Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hiking in Humidity

Rilly, mom woz going to cut today's hike short coz it do be so hoomid but did she? No. We still ended up hiking 12.8 miles.  That be coz (psssssst - no telling mom I told you) she taked a wrong turn and instead of making it a shortcut, she maded it the long way around! We woz at Fahnestock State Park in Noo York.
Mom brought eggstra water along and that be a good thing coz the hoomids made us both drink lots and most of the creeks woz dried up. And we took the longcut instead of the shortcut.
We seened lots of old stuff on this hike...
This prolly used to be somebuddy's driveway.
In the olden days peeples made fences out of rawks.
A gabillion miles of fences all ofur the place.
A fix-her-upper.  Hellooooooo, anybuddy home?
An old farm thingie - be this an anteek?
Hey! Where be the howse?
Well, so there woz some seeniks on this hike and I show them to you now.
And, of course, the pan-o-ramas:
We seened anudder flutter-by:
And I save the bestest fur last.  Now I had seen dung beetles in Furginia (not the ♫ I love you yeah, yeah, yeah ♫ kinda beetles) and OMD, mom wishes she had the camera on her the furst time I seened poo move across the ground like it woz possessed!  I woz so confuzzled.  So today mom catched me sniffing sumpin and commed to see wot I found.  I found poo in moshun again!  I had nefur seened dung beetles in Noo York afore!  (Pee Ess - that woz not my poo - I dussn't poo on hikes.  Efur.)

But I feel so sorry fur these dung beetles - you see those white spots moving around on them? I think they need some Frontline.  They has bugs.
So that be about it fur this weekend.  Rain all day tomorrow so we be napping.
Backseat driver on the way home.


  1. Shawnee, that fix0her-upper looks to us like it be falling down. And that roof, what happened there? Looks like that mountain town had some bad times. We can't believe, but we do, that you hiked all that distance in the heat and humidity - you and Mom must be exhausted. Sleep well.

    Those dung beetles sort of creeped the Momster out:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara and Little Mr. No Name

  2. Another great adventure. You are the luckiest dog in the whole blogville world I think.

    No wonder you are in such good shape. My Vickie loved the fixer upper. She tried to live in a fixer upper once but her and her man human couldn't fix it up enough.

    Enjoy the rain tomorrow and then out you go again with more adventrues for us to see.


  3. WOWZERS, shawnee! 12+ miles in heat and humidity! You and your mom are tough! Another bootiful hike today. We hope the rain brings coolidity tonight and tomorrow and that you get to relax!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

    BOL: our vari-word is 'helly' which I bet you and your mom wished you'd had about mile 6!!

  4. How furry khool!!!

    We only did 'Da Blokhk' fur it was raining and thundering -

    I'm glad woo got a great hike!


  5. Sorry you had to go the LONG way instead of the Shortcut.. butt this way you found the Poops Bugs, so that was gooooood. I'll bet my mom would LOVE to have those guys here on my hill. They could take MY Poops to the big Poops Sculpture that my mom has going in the thicket.
    I think that one house was build on Quick Sand. And that is ANOTHER thingy you wouldn't have seen if you had taken the Shortcut instead of the LONG way. RIGHT??

  6. Shawnee, those humans of ours sure don't like admitting their mistakes! I'm glad you got a nice long hike out of it, though. We didn't get to go hiking because Dad had a meeting this morning and we had a social engagement this evening, but I think it was too humid here for a hike. Mom says it can't stay hot forever, but I'm starting to doubt it.

    I think all that old stuff you found must have been fascinating! You sure know how to find the coolest places to go stretch your legs.


  7. Hai Shawnee - thoze iz sum nice pikchurez espeshly of your prittiness. Iz sorry you did haz to see it wiv teh hoomids tho, they hoomanz haz no senss of teh direkchunz.

  8. The moving poop was cool, but I think I'd have probably freaked out if I saw it in person. You NEVER poop on hikes?!! I ALWAYS poop about 100 feet from the parking lot and then once every 5 miles or so. Mommy has to carry lots and lots of poop bags.

  9. The people in that one house... Do they live underground... It looks like that house just hit a sink hole.

    Great hike... It's so hot... Don't know how you did 12.8 miles. You must have had to drink 5 gallons of water when you were done.

    Have a good nap.

    pawhugs, Max

  10. Oh dawg, what a good hiking trip!!! Looks like FUN!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  11. woo go on the best walkies Shawnee!


  12. It's so green and pretty there. From the pictures, it doesn't look hot and humid. I'm glad you both had extra water. On Yahoo, we saw a picture of a dog (German Sheppard) that had to be air-lifted from a hiking spot due to exhaustion (or something like that). I never want to see you like that! Of course, I know you're in great shape.

    Mama isn't too thrilled about the moving poo but I definitely see how it can be intriguing.

  13. E-GADS....Me was expectin' Count Dwacula to pop out of dat house or da woods.

  14. Hi Shawnee. We beeon on oliday and it was nice to come ome and be catchin up on all your blogs. Dad asks if you can send us a box of dung beetles. he's pretty fed up cleanin the yard constantly....he he

  15. Hi Shawnee, maybe you should lead the way on your next hike, but you do find lots of interesting things on your adventures.

  16. OMD...the bugs have bugs!!!

    That poo must smell worse in the humidity.

  17. haha Our Dad takes the longcut lots of times, too. And NOT necessarily on purpose, if you know what we mean. That was a long hike in the hot and hoomids. Dung beetles are interesting, eh? And a little gross when you think about it. You'd think they would prefer donuts :) Thanks for sharing your beautiful hiking pics!

    The Road Dogs

  18. PeeS - Your backseat driver pic is adorable :)

    The Road Dogs

  19. OMD, Shawnee. That was some hike you and your Mom took. And no water to get your belly wet? What's up with that? But I did like the seeniks, especially the one with you in it!

    And what's up with all that movin' poop? How are you suppose to get a good sniff if it keeps movin' all the time? I'm going to have to keep a look out--maybe they'll move to Oregon?

  20. "Poo in moshun" BAH~hahahahaha! Used up one of my lives laughing so hard! :)