Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hiking in Massachusetts

Yes furrends, this week we hiked in Massy-chew-sits. The wevver peeples woz forecasting rain fur the weekend so mom taked anudder vakashun day so we could go on Furiday! As you can see by the sign below, we hiked to Sages Ravine wot is named fur my furrend Sage ofur in Oregon but it going to take us a while to get there coz we has to hike thru some udder places furst.  Akshually we has to hike 7 miles to get there then turn around and go back to the car so we hiked 14 miles!
 OK, so we started out at Race Brook Falls fur more waterfalls.
The litter bugs has been at the waterfalls. We put the litter by a sign on the trail so we would see it on our way back coz we did not want to carry it the whole way with us.
The litter woz still there at the end of our hike - nobuddy had swipied it. Imagine that.

The mountain laurel fowahs woz blooming - furry pritty!

So this trail taked us to the Appalachian Trail - you knows, that trail wot starts in Georgia and goes ofur 2,000 gabillion miles up to Maine.  You see, you just follow the white lines on the trees thusly...
 OMD, mom, hurry up and climb up these rawks. You has to see these seeniks!
Wowsers! Those seeniks went on and on and on fur ofur half a mile along the top of the mountain!  Then as we woz coming down off of the mountain on the udder side, I got to meet a real live Appalachian Trail thru-hiker! She started hiking in Georgia on March 5 and I runned into her in Massy-chew-sits on her way to Maine. Can you beleef she hiked that far?
Rememmer last week how I met Sonny Daze and how that woz his trail name from when he thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 1986? Well, this new furrend's trail name is "Peach" and she is thru-hiking in 2011!  She gibbed me skritches and we wished her a nice rest of her looooooong hike.

Then it woz down to Sages Ravine!  You see, my furrend Sage lives all the way ofur there in Oregon and her ravine is all the way ofur here in Massy-chew-sits so I has to visit it fur her.

So to gib the full effect of the ravine, I has a cuppull of movies. Furst up, a panorama of Sage's Ravine:

Then after we hiked along the whole ravine I made mom put her water shoes on and get in the water with me and pawtend she be Sage but she did a furry poor job of it coz she did not sposh around and get muddy and stuffs like Sage would has.  At least I got all my furs wet.

So then I metted anudder noo furrend wot is thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail.  Her trail name be "Butter" and you is nefur going to beleef this.... She had COOKIES fur me!  And I got to nom ALL of them coz she sayed she brought them fur dogs wot is thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail and none of them wanted her cookies. Is they crazee? These woz my most fave Zuke's cookies wot Butter carried on the Appalachian Trail with her speshull fur ME! Thank you Butter!
See how she has to carry her hidey spot and blankie in her backpack fur sleeping in the nighttimes in the woods?
A waterfall in Sages Ravine.
So then we had to climb back out of Sages Ravine.  That woz lots of werk and I had to stop fur a nap.

Then back up and ofur the mountain with all those seeniks...
Uh oh... bear poo... I know you is out there somewhere Bear....
Hope you enjoyed your trip to your ravine, Sage!


  1. Shawnee... I loved those beautiful delicate lace like flowers!! THANKs fur biggifyin them fur us so we could see the details.

    You got to meet TWO new furends and ONE with Treats fur YOU????
    Cool Drool.

    Now that seeniks place was hoooooge. You must have been at the top of the world to be able to see soooooooo far!!!
    About that BEARS POOPS... GUESS WHAT... I once Found BEARS POOPS... I really did.. ALL BY MYSELF!! It was in Sarge's Yard.. where he is not allowed to go..BUTT I am. I have pictures too. We should compare Poops sometime!!
    I see you were workin on your LITTER Bug discussion... fur when you are in Blogville's Ampitheater showin your movies!!

  2. Those iz bewtiful seeniks in mai old home state. Iz still can't baleeve you likes getting in that water, yuck! I'm happy you gotted those cookies espeshly after Butter carried them all da way dere for you Shawnee!

  3. WOAH you sure was high up! Bet it was kinda scary being that high huh? As usual, great pictures & those flowers are pretty & weird-looking. HEE HEE

  4. Shawnee your walks are just amazing, they make ours look like a walk up the garden path! Lovely photo's as usual and how great that you've made another friend, Dex & Louis xxx

  5. You only went 14 miles? HE HE - M just fainted when she heard dat one. We is exhausted just thinking about it. WHat nice new friends you made and even got cookies from one of them.. WOW - you must have a way with the ladies!

