Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene is HERE!

Hi efurrybuddy! We still has powah so I is coming on speedy quick to gibs you all an update and I hope I can get it done afore Hurry-Cane Irene swipies the powahs!

So yesterday mom spent all day going down the stairs and up the stairs bringing impawtant stuffs up from the basement coz when Irene swipies the powahs, the suck-em-up-sump-pump dussn't werk and the basement floods.  We woz rilly worried about the feral kittehs in the basement so mom made them an island in case it floods:
And we put crates and carriers all around in hopes one would go in.  Cha ching!  Odessa woz in a crate when mom slammed the door on her and brought her upstairs.  Odessa woz not amused and we could hear her GRRRRR and HISSSSSSSS at mom.  Not a happy hurry-cane camper!
Nugget totally freaked out when she seened this.  Mom actually woz able to pick her up but when she smooshed her in a carrier to bring her upstairs, Nugget bolted and has not been seened again.  She be up in the basement rafters somewheres - at least high and dry.

So we did not sleep well last night.  The winds got crazee lowd and the rain woz knocking on our winders.  We finally falled asleep.  Then mom's cell phone beeped with urgent text messages from the city and county wot woz not so urgent.  It waked us up 3 different times.  Then Dixie started pacing coz Sydney woz in the doggie bed she wanted to be in.  Sigh.  At least Sydney woz the bigger dog and gibbed old geezer Dixie her bed.  I do it all the time coz she do be an old geezer.

Then Nugget started meowing in the basement and Odessa meowed back from the living room.  Mom had set a feral cat trap in the basement and kept getting up to check if'n Nugget woz in it.  Nope.  So fur like a gabillion hours, the two kittehs had a conversashun thru the floor.  Lowd, I tell you.  Then we finally got a little sleep and woked up this morning to this:
The neybor's tree do be in our back yard on our deck and the yard be unner waters.  Mom taked us out front on the flexi lead this morning when there woz a lull in the wind and rains but none of us would do our dooties - we just standed there and got wet.  At least the front looks better than the back:
So this should all be ofur later this afternoon and we is hoping we at least can keep Irene from taking our powahs, then all should be okie dokie.  Thank you all fur your well wishes.  I really appreshiates it.  Fur now, we is going to hunker back down and ride this out with our legs crossed, BOL.


  1. Shawnee, I'm so glad you're all okay! Maybe you can take a nap this afternoon to catch up from all the sleep you lost last night. Keep staying safe! I am so relieved!


  2. Hi Shawnee
    Wowee I'm glad u still have powers to tell us how you are... kitties are crazy. what's there to talk about so loudly! I mean you go here and i'll go over there. jeez. You momma is quite the architect designing that kitty loft. I might like one of those...That ladee Irene is up here now. I got caught in a downpour but whew.. did the dootie. Stay safe shawnee. I hope your back pack is also a life preserver in case you need to swim in the backyard.

  3. I'm so glad to hear you still have power and that everyone is doing well. I love that your Mom cares so much about all the furry babies. I'm sure the kitties will be glad to be reunited soon. Mom was only trying to help but they don't understand. Odessa is beautiful.

    Love, Cupcake

  4. Wow, look at that water in your yard!!! Thanks for letting us know you are OK now. We are all watching the flooding in NY and hoping all the peeps and furries everywhere will be OK. Even if Irene isn't a hurricane any more, she is still causing way too many problems. Take care and stay safe. Paws crossed you keep your power.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Shawnee I am so glad that everything is OK fur you...SO FAR. I hope there is no power stealin. You take care of everybuddy and I will have my paws crossed that you continue to be safe and fully powered.

  6. First thing MY Vickie did this morning was turn to the special channel that talks about Irene was on.

    We ahve been very worried about all of you.

    Your pictures are pretty scary and come of them are not so scary and the ones of all you safe and dry.

    Your mom takes such good caew ofall of ypu.

    Stay safe.

    We will keepo worrying until Irene is good and gone.


  7. Shawnee, I'm glad you and your pack are safe and dry. It's too bad about the tree, but at least nothing hit your house directly! We've been worried about everyone in the path of this huge storm. Please stay safe and I hope you can catch a snooze today.

  8. So glad you are all OK. What a great little island for the kitties! The FiveSibes won't go out to their business either. It's amazing how long they can hold it! We are getting the storms since the AM, so they are all cuddled inside. Stay safe!

  9. Tanks for wetting us nose dat you all is ok's. Hopes it all be ofur now and Irene has hit da road. No hiking twips today, ok?

  10. Wooooo Shawnee, thanks for the update, take care of your pack there!


  11. So glad to see you're safe! Hope your neighbor has a chain saw. BOL! Sorry the kitties are skeered, but hope the yukky weather will blow by you soon! Keep us posted! Maybe now is a good time to learn to use the inside "facilities", eh?

    The Road Dogs

  12. Hi Shawnee! Thanks fur leting us know that you are all OK! We've been very worried about you and sent you some strong be safe vibes last night. Hope the sun comes out soon and that you will all be back to normal!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  13. Glad you are all okay! Stay safe.

  14. Whew! So glad you are okay so far. Poor mom for having to do all dat moving around. Do hope the remainder of the storm will be good to you and leave quickly.

  15. I'm so glad you and everyone else are safe Shawnee. A fence can be fixed, but a precious life can't be replaced.

    Those are amazing pictures. You're yard looks like a lake! We don't get enough rain here for that to happen, so I've never seen that. Hope the storm blows over soon and a broken fence is the worst thing that happens. *Purrs*

  16. I'm so glad to hear you're all ok! That was a lot of work for your mom and the kitties were crabby (crabby kitties here too) but the best thing is all is well and you kept your power.

  17. In that picture where you're hunkering down & crossing your legs, is Dixie trying to get you out of your hidey spot??? *snickers*

  18. I'm glad I caught the aftermath post. I would have been coming to help you with all that water--you know I do water really well. Actually, Mom says I'd be hiding under the desk or something....

  19. That looks like a great hidy place you hafed down beside the bed. Kittehs be fery silly creatures, but your momma still does lub them so I is glad that they was OK efen if they maked too much yawling & growling when they was talking to each ofer. I fink my stinky kitteh would like that island what your momma made. He likes climbing up on high fings fery much.

    And we be fery especially glad also that the tree only falled on the fence & the deck. Not on any pups or kittehs or two-leggers or houses. It still be annoying that it falled down, but just on fings what can get fixed.

    Wobbly play bows
    your furiend Ruger