Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day Contest!

Hey efurrybuddy! I is not rilly here. I has this set on the timer thingie fur Earth Day coz I do be in the Land of No Innerwebs rite now.  In my absences, I wanted to do this contesty fur Earth Day in conjunkshun with my hiking trip so here do be the eggsiting prizes wot you can win!

If'n you click on the linkies below, it will show you more about the prizes:
Mom has these and she uses them all the time and lots of peeples ask her about them and where she gotted them from coz they think they be so kewl.  And at Whole Foods mom gets back 10 cents fur efurry bag, even the produce bags!  That means more noms fur me! Mom NEFUR uses any kind of plastic bags any more fur shopping.  Plastic bags do be so icky fur the environments.  Just look around - they be hanging from trees all ofur the place and that rilly messes up my seeniks. Those plastic bags will be there furefur and efur unless somebuddy goes and gets them coz they duss not decompose. And those bags can make the wildlifes ded.

Wot duss you has to do to win?  You has to guess wot state park in Furginia I be staying at and put your ansser in a comment on this post.  If'n nobuddy gesses the rite park, then the one wot gesses the park closest to where I be staying do be the winner.  And coz we only has one prize, if'n we has multiple winners, the furst one to gess the rite park do be the offishull winner.  So go to this linkie for Furginia State Parks where you will see the map below:
After you click on the linkie the list of parks with the full names, not just two letters, do be rite unnerneath the map and when you run your mousie ofer the names of the parks, they do lite up on the map - furry nifty.  (You kittehs can has a blast with this - just woofin'.) That way you know wot park names belongs to the two letters on the map.  So this be like "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" only it be "Where in Furginia is Shawnee the Shepherd?"  Oh, and you has until April 30 to gess. Happy Earth Day and happy gessing!
FINE PAWPRINT:  If'n there be anybuddy wot I has alreddy blabbed to where I be staying they is not eligibull fur pawticipashuns.  I is not woofing that I has blabbed, but just in case...


  1. I am going to guess Fairy Stone! What can I say, I have a sister who loves fairies! I really want those produce bags. We go through lots of produce with my bunny sister Lulu!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Did Shawnee go to the Shenandoah River? I hope so because that would be cute. Shawnee went to Shenandoah to see what she could see. Say that 5 times fast!

    Love, Cupcake

  3. BOL! We are going to guess hungry mother!

    RA & Isis

  4. We can't figure it out! We hope you have an excellent trip, though!


  5. Oh man, there's SO many parks in Virginia! It's going to be hard to pick which one but me is guessing High Bridge Trail State Park. Paws crossed I gets this right.

    have fun & Happy Hoppy Easter!

  6. *scratches head* Mom can't remember if you told us or not. Uh oh.

    We're going to guess Smith Mountain Lake because we know you like to look at pretty scenic lakes...and get your furs wet...and we also know you like to bag peaks!

    (But if we got it right, you should probably go with the next person who gets it right 'cause Mom really can't remember if we already knew!)

  7. Not entering your contesty. Just wanted to say I hope you're having a wonderful time in Furginia and that you get to see lots of beautiful scenery and NO TRASH!

  8. I vote fur James River... beclaws it says it has 20 miles of trails fur hiking and stuffs.

    THIS is a cooooooool Earth Day contest. My mom recycles all of the plastic bags from the store... butt this will be even better.

  9. I don't have a clue cuz you have so many parks in your state. We hardly ever use plastic bags either. M got some cloth one awhile back and always uses them.

  10. We hope you have a wonderful time in whatever park you chose, but we are going to guess the New River Park.

    Very cool bags - Mom is going to check them out some more.

    Have a great time.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  11. Claytor Lake State Park

    forsurveysonly at gmail dot com

  12. I hope it's not Hungry Mother! That doesn't sound fun at all. I was going to guess Fairy Stone, but I see that Pip already guessed it, so I'll go with Natural Tunnel State Park! If it's been called the Eighth Wonder of the World, it must be really pretty!


  13. Hi, just found your blog and wanted to follow you as you sound like you have some great adventures. We loved looking at your photographs, hope you've had a great holiday, Dex & Louis x

  14. We are not guessing because mom knows (since she made the reservation). While I was going to offer the secret for a fee (I love the dog on the Bush's Baked Beans commercial), mom won't tell me either. She says it is CONFIDENTIAL work stuff. HAH! I am hoping it was not as hot hiking where you are in Furginia like it was here!

  15. Hi Shawnee
    Tell your momma thank woos for the backpack information. I knew something was missing today- woo. I bet woo are at the natural tunnel state park. It seems mr daniel boone went there and that would be cool too wear a coon skin hat and walkies under it.
    I'll see woo in a few...

  16. My guess is Lake Anna - it looks lovely!

  17. OMD--I almost missed this. What was I thinking? I'm thinking you might be going to Douthat State Park. It's not too far from where my Dad is from (Bluefield, W VA) and is a pawsomely handsome (like you, Shawnee) park.

    We don't use those plastic baggies either. Mom says they're bad for the environment and hopes Oregon goes ahead and passes a bill banning them.

  18. I am gonna be guessin High Bridge Trail cos I fink that do sound like the last place on erf you would wants to find yourself cos I kno you dussnt like bridges and fings like dat and so I am guessin that you is bluffin us and avin a joke. Duz I win?

  19. I don't see Khamp Khyra -

    PeeEssWoo: My word is PASHTEA
    Pawsylvania Siberian Husky Tea ;-)

  20. I say Lake ANNA, just cause it sounds like an AWESOME place!! BOL! Can't wait to see all your piktures!!!

  21. Okay, we're sure it's not this one, but we think it would be really cool if you were at Prince William 'cause we used to live close to there and we would hike it all the time.

    The Road Dogs