Monday, June 20, 2011

New Camera and No Bear

Well, we did it again.  Yup, on Sunday we went back and did the furry same hike all ofur again to get it rite with our new camera!  Thank you all fur your informashuns.  Saturday nite mom went to Best Buy to drop off a big bag of old powah cords and chargers (they take them fur recycling) and to buy a noo camera.  The one salesdude had her talked into a Canon but then a saleschick told her it has a new round rechargable battery wot they duss not sell eggstras of and the charge duss not hold as long as with the square ones.  No good.  So mom settled on a Sony Cybershot.  And where she normally duss not get extended warranties, she got the 3 year plan fur this one coz we do be so aboosive with the cameras with hiking efurry weekend and all.

Now I can show you wot woz missing from Saturday!  By this lake you can look across and see the fire towah up on the Appalachian Trail where we is going to be later in the hike:
This is wot it looks like up close and fursonal:
And while I woz standing by that fire towah, I could look back down and see where I woz afore at the lake:
OK, so moving on from the lake, we had to walk on the park road a bit to hook up with anudder trail.
Slow down, mom, we has a speedy limit.
The bugs woz horribulls and the biting flies woz putting the bitey on my hed! When we stopped to take a pikshure of the pritty waterfalls they zoomed in fur the attack. Grrrr. Mom swatted them off fur me and got bloods on her hand from where they bitied me!
Our bear wot we seened on Saturday woz not at home. He must has been out celebrating Father's Day with his cubs.  Then we got back to that Appalachian Trail...
... and headed rite fur our favorite break spot wot we founded on Saturday. The biting flies did not follow us there, thank dogness.
Mom had to wear hers hat coz the bugs woz putting the bitey on her hed, too!

Down the trail a ways we found a tree with a hole in it!
From the udder side:
Rememmer those britches I found on Saturday? Let me refresh your memories:
(That Frankie Furter, BOL, thinks the bear we seened skeered the britches off of somebuddy!)  Anyways, the britches woz still there but they had been MESSED WITH!  Check it out:
And we woz being watched...
Wot duss you make of this?

And rememmer when we visited with my new furrend, the Applachian Trail thru-hiker with "Grandpa" being his trail name from Saturday? I refresh your memmories:
Well, we passed by that furry same rawk wot we founded him on but he woz not there. I wonner how far he made it closer to Maine.  I is not any closer coz we just did the same hike again.
So we finally gotted the hike rite with pikshures and all and we hiked 10.5 miles on Saturday and 10.5 miles on Sunday.  Going back to nap now.


  1. Ugh! Bugs flying all around you, biting & stealing your bloods can be soooo annoying! But good to know you now have a new flashy box!

  2. Gots to call Sarge so he can arrest dos bugs for stealing your blood. OMD!

  3. The pictures from the new camera look great! We are SOOO impressed that your hiked 21 MILES this weekend - and bought a camera, and did two blog posties!! We hiked probably 4 miles and ATE!!

    Mom wonders if you mom has read "A Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson. It's one of her favorites. We can't imagine that your mom hasn't read it... Rest up, Shawnee! Looking forward to learning about next week's adventure!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  4. I do like all your hiking photos, and especially that big tree!

  5. You have an award waiting for you on our Monday morning blog!

  6. Ooooo! I do NOT like bugs that put the bitey on you! That is no good a-tall!

    I bet that bear did scare the pants off somebody. You know how surprising that would be. Maybe he came back by and tried to put the britches on, but figured out they wouldn't fit him.


  7. My momma has the cybershot! She loves it... small and takes great pictures for it's size and price! Loved your hike!

  8. Thanks for the wonderful hike. That camera sure does a great job. Beautiful pictures.

    pawhugs, Max

  9. Great choice in cameras because it takes great pictures. Another long hike in 2 days too.

  10. OMD... a TREE grew up all AROUND YOU????? That is sooooo cool!
    So Now I think that the Bear Scared the Britches off of some TURKEY. At least they were just Messed WITH and not Messed ON.
    That new flasher beastie surely takes nifty pics..

  11. Yowzie, Shawnee, that's some pile of miles you put in. When I saw that first picture, I thought you were in my forest. I got really excited, let me tell you, but Mom said that we lived a bit more than 10.5 miles from you. :(

  12. Harrooo wooo wooo! Those are some nice pics there with your new camera mates!! We can't believe you hiked 20 miles! Wooo bet your feets be achin! OH MY!! And then we went & read your post about meeting the bear~ <> Thanks for visiting our bloggy- RARA is doing much better after the little run in the poke-u-pine:) Antibiotics 4 times a day for two weeks!
    Hope your week is peaceful mates!!

    RA & Isis

  13. 21 miles!!! Wow, you are my hero. By the way, I am so excited that you won my surprise package in the raffle for Charlie. We just got back from the pet store and we picked out a couple of things JUST FOR YOU! My mom will mail them tomorrow or Wednesday.

    Your pal, Pip

  14. I really really want to khome hiking with woo!

    PeeEssWoo: What great pikhs! I'm soooooo embarrassed by the spots on my lens but right now, we khan't get a new one so we khan send bakhk the old one...

  15. I hope mum duz be measurin your legs every week Shawnee. I am worried they mights be gettin wore away with all your hikin...

  16. Wow! Your weekend was jam-packed with adventure. : ) Love the new camera. Your photos have always been beautiful.

  17. Wow! Your weekend was jam-packed with adventure. : ) Love the new camera. Your photos have always been beautiful.

  18. Bugs suck. Mom has some hippie organic natural bugspray that is safe for peoples and doggies. It might help. Plus it smells all natural and has none of the DEETs in it!

  19. OMC now I knows why i leeved blogger it won't let me commentin!

  20. *try try agin*

    I sawry I been slackin wif ma pals bloggies since I did move mine off blogger. But dat iz gonna stop NOW!

    *put paw down hard*

    how's u likes dat new camera? It takes purrty pikshurs espeshully of da doggie *HUGS*

  21. Sorry the buggies were out in full force! Mommy says she HATES all the buggies around here... they bite her all the time. :(

    Woofs & hugs,


  22. Whoa, we go away for a few days and you have all this excitement happening - you saw a BEAR???? How cool or maybe how scary!!! Too bad about the camera - those pics would have been awesome.

    That tree with the hole in it is very interesting too. Wish we could go on hikes like you do - you have so much fun and great exercise too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  23. Wow! You saw a turkey and it wasn't even Thanksgiving!

    You can't get the Cannons that take regular rechargeable AAs anymore? Shame. Mommy uses a Cybershot at work and it has lasted FOREVER! She thinks your mommy made a good choice.

  24. Shawnee.

    I read your previous post last week and freaked about the bear. your momma must be a bear whisperer of some kind talking baby bear to him. I was wondering.. why is it only old guys like to hike the AT? Are u and momma gonna grow a beard too?
    Huh.. naked on solstice... i hope you removed your backpack for it.
    woo like your new camera? I like how we saw you in the hole and you and momma together. My momma bought me a new cooling vest to wear on super hot days- I can't wait to show you

  25. This is a very good blog and very funny please check out mine at I am only 13 so I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy yours ! p.s your dog is lovely

  26. Mom loves her little Sony camera but she tried a new Olympus kind because it had more of those pixel things. All of the pictures she took are kind of blurry. Back to her Sony!