Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shuttle Hike

So yesterday the hoomids woz gone and mom taked a vakashun day so we would not miss such a great hiking day!  We did something noo wot be called a shuttle hike.  That be where you start hiking one place and go straight to anudder place without backtracking to your car.  How do that be pawsibull, you mite ask? Where we be hiking there do be a place wot shuttles hikers out to where you want to start hiking and then you hike back to your car.  Pritty kewl.  This place be on the Appalachian Trail in Connetiquette.
We parked our car by the Appalachian Trail and walked .7 miles to here to wait fur our shuttle ride.
I bellehed up to the doggy bar while mom went inside and I woz waiting.
The shuttle ride woz dog furrendly and even had a cover fur me to deposit my furs on.
So the nice shuttle driver man (who gibbed me scritches, by the way) dropped us off at the Noo York, Connetiquette state line where the Appalachain Trail starts in Connetiquette.
Here I is at the beginning of the Appalachian Trail in Connetiquette
So just staying on the Appalachian Trail all the way back to our car do be 11.5 miles.  Howefur, we made some side trips to take in all that there be to see and our total hike commed to 15.5 miles!  So let's get started!

Furst we left the Appalachian Trail to go see some seeniks in Herrick Nature Preserve:
Then we got back on the Appalachian Trail and it taked us down to Tenmile River where I got to soak my furs:
But then....
"Wooston, we has a pawblem!"
I decided to seize the moment and make a little horror flick fur all of you.  If'n the skeery steps duss not skeer the furs off of you, then mom's skeery white legs will. So fur those of you with baby puppeh and/or kitteh furlings at home, gib them a chew bone or put them down fur a nap furst coz you duss not want them to watch this movie and be hasing lifelong puppymares.
Here goes...

A Happy Ending
 So then we commed to the Housatonic River but I woz not allowed in those waters coz fur one, they be whitewater rapids wot would swoosh me away and fur two, upsteam there be an EPA "Superfund" site wot means bad, bad PCB pollushuns in the waters.  They is saying it be pretty much cleaned up now but they still make peeples put the fishies back wot they catch so we not be taking any chances.  Wot a shame fur such a bootiful river.
So we left the Appalachian Trail again and commed to Bulls Bridge. We actually drived our car thru it on our way to the shuttle but now we got to see it up close and fursonal. It do be an old historic bridge, not the same one wot woz around hunnerds of years ago but it do be in this furry place where George Washington's horse falled in! The horse must has been OK coz he paid $215 fur his horse to be fished out and that woz a whole lot of green papers back in the olden days.
Back on the Appalachian Trail, we climbed Schaghticoke Mountain and wot be impawtant here is this be the only part of the Appalachian Trail wot goes thru an Indian reservashun!
We akshually crossed back ofur into Noo York on this mountain! There do be some nice seeniks from atop Schaghticoke Mountain.  See that mountain strate ahead? That be Tenmile Hill wot we hiked ofur at the beginning of the hike.
The Noo York/Connetiquette State Line - we be back in CT again now.
Finally! We nabbed a chipmunkey with our camera!  They do be so speedy quick.
Look, our car! We found it!
So on the way home, look where we drived: (Pawdon the smooshed bugs on the winder.)
And we seened a bootiful sunset driving from Noo York to Noo Joisey on the Tappanzee Bridge:


  1. Shawnee, you are a true adventurer and do your kind proud! Thanks for taking me along via these great photos! And well done for climbing up that ladder! You are a real trooper! Sending lots of happy thoughts your way, big fella!

  2. Those duz be sum bewtyfuls seeniks Shawnee, but Iz sorry abowt teh horrors in da middle of all your funs.

  3. Dawg, that is just pawsome. What a cool adventure!

    Boondocks and The Love Shack Pack

  4. Wow, Shawnee, I see what you mean by all those rapids. My Mom wouldn't have let me climb on them either. And I think you were VERY brave to attempt those kind of steps. I don't think I've done that yet--I'll have to let you know what I think. Mom says Maggie (who went over the Rainbow Bridge) was skeered to DEATH of steps like that and our hu-brother had to carry her up AND down them one time. I'm glad you got your furs wet though. That's important when you are walking, at least that's what I say....

  5. What an awesome adventure you had, Shawnee. Beautiful scenery although we think your mom was smart to keep you out of that wild water. Glad you found your car too although we didn't have any doubt you would - smart puppy!!!

    woos, the OP Pack

  6. Great hike as always! Mama wonders if any part of this Appalachian Trail was in the book or maybe the town where you bellied up to the bar. You were so amazing getting up those horrid stairs! Gorgeous sunset!

    p.s. Yet another reason to love George Washington!

  7. I love the chipmunkey! Wow, you really did get a good camera, didn't you. I'm so proud of you going up those stairs. I know it was scary but you are so brave. This hike was a beauty!

