Saturday, June 4, 2011

More Waterfalls and the "Secret" Trail

So last weekend we did our death defying hike at Glen Onoko and lived to woof about it.  Hiking with way more waterfalls this week? BRING. IT. ON.  Akshually, mom and I has been wanting to do this hike fur a few years but it do be a 3 hour drive each way so we wanted the condishuns to be perfect fur this hike.  Yesterday woz that perfect day.  Bloo skies, 73 degrees, no hoomidities, and still lots of water running from all the rains we had.  Waterfalls dry up in the summertime so spring do be the bestest time and well, spring almost be ofur!  So mom taked the day off werk and at 5:45 am we hit the road!
Yikes!  More death defying hiking!
Akshually, hiking these waterfalls trails woz not near as challenging as wot we hiked last week but peeples wot duss stoopid stuffs gets hurt so they has to make it out worser than it really do be.
So we hiked by 18 of the 22 waterfalls in the park wot has names! And one of them do be the highlight of the hike.  Check it out:
"Ummm, mom, this do not be my waterfall..."
"Seriously mom, my name duss not be F. L. Ricketts and this be the F. L. Ricketts Fall ..."
Yes furrends, my mom taked my pikshure IN FRONT OF THE WRONG WATERFALL!  This one below do be my waterfall and she duss not has me in the pikshure! (Good help do be so hard to find.  Sigh.)  Wate a minit - hold your leashes! I is so in the pikshure. If'n you click on the pikshure to biggify it, then click it again to biggify it more, you will see me at the top to the right of the falls all teeny tiny.
Once mom sorted through all of the pikshures fur her bloggie and woz putting the names in the pikshures, she figgered out the error of hers ways.  Well, she will just has to take me back to that park again to get it right.

So anyways, after that fiasco bootiful waterfall trail, we went searching fur the "SEKRIT TRAIL" - rilly!  It woz so sekrit we could not find the sekrit portal to enter.  So we seened anudder hiker and asked him.  Turns out he lives 20 minutes away, has hiked there fur 30 years, he do be a trail maintainer with the local hiking club and he knows ALL the sekrit trails so he gibbed me a pawsonal tour!
My noo furrend "Sonny Daze" AT '86
OK, so I has to eggsplain his name.  Furstly, the "AT '86" after the name means he thru-hiked all of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia all the way to Maine in 1986!  My hero!  The "Sonny Daze" be hims trail name.  You see, when you hike the Appalachian Trail you get a trail name wot is not your real name.  And OMD, did he gib the bestest efur skritches!
"I dussn't know about you mom, but I be following my noo furrend wot knows where he be going..."
So Sonny Daze taked us on sekrit trail thru sekrit woods with sekrit creeks and waterfalls. This all be sekrit coz only a few peeples knows about the trails and there be no map.  No way would mom has efur figgered out the sekrit code fur these trail. Who woz she kidding? She could not even get me in front of the right waterfall. Thank dog we runned into Sonny Daze!
Taking a dip in a sekrit creek.
So after the wonnerful tour of the sekrit part of the park we sayed thank you furry much and good-bye to Sonny Daze and continued on our hike.

We taked a break up high on a ledge with a creek and waterfalls down below us. The sounds of the waterfalls woz furry relaxing so I napped.
I woz a little muddy (you should has seen my belleh)...
So I had a soak in the creek to clean up - now this be my kind of baf!
Then we commed to this maze in the rawks and I woz able to get us thru that.
Watch you head, mom!
So at this point after hiking, are you reddy fur this, hold on to your collahs - SIXTEEN MILES!!!!! - mom asked if'n I had one more mile in me.  You betcha, let's go!  So we got in the car and drived ofur to the Evergreen Trail.
There woz so much interesting stuff there and I won't bore you with all of it (you has to be there in pawson to appreshiate it) but I will share this most furry kewl thing with you:
That hemlock tree next to me woz blowned down in 2005. The forest peeples counted the rings in the tree trunk to see how old that tree woz.  It woz ofur 500 years old! That tree be standing when that Columbus dude sailed in!  How pawsome is that?
I leaved some pawfitti.


  1. Shawnee your adventures get more and more exciting. Your human must be extremely fit, and waht a character to meet, he looked some someone from Little House on the Prairie. Beautiful photo's as usual and yes, we spotted you hiding at the top of the one photo, that was a long way up! Thanks for sharing, look forward to the next one, Dex & Lou x

  2. Oh Shwanee you have had some great hikes, but maybe this is the best of all. What a great trail, and so nice of dat man to show you around. Gorgeous pictures too.

  3. Your hikes always leave me just quivering with excitements and in AWE of the beauty of nature.
    So when you you were in Pencil Vane E Ah.. you didn't happen to see SARGE did you?
    I am kinda hopin that fur the BIG Blogville Picnic in the Park you will do a show of all the places you have hiked so far in 2011. Maybe even give us some TIPS on safe hikin and GOOD GREEN behavior.

  4. OMD Shawnee!! You have a waterfall named after you!! We never knew you were a famous Hikin' Dog!! WOWZERS! And then you met that totally cool guy who showed you all those secret places. What a pawsome hike you had! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  5. You're like a SUPERhero doggie!! What great adventures!

