Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Year After the Fire

So you rememmer last year when I hiked on the Appalachian Trail to Sunfish Pond and the trail woz closed because the forest woz on FIRE?  You can refresh your memmories HERE.  The park pawlice did say the fire be from a stoopid peeple wot made a camp fire wot is not allowed and did not put it out.  Grrrr. So we went back to hike to Sunfish Pond today but hiked 9.5 miles a different way - a way wot would take us rite thru the pawt wot burned all up last year.
So we started on the Appalachian Trail and it woz furry foggy and spooky coz we had big thunner boomer storms last nite:
Finally the sunbeams did start to suck the fogs up.
So then we camed to where the fire woz. It woz so furry interesting coz the Appalachian Trail woz the fire break - the fire stayed on the left side and did not burn nuttin on the rite side. See fur yourself as I compare them side by side fur your viewing conveniences:
Side wot woz not burned......................................................................................Side wot woz burned
A crispy tree.
So then we commed to Sunfish Pond.  Ahhhhhh.  Nice!
So when I got in the water we heared SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLASH!  Wot woz that? It woz frogs all ofur the place!  You can hear them in the moovie but they woz so fast you can only see the one wot did not splosh away so furry quickly:
And this one did not splosh away at all! He modeled fur pikshures! Check it out - I do beleef he be a frogpole coz he still be half tadpole!
Ribbit. (That means HAI in frog.)
So then we hiked around to the udder side of Sunfish Pond where we woz last year and I has sorta side-by-side pikshures of comparisons of that fur your viewing conveniences. You can see all the smokes from the fire in the pikshure from last year.
You can see all the treetops with no leaves coz of the fire on today's pikshure.

So then we commed to Dunnfield Creek where I could get my furs wet again and we followed this creek fur about 4 miles all the way back to the car!  Mom even brought her water shoes so she could come in and splosh around with me.  Funs!
OMD, there woz a moment of big eggsitements coz we thought we found a penny fur the Road Dogs in the creek!
 Turns out it woz a dime :(
So back when we started the hike, we seened where the park peeples even has a place fur peeples to take a bag to bring their litters back out with them:
I mean rilly, how much easier can it be?  But wot did I find?
Grrrrr.  They dussn't mean to leave the bags full of garbage fur sumbuddy else to pick up! We taked this one with us coz we only had about a mile left to hike.  But we woz not happy about it.  Not one bit. Grrrrr.


  1. What a beautiful hike!! We love how your tail floats behind you when you're chillin in the stream! and that frog-pole was very cool! Have a great Sunday, Shawnee!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  2. As always, you took us through some beautiful country. I really liked the foggy morning. The mist was so cool in the pictures.

    Good times


  3. What a nice hike (luvs da frogpole). Peeps can be so careless. Just look at all dat damage to such a b-u-t-ful place.

  4. I love Sunfish Pond!

    I bet the frogpole modeled for pictures because he wanted to be famous on the internet, like you Shawnee, and he knew if he ended up on your blog, everyone would see him.

    So glad Mom brought her special water shoes!

    Love, Cupcake

  5. That wuz kewl meeting that frogpole! Thanks you for sharing your hike an going back so we cud see how it looks now

  6. Thanks for translating as I don't speak frog. He looks like a very nice fellow!

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: Grrrrr is right to the people who left the trash behind.

  7. I would have loved to have seen more of the frogpole.. he was really cool drool.. what with his tail and all.
    Darn these LAZY peeps who leave Trash fur OTHERS... you said a mouff full when you said GRRRRRRR at them!!
    that fog was kinda SCARY.

  8. Shawnee,

    Dat was a great hike! It makes me so mad when stoopid peeples leave garbage anywhere..grrr!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. Oh, it done looks you had a good ole time. We sure does like your shenanigans!! We also really likes your disklamer at the bottom of your page!! Dat's a good one,dawg!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  10. Ooooo! I remember when you went there last year and saw that fire. It's neat to see it looking better this year. I am itching to get back out on the hiking trails soon!


  11. It's good to see new growth again isn't it. Forests do rejuvenite themselves if left to do it.

  12. Shawnee, your Mom has GOT to publish a book on Shawnees Hikes, those fantastic photo's would make a wonderful coffee table book! Our favourite pic today was the frogpole - hee hee! Dex and Lou xxx

  13. What an interesting hike Shawnee!! Mom took some beautiful photos. I GRRR with you when I see people leave their garbage behind. Just thinking about it now makes me GRRRR. Thanks for taking the bag back with you!!

  14. Mom says peeps in her parks take the doggy poop bags, fill them up and leave them by the side of the trail. Maybe they have seen the bags along the highway where the volunteers clean and another volunteer comes back later for the bags and they are confused.

    I really enjoyed the pictures on this post. That frog picture is great! Looks like you had fun cooling off!

  15. Shawnee, we love your hiking posts. We get to see all the wonderful places that we will never visit if furson. We are sorry about the fires - peeps can be so dumb, just like the ones that left all that litter. We applaud you for all that you do to help.

    Happy Sunday.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. Do you mean all those splash monsters I try to catch are really FROGS? Love the Frogpole. Why do peeps come to such luvvly places and litter it up? It must have been real scary last year with the fire, even if it was over the other side.

  17. I remember that fire and your post on it. So sad but interesting that it was just on one side. I like the fog.

    Great shot of the frog! I also love the pictures of you cooling in the water.

    Major grrrs and slimy hairballs on the fire starters and the litterers!!

    p.s. We loved the story about the repair man and the black kitty. We had to laugh about doing a head check though. There aren't too many pale orange three-legged kitties in these parts. :)

  18. Oh, I remember you talking about that fire last year! I felt so sad for all of the forest animals stuck out in the fire. Stupid peoples with their illegal camp fire!

  19. Ello for you Shawnee (and mom). I kno round here they uses fires to renew the woodlands but they is extra careful wiv da burnin so that it dussnt get out of control and be dangruss and they haz rules about settin your own fires. The lake looked extra nice and I am sure the frogs is appy wiv their spayshus new ome...

  20. What beautiful scenery! I always enjoy looking at all the places you hike to! :)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  21. You did it again, Shawnee! I am sooooo glad you can find all that water to get your furs wet. I bet it felt gooooooooood--it sure does for me! That was a pretty silly frogpole. Maybe you discovered a new species. You could be famous! And then I could say "I knew Shawnee when....."

  22. Oh, wow! We thought for sure you had found the place where Frankie got his Penny!
    That was lots of nice water to splash in! And we loved that frog. He does a really nice frog pose! BOL!

    The Road Dogs

  23. Shawnee, Mumma & I be fery proud to know such an en-fur-on-mentally furiendly doggie as yourself. We do be all inspired to pick up the garbarges on our walkies efury time we reads your blog. That be if my Mumma does remember how her leggies work one day so we can go fur a long walkies.
    Today I be all wobbly from the sleepy stuffs at the vet after hafing my teefs cleaned, so I don't be minding too much about no walkies.

    Tail wags from Ruger

    PeeeSeee -- Mumma fery much likes the picktures of you in the misty spooky forest, and with the sunbeamers shining down.