    Love, Cupcake

  8. Shawnee... QUICK RUN RUN back to the picture where you are lookin through the tree and sayin HAI to Us..
    Look at the bottom of the HOLE thingy... I see a BEAR's FACE in that stuffs!!! I really REALLY REALLY DO!! It is soooooo cool.
    Do you SEE it too???
    I think this is a heart stopping Breff Stealin hike. And not just the scary steps video thingy either. My eyes are filled with the beauty. BUTT they are also filled with that BEAR Face!! I might have a bad dream about THAT.

  9. Shawnee, you were very brave going up those steps! Morgan and I salute you!

    You definitely saw a lot of scenery this time. It looks like you had a beautiful day for a hike to me!

    We've never heard a place to hike where you have to hike back to your car. That sounds really, really cool! I don't think we have any of those around here.


  10. don't like da steps wit holes eider....and I tink I sees a baby bear face in dat picture dat Frankie sees too.

  11. Thank goodness you made it up those scary stairs. I was worried! Of course, I would have made my mom carry me up those things!

    I like that tree with the hole, looks like it is about my size!

    Your pal, Pip

  12. Whew!! I am sooooo relieved to hear that I am not alone in seeing that Bear in THERE!!
    I had to come back beclaws there was sooooo much to see in this post. I just LOVE tha Last pic of the sunset.
    AMY's lookout??? NOPE.. I think it is SHAWNEE's Look out.
    The chipmunk was HARD to see.. good thingy you had the arrow.
    OH, there is sooooo much Grrrreat stuffs fur us...
    I am just glad that the bear didn't Eat YOU or Your MOM!!

  13. OH WOW!

    Ice khream AND Khonnekht The Dots???

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins
    PeeEssWoo: Those are some pawesome pikhs woo helped your mom take!

  14. Shawnee, you are my hiking hero. My role model, my driving spirit.

    You are amazing. Thanks for taking us along with you in pictures.

    Now I am going to take a nap cause you have made me tired.


  15. That was another great hike! Mommy wishes they had nice dog-friendly hiking shuttles around here.

    You really don't like those stairs do you? Maybe you need a lifting harness like mine. They make saddlebags with built in water bladders for the one Mommy bought me, but I can't carry anything on my back since I broke it so she didn't buy them.

  16. Scary steps there - but a great, scenic adventure, otherwise!

  17. Shawnee - you sure have some awesome adventures! Those were very scary steps and it was a good thing mom helped you up. It's sad to see that river is still dangerous to swim in - why do we seem to mess mother nature up so regularly? I'm impresses at how long a hike this was - I'd still be recovering!

  18. Ello for you Shawnee. That was another huge adventure you had there. I dussnt be sayin nuffing bout the steps cos I spect you might not want any reminders.....I ope you is not too tired after all your walkin and climbin. I dunno if you did see my last tweet - I is droppin off twitter and bloggin for the forseeable futures for fursonal reasons but I shall keep visitin your bloggie cos it do me my favrit. Woof

  19. Another great hike! Hey, have you ever added up all the miles you have walked? I mean ALL of them - from your 1st hike & on? BTW, how many set of feet have you gone through by now? :)

  20. Shawnee
    your momma man handled woo. she pulled u up those skeery stairs! wow. do u want me to report her? jeepers. that sounds like a super fun hike, having a shuttle with rubs and fur covers drop you off. Woo didn't find an old rusty car like usual? Must've been in that nasty water. Oh- tell momma next chipmunk capture. If she has trouble, tell her I can catch one for her to take a pic.
    PS-bewootiful sunset.. woweee

  21. That sounds like our kinda hike- right from dog-friendly shuttle to the awesome scenics and the cooling refreshments all the way to the awesome sunset! Oh, yeah, we could do without the skeery stairs, too :) Most excellent hike, Shawnee!

    The Road Dogs

  22. I was on pins and needles hoping you'd make it up those scary stairs!! And the mom's legs...oh the horrors! I've been making mom go get the spray tan!

  23. I do believe i would enjoy a hike where they shuttle you BOTH ways. That would be my kinda hike. BOL.

    And thanks fur the super hole digging tip........sadly, I don't have a deck to dig unders. Sigh. And i do believe digging under our concrete patio would be too much work

  24. Oh Shawnee, what a fantastic day out, another of your adventures. We're sure if there was a contest for the number of fab days out you would win it, can we come and live with you please? Dex and Lou xxx

  25. Shawnee, you look so sweet, you remind me of my girl Largo (yes, her sister was Key) - she went to see her maker a few weeks ago. I am glad I found your blog, greyt hiking ideas. Rawk on!

  26. Oh, that's a really super beautiful sunset!

    I'm really glad the shuttle was so dog friendly. That sounds really cool!