Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cows and Bulls, Mansions and Castles

So I bet you is wonnering wot all that has to do with my hike today.  I will tell you.  We hiked 9 miles at Hudson Highlands State Park in Noo York.  Furst we went into the woods and found a road.  A road in the middle of the woods! I wonner where this goes to...
OMD, it do take me to a big old mansion!  In the woods!
So this guy named Mr. Cornish (fur some reason cornish hen be stuck in my brain) used to live there and when he died in 1938 he gibbed his land to the state of Noo York to be a park so it would not get blasted up like the quarry on the mountain where we be going to later.  So the mansion just kind of falled apart ofur the years but it be furry interesting to eggsplore.  Here be some pikshures of wot it used to look like in the olden days. Wowser, that sure woz a pritty mansion back in the day.

Moving onward we commed to some waterfalls.  There be some litter (grrrrr) but we did not pick it up coz it be glass bottles.  They be too heavy to carry and mom is skeered if'n we fall down and the bottles break they might cut us and steal our bloods so it be too dangerous and we had to leave them there.

Then we had to start climbing coz if'n you dussn't climb up, you dussn't get any seeniks.
It dussn't look so steep in the pikshure but the first time I tried I slided back down and gibbed myself a pawdicure on the rawks, BOL.  Mom had to gib me a boost up then I made it and had to wait fur furefur fur mom to climb up.

TA DA!  Seeniks!  That mountain ofur there on the udder side of the Hudson River do be Storm King Mountain where we hiked in the spring.

And here be Bannerman Castle on Pollepel Island in the Hudson River:
So that castle woz builded to look like a castle but it was rilly a military surplus warehouse like a hunnerd gabillion years ago but it be falling apart now and they is trying to save it.  I think you can take a boat ofur there to see it up close and fursonal.

OK, and so we has this nifty feeture on our new camera where we can make pan-o-rama pikshures all instant magic like.  It do be furry kewl and here be one of the seenik so you can see it all in one pikshure:

So this be Bull Hill where we is going next but furst we has to climb down off of Breakneck Ridge where we is now, then back up again:

So we get to the bottom of Breakneck Ridge and I found a dairy barn wot used to belong to Mr. Cornish!
I had to check the perimeter thoroughly to be sure there woz no cows left there coz I is skeered of them. They always gib me the stink eye.  OK, all is clear.  No cows.  Shudder.

So then we started climbing up that Bull Hill after I had some refreshments:

It woz hawt and I woz getting tired but we made it and here be a seenik of that Hudson River from Bull Hill:

So rememmer I menshunned a quarry afore where they woz blasting the Bull Hill with Dy-No-Mite?  There be trees growing back now and you can walk around inside the quarry where there used to be mountain but that part of the mountain now be gone furefur and efur.
So where I be standing up above used to be all mountain rawk but now I is standing there.  Here be a pan-o-rama of the quarry:

So then we woz back at the car but we wozn't done hiking yet.  We hopped ofur the street and went to Little Stony Point to see the Hudson River rilly close.
OMD, more litter!  My backpack woz alreddy full of plastic bottles wot I had picked up (in case you were wonnering why I woz looking a little chunky) so mom picked up all this paper and a bunch of cups and carried them.
And then rite around the corner we found a recycling bin and trash can.  Thank dogness we could unload all that litter.  We had quite a haul today.
Then we seened there be a beach and peeples woz swimming in the Hudson.  EWWWWWW.  Mom won't even let me go in that nasty water and peeples goes in there with their childruns?
Then we found anudder trail wot taked us up on the cliffs where litterbugs not be going and we got some nice seeniks from there.  We could see the two mountains wot we hiked today:
And here I has anudder pan-o-rama from the cliffs atop Little Stony Point:
OK, that be all the pan-o-ramas we has fur today.  I swear.


  1. We love your pan-o-ramas, Shawnee. Keep showing them to us - you always have the coolest scenics to share. We love walking along with you because you always have such great details about the places you visit (and we don't get so tired doing the walking virtually). Have a great week, we can't wait to see where you will take us next.
    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Those panoramas are awesome Shawnee! How sad that there was that beautiful mansion and they just let it fall apart and disappear like that. I don't understand why people do that. We were out hiking on Friday and you will not believe it! There used to be a whole amusement park there, but now there's no sign of it at all, or the coal mine that used to be there, either. It's crazy how things can disappear like that!

