Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bad Camera and a Good Bear

Fur this week's hike we went to Stokes State Forest in Noo Joisey where we hiked 10 miles. We has hiked there afore but this time we wanted to take some trails wot not many peeples hike on plus part of the Appalachian Trail wot goes thru there to make some more thru-hiker furrends! Now be the time lots of thru-hikers be coming thru Noo Joisey on their way to Maine from Georgia.
We started out on a road fur a little ways from the parking lot.  There woz kewl sunbeams.
This pikshure is blurry but there woz these red efts all ofur the trail so mom and I had to watch our paws so we did not squish them like SPLAT!  We woz careful and hopscotched down the trail so we did not step on them.
So folks, after this pikshure:
THE CAMERA DIED!!!!!!!  Yes folks, it died.  This camera be only 6 months old.  It still do be unner warranty but that did us no goods NOW!  (If'n you want to know wot kind it is, mom buyed it coz the reviews woz good but she has nefur rilly liked this camera anyways. It do be a Panasonic DMC-ZR3.  She mite be getting a new one anyways and keep this as a backup when it be fixed so if'n anybuddy has a camera wot they LOVE, pawlese let us know wot kind it do be.)

So anyways, no camera and would you not knows there be major eggsitements shortly thereafter?  A bear!  We seened a bear!  It be our furst bear encounter in the fur up close and fursonal this year.  I will has to draw you a pikshure:
The bear stopped and watched us and we so could has gotted a furry good pikshure of him IF'N WE HAD A CAMERA WOT WERKED!  Mom woz talking to me so the bear could hear her voice and know we be furrends and just be passing thru.  Usually that makes the bears give bear booty and run but not this one, he stood pawfektly still and just looked at us.  So mom speaked directly to the bear.  "Good Morning Bear! Lovely forest you have here!!"  It woz so embarassing. The bear looked at mom like she be a crazy laydee, gibbed us bear booty and sauntered off nice and slow in the opposite direkshun.

So then mom had the most brilliantest idea!  She could take pikshures with her cell phone! (Duh.)  Mom nefur uses the camera on her cell phone so we stopped to take a break while she messed around with it and finally figgered out how to make it take pikshures.  Then she did not know how to get them off the camera so she figgered out how to email them to herself and got them that way.  Like I has menshunned afore, mom is techie challanged.  How embarassing.

Anyways, we has a few more pikshures from when we got to the Appalachian Trail with some seeniks.  They is not the bestest pikshures but they will has to do.
Peeking into Pencilvania from atop the Appalachian Trail.
This do be a fire tower but I did not let mom try to climb up the stairs coz it be skeery fur her.
Ummmm, is anybuddy missing their britches?
We seened several thru-hikers and just sayed "Hello" to them and they gibbed me skritches in passing to get their doggie fix since they had been on the trail fur months and not seeing many dogs.  But this Appalachian Trail thru-hiker woz taking a break so we stopped and talked to him and I got my pikshure takened with him.  His trail name be "Grandpa".
We woz almost back at our car and still had a full container of water wot we had not dranked out of so we gibbed it to Grandpa to fill up his water bottles coz drinking water be hard to come by on the Appalachian Trail.  Nice meeting you and chatting with you, Grandpa!


  1. Shawnee, you just crack us up every single week!! Mom just got a new SLR camera butt she said she thinks it would be to heavy to take on long hikes. Her little point and shoot that she had before is a Canon Powershot. It's about 3 years old. It's light, easy and takes pretty good pictures. I doesn't have a "high speed" setting, tho and she thinks we move around too much. Butt for seenicks it is furry good. She took it with her to Greece and she got butiful pictures with it. Thanks for another beautiful hike!!
    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  2. My Mom uses a Kodak... butt it is HEAVY fur the hikes you take.. My dad just got a Pole A Roid.. fur $20.00 at a yard sale... It is really LIGHT and seems to be EASY to use and takes good pics. He already has like 87 pics on the SD card.

    A FUR REAL.. BEAR!!!! YIKES.. that do be X-Plainin the Britches though... It prolly scared someone OUT OF THEM!!! hehehe

    Your Demonstrations in the Ampitheater were Astounding... EVERYBUDDY Loved them and some went back for a Second Time!!! It was Amazing and fun filled. I hope that you will do it again fur us!!! Your Fans will want to see MORE of your hikes and adventures.

