Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hiking with Uncle Mike

So I has an Uncle Mike wot I met fur the furst time! He do live by Boston, MA and sayed he would like to hike with ME sometime when we hike in Massy-chew-sits coz where we go in the Taconics be the same 2 1/2 gabillion hour drive fur each of us. So since Mike has vakashun from werk, mom taked a vakashun day and yesterday we meeted to go hiking!  We made Uncle Mike hike 12.5 miles!  (He duss run regularly so he be in good shape and did a fine job keeping up with ME!)
Furst we taked Mike to see the Bash Bish waterfalls. I knowed how to take him there coz I woz there afore.
Then I showed him the seeniks atop the waterfalls:
Those be the Catskill Mountain in Noo York on the horizon. I be standing in Massy-chew-sits.
So then we started our hike on the South Taconic Trail.
Waiting on Mom and Mike climbing up Alander Mountain.
A seenik on the way up.
Ta da! Atop of Alander Mountain! That be the Hudson Valley with the Catskills way ofur there. I is in Massy-chew-sits looking into Noo York!
Taking a break with Mike. He has a comfy lap.
So you knows wot the Crasher Skwerrel is, rite? If'n not, click on the linkie and it tell you.  Well here be a Crasher BUG!
Hiking through the woods to the next mountain...
Stopping at the creek fur refreshments and cooling my furs.
OMD! More Crasher Bugs?!?!?!?!?
Aliens beaming up?!?!?!?
Where did they go?
A wind sawk for the alien spaceships
Mike and Mom keeped a close watch on the aliens...
... while I taked a powah nap.
On the way back to our car, I got to be in Noo York and Massy-chew-sits all at the same time!
Following Uncle Mike through the woods back to the car.


  1. Yay! you had a bewtiful day to get thoze grate seeniks pikshures, how fun for uncle mike!

  2. Harrooo Shawnee! What an excellent guide woo are! And fine job chasing off those aliens~they looked pretty scary. Love all the beawootiful sceniks too! Play bows,

    RA, Isis & nuknuk

  3. Me nose you jus wuvs Uncle Mike! Your day looks purrfect...specially da nap pawt.

    Oooh, me is scared of da aliens but dere space ship looks like fun. Maybe you can try dat out next, Shawnee!

  4. Uhhh... ya know, my parents were on the Taconic roadway the other day! That's all like... not far from my house! Why didn't you stop to say hello?

  5. OK, first of all, the close up picture of you at the waterfall. My Mom says she just wants to give you a big kiss when she sees that picture.

    Second, I haven't heard of the Crasher Squirrel. I love the picture. And you with the Crasher Bug, that is so funny!

  6. Looks like it was a very good day for a hike with Mike:) Those waterfalls look quite refreshing. Those hang gliders are very brave - they are so high up and whoa, don't look down!

    Thanks for another fun hike. Now we wonder what you do with your Mom in the winter when it is all snow everywhere. We are thinking you still go hiking.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. Shawnee,
    What fun to go on a hike wif your Uncle MIke! I am sure you was da bestest guide ever!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Come and visit me today, I am having a Comment-a-Thon!

  8. quick comment very tired canned 34 qts grape juice today.. pooped pup

  9. You make one awesome tour guide, Shawnee! I bet your Uncle Mike was very glad to have you there to make sure he and your mom didn't get lost. It looks like such a great place to hike!

    I am itching to get back out and start hiking again!


  10. Be careful around those aliens, Shawnee! BOL!

    Looks like an extra beautiful walk - hope you weren't up on those cliffs during the earthquake!

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: I may not be much of a hiker, but I am an expert at power naps!

  11. Who knew you were a lap doggie!! It looks like you had beautiful clear weather for your hike! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

  12. Hey! Nappin on the job? I fort you wuz Super Shawnee? God werk fightin off the aliens can never be too careful

  13. Hi Shawnee,

    I'm an 11-month old golden retriever from Boston named Colby! I wants to thank you for inspiring my mom and dad do goes out and gets hiking gears for me and taking me on lots of woodsy walks.

    I'm not quite big enough yet to go hiking on gabillion mile trails like you, but hopefully I'll be big enuff nects year.

    Thanks again!


  14. Dat Mike looks like a nice guy to hike with. Mum took some great pictures again pal. I think you has a new hiking pal to have fun with.

  15. haha We had never heard of the Crasher Squirrel but that was a funny story! Yep, looks like you had lots of crasher things in your pics. Mom thinks that flying stuff looks like fun! Bet your uncle had lots of fun sharing your super hike!

    The Road Dogs

  16. I'm glad those aliens didn't beam you up!!!

  17. Hai again Shawnee.

    Me & Mumma nefer knowed about Crasher Squirrels n' Bugs n' Aliens. But nows we do. Mumma did hafe some laffs about that squirrel.
    I am all about power naps today - so that pickture of wooo snoozin' gave me lots of inspiration for my next nap.
    Mumma finks it might be funs to try out that alien ride. I finks she be craaaazzzy. I prefers to keep my paws firmly on the ground fanks fery much.

    Wobbly tail wags
    from Ruger