  6. A waterfall named after you?! I am green with the jellyness! Sonny Daze looks like he might be related to Santa, so of course he would know where all the secret stuff is! I think I'd love hiking by all those waterfalls for sure!

    Dad had a class today and it was hotter than a pepper patch, so Mom and I "hiked" through the opening of the riverfront farmer's market this morning. I was glad we weren't doing more hiking than that today, because it was scorching even first thing in the morning down there. Mom found a new place that's not too far from home that she's wanting us to go try hiking on, and I am hoping maybe the weather will let us do that in the morning. If not, I'll just have to drag her out there by myself when she goes on summer break soon!


  7. Your waterfall is beautiful. You go to some pretty magical places don't you? I'm so glad you got to go to the secret trail. That is so special.

    Love, Cupcake

  8. I see you at Shawnee waterfalls! Thats a pawsome hike wiv all da sekrits an stuff, Iz glad you had such a fun time *purrrr*

  9. What a great hike! Mommy and I loved the photo of you in front of the wrong waterfall. Your expression is wonderful. I think you should pester your mommy to take you hiking the whole AT in one go so you can get a special new name with an AT and date after it. Humans take that whole, work, houses, safety thing way to seriously after all.

  10. Ooh Wow, My Vickie wants to come and hike that park now. But she is not in as good a shape as your person so we would have to take two days.

    I love where we live but wow, it is beautiful beautiful where you live.

    I am so glad you keep taking lots of hikes and that your human takes so many pictures to share with us.

    I love Sonny Daze. What a really neat guy. I bet he was happy to take such a beautiful dog to all his secret places.

    Keep em coming Shawnee.


  11. So many great adventures, but this one was the most exciting. We can't believe you have your very own waterfall - how awesome is that! We can see you way up high there - you are so lucky that your Mom can trust you off leash - we would probably run off and get lost. Sonny Daze was a very interesting character. That must have been the highlight of the hike.

    Where are we going next week?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  12. OMD!! Shawnee, Mommy says it was serendipity-doo-dah that we visited your bloggie today. She grew up in Sullivan County PA and used to go to Ricketts Glen all the time as a kid!! Lurved the photos. We asked her if Sonny Daze was her old boyfriend and she said she never knew him.BOL!! He seems like quite a hikin' guy! Have a great weekend.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and HOotie

  13. Khan I khome leave with woo?

    Woo go on the khoolest hikes!


  14. OOOH! I love leaving footprints too!! Looks like you had a wonderful place to leave them at. ;)

    Happy weekend woofs & hugs,


  15. That WAS a perfect day, Shawnee. And to even have a waterfall named after you--what an honor. We saw you way up there--that was a pawsome climb to the top!

    Mom said to tell you she grew up not too far west of there--in a little town called Coudersport.

  16. OmG you have a waterfall... I saw you standing tall Shawnee! Pawsome! Your momma didn't mess up too bad. I can't believe you hike 17 miles.. maybe you should hike this way. The appalachian trail is not too far from me.......;) That sonny guy looked furry nice and I bet he likes scratchies too. Well woo did pawsome in the secret waterfalls hikeballs and getting thru the rock maze. Momma was thinking my nutty self would've probably needed to be on leash or I would've ran right off that cliff. esch. Muuuahh
    Pawsome hike I give it 500 rings!

  17. Another great adventure. I am laughing about your mom taking your photo in front of the wrong waterfall. That's something my mom would do!

    Your pal, Pip

  18. I am SOOOOOO excited that you might be going to my very own ravine!! I sure hope your weather holds up--I can't wait to see what a Sage Ravine looks like! I looked all over Oregon, well, on the internet, and you won't believe this. There is nothing called Shawnee whatever. NOTHING. Not in the entire state! I thought it would have been fun to go visit it while you were seeing my ravine....

  19. Happy Tuesday woofs & hugs!


  20. Wow, what a hike!!! Good thing you had a nice new friend to help lead you on the seecret trails, not doubtin' your mom, but I'd hate for you to get lost! And that tree?!? That' like a gabillion dog years!

  21. Wow, your very own waterfall how awesome is that. Shame about the picture.

  22. Oh, man! What a fabulous hike - and those WATERFALLS! Exquisite! Thanks for introducing your friend - Sonny Daze - to us. Dad loves to meet characters like that, too. Bet he was a great guide!

    PeeS - Thanks so much for your sweet comments about our Gracie Girl.

    The Road Dogs

  23. Wow, I ope mum was careful bout disappearin the forrist wiv a man you dint know! Just sayin....and a waterfall wiv your name on it. OMD. You is rilly famuss by chum....but that is ow it should be....

  24. Happy Wednesday woofs & hugs!


  25. You do have the best adventures. I always look forward to your pictures. How'd you get them to name a waterfall after you?

  26. I think this is one of my favorite hikes yet!!! Secretareas, creeks and trails make you feel special. Your new friend seems super nice to sjow you around. Great pics and pawfitti!

  27. Dropping off some Friday woofs & hugs!


  28. Beautiful place! Hope you had fun. And I like the last picture of your footprints.