  3. OMC a bare an NO CAMRA! That iz terribuls Shawnee. Seeing a bare iz so xciting!

  4. You saw a BEAR!!!!! And your mom, talked to the bear!!! OMD!!

    I have a Nikon Coolpix S6100. It is a point and shoot, lightweight, lots of settings, etc.

    Your pal, Pip

  5. To Mom and Shawnee, thank you so much for not stepping on those little red guys. You both care so much for all creatures and we really appreciate that. I bet even the bear could sense how kind the two of you are, that's why he didn't run off right away.

    I say you can't go wrong with a sony camera.

    Cupcake and Mom

  6. Mom squeeed over the salamaders. She used to play with them when she was a kid in NY. cool about the bear. Too man your mom didn't figure out the phone camera sooner. Very cool that you got to see one and it didn't nom you.

  7. A bear?! Oh Shawnee, you have all the luck! That sounds like more excitement than Morgan and I see hiking all year. I can't believe your camera chose that moment to die on you! Bah, phooey! I think your mom did a good job with the phone camera, though. It's better than nothing!


  8. A bear in da furs...oh my! Glad dat bear wasn't very hungry!

  9. Hmm... *takes notes* When faced with a bear, acting like a crazy lady is a useful defense...good to know.

    BOL! Just kidding. ;) What an exciting hike! Honestly, we just use the camera on the cell phone as a camera (we have a Droid Incredible); it takes nice pictures and we can email them to ourselves or upload straight to Twitter & a few other sites.

  10. First of all, we can't believe you went for a 10 mile hike after ALL those PICNIC activities from the weekend. We're zonked! AND we're so bummed for you that you didn't get a pic of the BEAR! How exciting! But we liked your drawing. That was a really nice hike and it was very generous of you to share you water with Grandpa. Hikers are so nice. We totally understand why you like to hike so much. All that walking puts people (and dogs) in a good mood, eh? Um, think we know some folks around here (our house, that is) that could use a good hike!

    The Road Dogs

  11. Oh, yeah, camera thingy. We kinda like our Canon EOS Rebel. Pretty easy to use and pretty good pics, we think.

    The Road Dogs

  12. Shawnee you and your Mom have the bestest hikes and pictures. Even her camera phone did pretty good. Our M has a Panasonic like yours - still works but has a scratch on the lens. Can't figure out how that happened.
    Good you shared your water with grandpa.

  13. OH NO, your camera dieded too? What is with all these cameras dying all of a sudden?? Another one of my blog friend's camera dieded too. Sigh.

    Anyway, how awesome you gots to meet a bear! But please be careful. Those animals are wild animals & can be unpredictable. I wouldn't want you or you hoomies getting seriously hurted by a bear.

  14. Wow how cool that you got to spend time on the trail, watching the bear & spending time with Grandpa!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  15. Too bad you didn't get a photo of the bear, but I like your drawing! Mommy's camera is a Canon PowerShot S5IS and she likes it a lot. She thinks the equivalent these days is the PowerShot G12.

  16. Your post gave me giggles! I'm so sorry your camera stopped working, but I LOVED the picture you drew of the bear encounter -- very creative!

    Looks like you had a very exciting adventure!

    Woofs & hugs,


  17. Hiya Shawnee! Another great adventure. The second photo especially is fab, it looks very atmospheric our human says. The picture of the bear is as good as any photo, and you met yet another friend on your travels, people are always much friendlier when humans have one of us with them - yet another service we provide :-) Dex & Lou x

  18. Oh my werds. You seen a bear! I wood of been high-tailin it in the opposite direkshun but I know from dat programme we seen that you and mum did the right fing and rilly bears is good nayburrs as long as you is pawlite

  19. The nerve of that camera to die right before the BEAR shot, but it looks like your Mom's phone camera did a pretty good job!

  20. Your mom did not try to give a shout out to the bear! OMG, that is so not kewl and embarrassing. Especially if she was showing her white legs, that may have been what stunned the bear! :)

  21. I do lub dem lizzies u seed on da trail and I r beary happy u did no step on any n make dem ded.

    u alreddy knows we usin an SLR n it not much fun on big hikes or all day outtins but man da pikshurs r great. It a NIKON but der point n shoot cameras are slow so iffen u needs fast reshoots dunt gets one of dem. just meowin (cause i seed dat u alreddy gotted a new one n it sony heehee).