cumberland County -

    Thanks fur sharing those great pikhs!


  9. Shawnee - That would be one of our favorite hikes with all that water! Those were some amazing scenics! They remind us of where we lived in Virginia.

    It's so thoughtful of you to pick up other people's litter. Dad is pretty good about doing that, too, when he has a backpack. haha Our Mom would probably be crawling back after 13 miles! She's kinda out of shape for hiking since we've been living at sea level for so many years :)

    Thanks for sharing your hike with us!

    The Road Dogs

  10. What a beautiful lake!! That is a lake right? Looked like you had another great hike.

  11. Shawnee this is so beautiful! I wish it was closer to us! Keep 'em coming, we love reading about your adventures!

  12. Awwwwwe Shawnee, your mom is so purties!
    I am so glad dat ya'll picks up all da trash, it always boggles my brain how rude some hoomans can be.
    What a beeeeautiful hike, it's nice to sees your hikes and makes me kinda jealous dat I don't gets to go...sigh.


  13. YOu gets to go on that nice hike and all I gots was snow!!! TWice!

    woof - Tucker

  14. Guess what? Mama and Papa were just there three weekends ago. Well, they were in Lancaster/Amish Country. They didn't know about this place. Your mom got some great pictures and the pictures of you are great. My favorite is the one of you on some rocks over the water and you're giving Khyra a howlout. We think your Mom should frame that one. Your face is just so beautiful and so is the background.

    I did the nastiest barf earlier. I mean it made my regular pukes look nice. I'm devoting it to these litterers.

  15. My peeps have been to Amish country and loved it there. Very pretty and peaceful. That looks like a super nice place to hike - M says maybe should could even handle that trail. hisss on people that leave their litter all over.

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog and wishing me well today. I was actually going for the Jackie O. look today, but you were the only one who caught on!

    Your pal, Pip

  17. I think you could start selling postcards from the pictures of you and the scenics you find. Your mom got some really good pics of you this time...with some pretty scenics thrown in, too!

  18. Wow, with a bottle like that I'm suprised you didn't find someone passed out on the rocks! That's no water bottle!

    Duncan has his own island?!?! Wow! It kinda looks like him, big in the middle!! Hee hee!!!

  19. That looks like another great hike. Maybe you need to get your mommy some kind of harness so you can help her climb those rocks. I saw an old dog wearing one once.

  20. That is one exciting and pretty hike, Shawnee! I am going to be in Pennsylvania at the end of the month. I wonder if I'll see any places that you have been! I'm trying to talk Mom into going hiking with me tomorrow. We'll see if it works out!


  21. That might be your best hike yet my pal. Such grate pikshurs. I ope them litter bigs be seein this and learnin they lesson from your good werks