  6. Shawnee! You like to drink and swim just like me!! That was a bootiful hike. Mom liked the sounds of the water. Bet you slept like a log when you got home!



  7. OMD, Shawnee! You are the bestest furiend!! I was so excited when Mom told me you were really going to visit my Ravine!! But that was a fur piece back in there to get to it. I'm glad you got to see a lot of good scenics.

    And you did a very good imitation of me in the creek, especially the lay down and get the belly wet move. Great for cooling off, right? But don't feel to bad that your Mom didn't splosh around and get muddy. My Mom won't either. They don't know how refreshing it is, do they? Too bad about the mud though--mine's all drying up way out here so I had to make do with just swimming today.

    We know some people that have been hiking the Trail. I sure am glad the ones you saw had special cookies just for you!

    Thanks for the trip to Sage's Ravine! It was furry special to me.

  8. Shawnee, your hike made Mom think a lot about her childhood. She was born in Western MA and lived there for 37 years and love all the woods and forests. She has never been on that trail, though. We think it is cute that the sweet little hiker from Georgia was named Peach:)

    Mom thinks you should go back and hike there in the fall when all the trees turn to such gorgeous colors. Such awesome scenery you had there.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. Wow...more nice hiking see-niks. We saw a sign for da Apple-A-sh trail when we was drivin' to Michigan. I tink it was in Ten-a-C somewheres.

  10. Khould woo see Mango or Norwood or Tula OH MY?

    PeeEssWoo: Mom saw two of those A-Trail humans last Sunday as she steered The Xterra to Harrisburg -

  11. If you ever find a Bunny Trail, I hope I get to go! That was so very scenic, I thank you for sharing it with us. I'm hoping we get a shot at the trails tomorrow. I cannot believe you met a girl that had treats nobody wanted! Those dogs must be daft!


  12. I think it's so cool that there are people out there hiking the whole trail--and that you seem to run into them! Pretty soon you will be famous among the hikers of the Appalachian Trail!

  13. I ain't sure what is more shockin' dogs wnated them cookies or dat them girls was hikin' so darn! Gots to gives them kudos fur their determination though. Amazing!

    What gorgeous views you hads to see...little far up fur my liking though. I'm a little short so I think I is afraid of heights...not used to it...hehehe!
    Awesome fotos girl!


  14. Another great hike! Mommy laughed at you in the water. When I got my backpack someone on a trail said to Mommy, "What do you call a backpack on a Labrador?" The answer is "Water wings!" and that is true. It looks like it is the answer for you too!

  15. Woo go for the best hikes Shawnee! We always just love tagging along, thanks!

    RA & Isis

    ps we think it's pretty cool how you help beautify by picking up after those nasty litter bugs! Be well mate!

  16. Your such a lucky pup to get to go to all the great places you go!


  17. That's another amzeballs hike you done Shawnee. I am surprised you dussnt be suffering from verttygoes goin high up all them mountains like that. I also liked ow you was floatin in that stream. It looked furry comfurtable

  18. Those scenics are amazing! If Mom climbed that high to see those, she would probably just stay there! Beautiful hike and flowers and water. Was it cooler up there in MA? We felt kinda sad for those hikers being all alone on that long trail! They shoulda had a dog with them - you know, to keep 'em company and help 'em find their way in case they got lost. At least you got all the cookies!

    The Road Dogs

  19. Hi Shawnee! We been missin' you! Looks like you are having fun!

    The Heartbeats

  20. Sage sure does have a beautiful Ravine! Really impressive seeniks! It was pretty amazing to meet 2 all the way through hikers like that! I think I'd be too chicken to do this all alone, so kudos to these 2 grave young women!

  21. This looks like a very cool adventure. The scenes from the mountain tops and looking down at the water (great video clips!) are amazing. The photos are beautiful. Props to you for the long hike! : )

    Just Ramblin'

  22. Shawnee... thank you, thank you for the great tour. I'm glad you got some cookies on the hike and I'm glad you say the bear poo and not the bear. Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  23. Hello Shawnee, wow your hike was really beautiful. Thanks for sharing your photos. Is there many bears around where you hike. That would be scary! No worries, love Carol