Friday, June 17, 2011

Annual Blogville Picnic in the Bark

Welcome to the Annual Blogville Picnic in the Bark!  Get your picnic on!

Come on ofur to the Blogville Ampy Theater fur a moovie eggstravaganza pawsented by your Parks and Recreashuns Department starring yours trooly.

Stop by the conceshun stand on your way fur some noms to complete your entertainment eggsperience...

Pawseed ofur to the ampy theater. Sit. Stay. The moovie be starting in three.... two..... one.... AKSHUN!

Pawlese hold your apaws coz we still has a speshull bonus feeture - did you knows you can recycle lots of different types of plastic bags in the plastic bag depository at your grocery store, not just shopping bags?  Of course none of our peeps has plastic shopping bags fur recycling coz they all be using reusable bags, right? But they has bread bags, toilet paper roll bags, all kinds of udder plastic bags.  Watch this eggsiting moovie to find out about it!

Oh noes, there be litterbugs amungst us here in Blogville!  Let's keep Blogville clean.  Use you arrow keys to move youself around to pick up the litter and put it in the proper recycling bins.  Find the litter bug and show him the error of hims way by bonking him with your snooter or gibbing him a good head butt and turn him into a green dude wot duss not be a litterbug.

Thank you all fur keeping Blogville litter free!  On your way out of the Ampy Theater, pawlese stop by Odwalla to plant a tree in your favorite Blogville park!

Now on to udder Picnic in the Bark funs and games. Here be a direktory fur your conveniences:

Fenris' Flower Show

Oskar's Bug House

Sarge's Bobbin fur Tube Steaks

Mollie Jo's Fashion Show

Ronnii & Uji's Wally Melon Eatin

Puddles' Dunk Tank and Sack Race

The Road Dogs' Bounce House

Pip's Brat and Beer Tent

Bouncing Bertie


Paws of Peace


  1. Looks like the party is going great so far! Th 1st game was fun. I made it to level 6. HEE HEE

  2. We loved your slideshow film, how brilliant, you always have such lovely photo's. Our human has recycling boxes for just about everything, there is even one for food scraps - now that is a waste when she could just give them to us! Thanks for all the link Shawnee, we couldn't play your game as it wouldn't work on our pc :-( never mind we'll try again later, Dex & Lou x

  3. Thanks Shawnee! We didn't know you could recycle other types of plastic bags at the grocery store. Very good to know.

    I think I will stop at the concession stand on my way out - since my brats have disappeared. I suspect my mom may have had something to do with this - maybe your mom and my mom were in this together!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. SHAWNEE!!!! The Ampitheater was PACKED.. I had to stand up to see your furst PAWformance... butt it was WELL WORTH IT!!! You did an amazing job.
    I am gonna stop by your Concession stand and get a Milkbone with Cheese Topping!!
    THANKS... this is just GRRRRREAT.

  5. What fun buddy. Dinner and a movie - what could be better. Yup - my peeps recycle the plastic grovery bags - he he - take them b ack to the same store & put in the proper bin. Works slick!

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  7. Shawnee, your Mom is very creative!
    I had a lot of fun.

    How did you work the concession stand and not eat everything in sight?

  8. Gah! I'm hooked on that Recycling Game! That is addictive!

    Shawnee, you did a great job teaching everyone about recycling and taking care of nature!


  9. Great picnic stop. You have been to so many amazing places. I hope I get to go to some of them. I love to go camping in the parks with my people.

    I'm off to Odwalla now to plant a tree. Happy pincining!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  10. Shawnee
    I twooly enjoyed that spectacoolaw movie and vewy infowmative and impawtant twailow at the ampi theatwe I am going to be especially caweful not to be a littew bug and wecycle like you suggested. Ummm, btw, Can I have youw pawtogwaph???
    It's wawe to meet such a fine actow in pawson..I'm honowed
    smoochie kisses
    pee ess i love the food at the boof
    smoochie kisses

  11. Shawnee, we will be sure to recycle our beer cans from the beer tent... BURP!


  12. SHAWNEE... Could you go to the Emerg. Med. Tent and lend a paw?? There are Bo-Dawgs lined up over there 87 deep.. and the tent is in shambles beclaws FENRIS had a Maggie Mae thought and didn't make the corner..
    and Maggie Mae is swamped with guys wanting their Paws held and Ice bags and stuffs. Corbin will watch your concession stand if you can help the nursey girrrrrls out.
    Sheeeesh.. I thought we had everythingy covered...

  13. This is so fun! Happy picnic!


  14. Shawnee... thanks sooooo much fur lending a paw at the Em. Med. tent. It is a good thingy that you were soooo close.. when you were needed. AND it was a good thingy that you weren't giving your Litter Bug Lecture or Hike Talks. Fenris is over a Pip's.. braggin about his big ... experience.. I think he needs to chill out and spend some quiet time ... learning stuffs from you!!
    I'm just sayin.

  15. Thanks so much Shawnee I loved the foodles the movie the games and all the fun! I even planted trees!

    Off to Pawty More! Tessa

  16. This is an awesome presentation Shawnee! And we are coming back later this weekend to read more in depth. We're staying close to the bouncy house to keep an eye on things so they don't get out of control! Thanks for visiting and bouncing!

    The Road Dogs

  17. Yep, we knew about all that plastic bag recycling business. Mom & Dad take theirs into the local grocery to drop them off.

    Have fun at the party! I'll have to run over and check it out. Any mud?

  18. Yahoo!! We gots to leavel 5!!

    {{{huggies}}}...Mona & Weenie

  19. Whew! Finally got the jump castle cleaned up, aired out and folded up so we can return it! So we came back to read your awesome recycle presentation in detail! What a great way to learn about recycling We learned some stuff we didn't know! That game was fun, too! Although we have to admit we're bit slow and it took us awhile to figure out what we were supposed to do! BOL! And we tried to plant a treat, um, we mean TREE, and couldn't get that site to work. Maybe we'll remember to try later. Anyway, what a great presentation! That was a LOT of work!

    The Road Dogs

  20. Your presentation was totally pawsome, Shawnee! We have been having so much fun during the picnic, that we are still visiting all the attractions (I visited you yesterday, butt silly blogger must have eaten my words!?!?!? )

    I especially like da Odwalla tree thingy............Go Texas! In fact, da big tree on da Texas part of the map looks like it is sitting right on top of Lucy's house!