    I think you saw better scenics than we did, though!


  3. As much as Mom never wants to move back east, sometimes your posts make her homesick for NY. I love your pictures too.

  4. Great tour, Shawnee... The panorama shots add to it too... very professional. Thanks for sharing. I'm tired from hiking with you, so I'm off to take a nap.

    Have a great day.

    Pawhugs, Max

  5. Oh Shawnee... those Pan-O-Ramics pics are really something!!!
    Don't you wonder about peeps sometimes? I mean look at all the work it took to Flatten that mountain and take all the stones away.. I wonder where they took them and WHY.
    I remember that Storm King mountain.. it reminded me of Doors and windows of that name.
    You take us on the mostest special walks.
    And you are soooooooo good about picking up the nasty litter stuffs... except fur the dangerous glass.. THAT is best left fur non hiking Sheps fur sure!! Smart move.

  6. I luv seein manshunz an cassles Shawnee, so that wuz a grate hike an seeniks you taked. You gotted sum rill pritty seeniks an Iz happy you din't see any skardy cows.

  7. You have the greatest adcventures Shawnee - I think you should come to WI some time and hike our state parks too. Then, you could carry me along on your back or in your back pack! I'd be good, I promise.

  8. Wow, that is a magical camera with the pans! I don't blame you for looking out for cows...I've never seen one (other than on my plate) so I take your word that they give the stinky eye.

  9. CORNISH HENS?????? Yuuuuuummy...sorry, I gots a little distracted.
    It's so sad dat peoples let dat mansion deteriate likes dat...we could haves had some fab-O parties there.

    I wouldn't even lets a squirrel swim in da Hudson.


  10. Beautiful photos! You hike in the most amazing places and stumble upon the neatest things : ) Miss Stella would love this!

  11. We like those pan-o-ramas, too! What a bootiful place. That mansion was really something, wasn't it?

    Have a good week Shawnee!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  12. Another amazing hike, Shawnee! the Hudson River area has so much history. There are several of those old ruined mansions along there. This one looked like it was pretty spectacular in the day.

  13. You really go to such awesome places huh, Shawnee? I can't help but feel soooo jealous sometimes.

  14. Hi Shawnee,

    You are a fery beautiful dawggie. And my Mumma and me enjoyed reading your bloggieand looking at your picktures fery much. We came visiting your bloggie because Just Ramblin Miss Stella the newfie telled us about it.
    We fink it is very bad that the hu-mans taked away that whole half a mountain with their dy-no-mites. Did they build a new mountain somewhere??
    My Mumma finks that old house looked fery interesting for exploring - and fery big when it was still there back in the old old days.

    Your furiend Ruger

  15. Hi there again Shawnee,

    Fanks for visiting my blog. Mumma & I did not see the beautiful pickture of you wif your sisters. Yeeps - that Sydney does look some like me. I was more whitey like yur Sydney when I was a little pup. I hafed a little sister too, but she got the bad C disease. Then 7 weeks after I hafed no little sister here with me anymore. She was my little sister from the day we was borned from our doggie mumma. Me and my Hu-mans are still pretty sad because she only went to Rainbow Bridge a little bit ago. My Mumma still has the leaky eyes sometimes.

    Mumma & me will come visit your blog again. We putted you on my blogroll. :)

    Slobber & nose licks
    Your New Zealand furiend

  16. I distinctly remember a George Carlin standup routine where he says we're all going soft and too worried about germs - He admits to swimming in the Hudson and how that bolstered his immune system. But I agree - ewww.

    Thanks for biggifying that pic - i love seeing all the details and now we have lovely panoramiks!? WooT!

  17. akshull cos for you to deal wiv...I knows ow you hate em....

  18. We always feel like we're right there hiking with you, Shawnee! The scenicals on this hike were amazing! We're kinda sad that the Cornish hen castle is almost gone. It was really pretty. We woulda liked to live there! Our Dad loves castles whether there all in one piece or falling apart-he's 1/2 German, probably why he likes GSDs too. He just likes to explore :) But since that castle's gone, we'll take the other one on that island! Guess you would call that a fixer-upper, eh?
    Oh, yeah, the laser thing is non-invasive. It's this: "Non-thermal photons of light are administered to the body." You can read about it here it you're interested -

    The Road Dogs

  19. We like that panorama feature!